Yes, The Site Was Attacked

We’ve just received confirmation from our internet service provider that a malicious actor has launched a brute force attack on the site.

We apologize for the site being slow/down much of the last week …

Hopefully, we’ve got it under control now.

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  • sirgiyan

    Ask your patron saint Putin to host your site in Kremlin 😉

    • Carl_Herman

      You declare you “don’t care” about the topics on this post to stop unlawful wars (all began with provable lies), ongoing and escalating total debt by creating what we use for money as debt owed to the .01%, and ongoing media lies to cover these crimes???

      Really? Seriously, you want the world of .01% psychopathic and soul-crushing domination for your future??

      Ok, fine, go for it. Life is just, sirgiyan: you’ll have what you work for.

      You can always find your heart and soul to change your path. Your call.

      • sirgiyan

        While I totally agree on the subject of debt creating crimes, and the whole issue of Ponzi monetary system, I strongly advise NOT to listen to anyone portraying Putin as something worth believing in. He is a simple KGB colonel trained to arrange provocations and to lie.
        I like this blog overall, but each time it mentions “Ukrainian fascism”, “Putin’s and Russia’s interests” etc… it pisses me off big time. I’m Russian with Ukrainian friends and relatives and I know for fact – Putin is a big stinking pile of KGB shit which should be brought to justice (preferably including deep and prolonged tortures).
        That is why, reading this blog and bumping from time ti time on articles explaining why Ukraine is ruled by fascists and why Putin should be left alone – I get an impression this blog uses funding from Russia/KGB/etc..

        • cettel

          sirgyran, this is Eric Zuesse responding, because, though I have no clear opinion of Putin and don’t pretend to be any expert about him, I do have some expertises regarding Obama, Bush, and my country’s history. I don’t see much on this site about Putin, but I think that the writers here tend to be outstanding about the U.S., which has been and is our country — and which is our focus at washingtonsblog. If you possess documentation backing up your loathing for Putin, please do share that with us and our readers. You are welcomed to reply in an extended reader-comment, but please be aware that, if you simply pour forth with vitriol against Putin (or against anything else) (such as you did in your reader-comment here) and nothing to back it up, then the readers here are sufficiently intelligent so that they will have no respect for you or your baseless smears of Putin or anything else.

          • jadan

            Very true. It is tiresome hearing Putin maligned. One never hears any factual data to back the calumny.

        • mulga mumblebrain

          But Ukraine IS ruled by fascists-hereditary fascists whose forebears were amongst the bloodiest butchers of WW2. What is it about the truth that causes such an allergic reaction in you?

  • quantumcipher

    My condolences. We all know those who wish to hide the truth will attempt to silence those who speak it, using any back-handed method at their disposal.

  • El Sid
  • Dex

    get the site out of the US, Pennsylvania apparently not doing enough to safeguard its hosting providers against NSA attacks.

  • Boodiba

    I was WONDERING why loading was such a struggle!

  • February 12, 2015 The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release FACT SHEET: Executive Order Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing

    Today, President Obama will sign an Executive Order to encourage and promote sharing of cybersecurity threat information within the private sector and between the private sector and government. Rapid information sharing is an essential element of effective cybersecurity, because it enables U.S. companies to work together to respond to threats, rather than operating alone. This Executive Order lays out a framework for expanded information sharing designed to help companies work together, and work with the federal government, to quickly identify and protect against cyber threats.

  • July 29, 2012 NSA Director Keith Alexander came to hacker gathering DefCon for the first time to recruit from the show’s ranks.

    LAS VEGAS (CNNMoney) — Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, America’s top spymaster — National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander, also the head of the U.S. Cyber Command — took the stage Friday at the nation’s largest hacker convention to deliver a recruiting pitch. “In this room, this room right here, is the talent our nation needs to secure cyberspace,” Alexander told the standing-room-only audience at DefCon, a grassroots gathering in Las Vegas expected to draw a record 16,000 attendees this year. “We need great talent. We don’t pay as high as everybody else, but we’re fun to be around.”