How the Aristocracy Revs Up Its Suckers

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

A standard technique by the aristocracy and its agents is to pretend that the existing government is too progressive, that it’s pandering to the masses, not doing the ‘right’ thing, which the ‘superior’ people know that it ought  to be doing — and which, coincidentally, will boost the wealth of the rich (and this wealth will then trickle down to everybody, as aristocrats routinely promise will happen). Here’s an example of it:

On December 10th, the far-right Rosemary Righter (“Righter” is her actual name, not merely her ideology), of Rupert Murdoch’s London Times, presented an opinion-piece in America’s Politico (which itself derives from Republican Joe Albritton’s now-defunct Washington DC conservative newspaper the Star), titled, “NATO’s ‘Obama problem’: The alliance is hamstrung by the least Atlanticist president since World War II.”

Her point in it is that the current U.S. President, who calls himself a Democrat (and so is unacceptable to Republicans no matter how right-wing he might actually be), lacks the requisite passion for war against the ‘threat’ from Russia. 

She says: “Obama, the least Atlanticist president in America’s postwar history, viewed NATO as a Cold War relic and radically shrank the U.S. military presence in Europe.” But, that, “Then, in March 2014, Russia invaded Crimea, annexing it within 30 days on the pretext of a referendum held under conditions of armed occupation. Having openly carved off one slice of Ukraine, Putin then set about fomenting and arming a separatist rebellion in the country’s Donbas region, brazenly denying the involvement of Russian troops.”

That’s a string of lies; so, here are the facts, to show, from this example, how brazenly the agents of the aristocracy lie (and click onto the link here for anything about which you have any doubt regarding the given allegation’s veracity):

Crimeans were horrified and frightened by the racist-fascist, ideologically nazi, government that had been imposed by the violent U.S.-sponsored and overseen Ukrainian coup in February 2014. The reason why Crimeans were terrified by the U.S.-installed new Ukrainian government after the U.S. coup had overthrown Ukraine’s democratically elected President Yanukovych (and the areas that you see there which had voted the most for him were also the areas that resisted and protested against the coup once it happened) and that installed instead racist fascists, ideological nazis, to rule in his place, is well encapsulated here. This horrific event against entirely peaceful people is called by various names, including “the pogrom of Korsun.” Look at it (just click onto that word “here”). Then consider the fact that U.S. government-commissioned polls in Crimea, which were taken both before and after America’s bloody Ukrainian coup in February 2014, found that Crimeans overwhelmingly wanted to be restored to Russia (of which Crimea had been a part until the Soviet dictator in 1954 transferred it to Ukraine, without so much as even asking Crimeans whether this would be okay with them); and consider also that this anti-Ukraine, pro-Russia, sentiment among Crimeans became even stronger once the U.S. had perpetrated its February 2014 Ukrainian coup, and once the Korsun massacre occurred. And, then, Crimeans became even more  frightened of America’s nazi-stooge regime when the Obama-regime rulers started in February 2015 to lay the foundations for invading Crimea. So: Righter’s portrayal of the far-right Obama as if he were far-left isn’t just a lie, it’s ridiculous. And her portrayal of Putin as if he were what Obama constantly calls him — which is the biggest aggressor in the world (which is what Obama actually is) — is even worse.  

And, as regards Righter’s “Putin then set about fomenting and arming a separatist rebellion in the country’s Donbas region,” the lie isn’t any the more true on account of its ceasless repetition by America’s lying President and press. Putin did nothing whatsoever to “foment” that civil war, which started on 2 May 2014 when the people whom Obama installed into power massacred entirely peaceful people in Odessa (mostly burned them alive inside the Trade Unions Building). Obama’s hired thugs massacred Odessans who refused to accept the U.S.-imposed new government. That massacre is what sparked Ukraine’s civil war. And it was done by Obama’s people, not by Putin’s.

Supporters of America’s Democratic Party don’t want to know this, because it shows Obama to be profoundly evil and far-right in foreign affairs; and, America’s Republican Party don’t want to know this, because they’re no less evil than he is and they can’t blame him for doing what Republicans (such as Righter) have always wanted America to do, which is to surround Russia by NATO countries and strangulate it.

In other words: the reality that has been documented here is unmentionable in the aristocratically controlled — both Democratic and Republican — press in the United States.

So: since the U.S. aristocracy is allied with the Saudi and other Sunni fundamentalist aristocracies that finance global jihad, the ‘villain’ that they all focus on instead is the one they all hate, which is Russia — the country that protected the democratic right of the Crimean people to self-determination, and that still insists, despite refusal by Barack Obama, that the people of Syria likewise should democratically determine whom their leader should be.

And this is how the aristocracy revs up its suckers. They do it by lies — right and left.

Such sucker-baits ‘justify’ military invasions and coups — such as in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine — not only in overtly fascist nations such as Germany and its allies in the 1930s, but in ‘democratic’ nations such as America and its allies in our own time.

America and its fellow-fascist ally Turkey are now starting to shoot down Russian anti-jihadist bombers, and to re-invade Iraq.

World War III would be a lot worse than World War II. Is that what the U.S. and its allied aristocracies have in mind? The question really does need to be asked now, and it won’t peacefully be answered unless the U.S. alliance becomes publicly shamed enough to back down. But, of course, overt  far-right-wingers, such as Ms. Righter and U.S. Republicans, do all they can to make that option excruciatingly embarrassing for the ‘leftist’ Obama, and his Party at home.

The only hope, really, would be for America’s European allies to peel off, first one-by-one, then en-masse. If that doesn’t happen, and fairly soon, then nuclear war probably will, because imagining a way to avoid it will then soon become extremely difficult, if not impossible.

If America and its allies don’t back down, and soon, we’re all in big trouble.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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    • jadan

      Eastern Europeans all weep for joy when their American saviors arrive. Just like the Iraqis! They’re trembling in mortal fear before the naked aggression of the Russian bear. The US is there to give them “confidence”…..It’s not easy to listen to this bullshit. I read Eric Zeuss because I am sick to death of Pentagon propaganda….give us a break, “professor”….

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        SHALON , TROLL !!!

      • Why did you view, read and reply jaden if you are personally and anti information from the folks who are in the walls of the power structures? Now, that is insane!

  • mulga mumblebrain

    In my opinion, Righter seems a perfect example of that type of Rightwing psychopath that Murdoch, one of the most evil men in history, so clearly favours. The near total dominance of the planet by the Right, ie by the most evil amongst humanity, has had its inevitable outcome. Humanity is rapidly nearing self-destruction, with truly florid psychotics like Righter slavering for nuclear war to get things over with quickly.

  • hidflect

    Sounds like she counts the war-thirsty, neocon couple Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan as good friends. Her last line is a zinger.

    “…Putin then set about fomenting and arming a separatist
    rebellion in the country’s Donbas region, brazenly denying the
    involvement of Russian troops.”

    Well, it would be a brazen denial because the accusation was false. But she never said it wasn’t. Mendacity.

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    Taking into ACCOUNT , the Age-old PHENOMENON , of a Misguided FEUDALISM , “GERMANY” , the VICTIM of , Especially Pseudo – ANGLO – AMERICAN , in REALITY , “Khazarian AGGRESSION” , Comes to MIND ! This Raises the QUESTION , for the “WHY” ! — Until 1870 , “Germans” , were Splintered in a MASS of COMPETING Feudal Tribal COUNTIES , until 1870 ! In Exact 1870 , the “KINGDOM of PRUSSIA” , not Even a German , but “Indo-Germanic TRIBE” , between GERMANY & RUSSIA , Declared in PARIS , the “FOUNDATION” of the “GERMAN REICH” ! Since THEN , “Great BRITAIN” , the “Economically-Exploitative COLONIAL EMPIRE” ; a “CREATION” of EAST EUROPEAN “KHAZARS” , felt ENDANGERED by “GERMANY” ! Not only were the “PRUSSIANS” Culturally Active in “CENTRAL EUROPE” , but Also in the “RUSSIAN EMPIRE” ! — Given the “DEATH & DESTRUCTION” – Bringing DIFFERENCE between the Selfish , WEALTH – HORDING CHARACTER of the FAKE Khazarian JEWS , and the “SOVEREIGN STATES – Building CULTURE” of the “PRUSSIANS” , “THE WHY” of Currently “UP – BOILING” Cold WAR between “EAST & WEST” ! After “Germany’s UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER” , “GERMANY” had to Ban the “MEMORY of PRUSSIA” !!!

    • Here ya go. The Prussian Connection to American Schooling (Part 1), by John Taylor Gatto

      Where did the American school system come from? And what are its true purposes?

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        Thanks for this BRICK , Expanding My Rudimentary KNOWLEDGE about this “Spirited ENTITY” ! My Personal TAKE of “GEOPOLITICS” , is Predetermined by HEGEL’S “SCIENCE of the SPIRIT” !!! And the GAP between the Metaphysical INTELLECT of the KHAZARS and the Idealistic REASON of EURASIANS , Already SEALED the FATE of the “ANGLO-SPHERE” !!!

  • December 28, 2015 America’s wealth gap reaches new record; societal tensions rise as economic collapse looms

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  • Kevin777

    Reading this article I’m reminded how history repeats itself over and over again. I recently watched a multi-part documentary on the buildup to WW1 on AHC, the aristocracy was worried over the demands of the working class in Europe. The industrialist of the early 20th century were itching for a war and they had the ear of the ruling Monarchy of the day.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Consuming HISTORY , misses the “Personal POINT of SERIOUSNESS” , or , the “Divine DIMENSION (Good / Evil) of REALITY” !!!

      • Kevin777

        So if I stop consuming history I’ll become more inclined toward understanding my personal place among reality? Not my conclusion, just referencing history.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          Nothing happens by “COINCIDENCE” !!! WORLD or CREATION are Permanently ALTERED , to WHO’S ADVANTAGE ? For “ALL of HUMANITY” , or for the “ADVANTAGE of a FEW” ? This PERSPECTIVE , ALLOWS , to CHOSE SIDE ! Good or EVIL ! JUST Stating the Always Used Proverbs , is Senseless !!!