WTF, Turks ?

Artwork by Anthony Freda.

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  • wunsacon

    I await Bernie’s announcement that he’s been wrong all this time in supporting policies that’s brought us to this precipice, after already pushing millions over it.

  • Oranges & Lemons

    Russian SU-24 shot down by TuAF F-16
    – Was the Russian Sukhoi SU-24M equipped with integral chaff/flare dispensers that would help the aircraft to dodge air interdiction missiles?
    – Was the Russian SU-24M escorted by air superiority fighters such as the SU-27 or SU-30, that would help the fighter bomber to fulfill its mission and get the needed protection against potential interceptors coming from Turkey?

    APP-50 – Chaff/Flare Dispensing System
    The APP-50 passive jamming automatic units (decoy dispensers) are designed to protect aircraft from engagement in flight by airborne missile systems and air defence missile/artillery systems by dispensing radar/IR interference rounds. The dispensers are installed onboard aircraft, and can be controlled manually (from the control panel) or automatically. The APP-50 dispensers can be delivered in two variants: APP-50P for autonomous operation; APP-50A for integration into onboard electronic support systems. The dispenser can launch rounds (up to three types) in continuous, salvo, combined and emergency modes. Launch time intervals, number of salvos and number of rounds in one salvo (from 1 to 4) are set by operator or by the electronic support system.

    The APP-50 export delivery set includes: chaff/flare dispenser; operational documentation; single and group sets of spare parts, tools and accessories; test equipment; repair and maintenance equipment. Specific delivery set is customer-defined.

    Russia APP-50A
    Platform: SU-24M (12 barrel)
    International Electronic Countermeasures Handbook – 2004 Edition
    Page 92

    SU-24M firing flares (APP-50A)

  • colinjames71

    Really! What. The. Effng. Eff?!?! I got news first thing this morning but just got home from eight hour drive, so I have yet to scour all the good sources. Not totally incredulous at this event, not so much a Russian plane got downed but the way it’s happened. Jeezus H, this ain’t good.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      If it’s true that the pilots were murdered, there will be Hell to pay.

      • colinjames71

        Judging by Russia’s response, payback won’t be long coming.