Update on Battle Against Hackers

We’re still being slammed with thousands of hacker attacks  a day, but we are attempting to implement some basic counter-measures.

Are you able to access the site?  Post comments?

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  • Danielvr

    No problems seen from this end!

  • Yes, I can access you. Who’s doing the bombardment?

  • wunsacon

    No problems seen here, either.

    Has your admin already enabled throttling (flow control, not blocking) by ip address?

    • wunsacon

      I’m wondering whether you’re self-hosted. If so, do you have someone to turn to? If not, doesn’t the hosting company help with issues like this?

      • wunsacon

        Why doesn’t the WashingtonsBlog proprietor answer a single reader query? Seems like only authors Carl and Eric ever do.

        Maybe WB is too busy. Also, besides, amidst a hacking problem, WB should regard reader queries and potential offers to “help” with suspicion.

  • Carl_Herman

    all is well except: the popular/latest column is missing and some images are replaced with an empty box with a small blue question mark in the center.

    • colinjames71

      I’m on mobile, andriod, firefox browser- the mobile version seemed bare-bones, like content on the right side is gone but I’m not 100% about what exactly might be missing or if that’s how it should be. The article itself was fine. Going to the “request desktop version” option and everything looked normal to me. Also was able to donate just now, the other day I couldn’t change the amount that came pre-filled at $30 via paypal. This time I found a “support” button that wasn’t there the other day, which only had a “tip jar” button, maybe that was the issue? Good luck hope they give up soon.

      • outlook

        I too had tips jar said $30 no button available to change the amount! Unusual!

  • mortimer


  • jo6pac

    I see you

  • Howard

    protonmail. com underwent an extensive attack a few weeks ago. I have no idea if you’re attacks are similar but you may wish to get in touch with them for trouble shooting and/or similiarities.

  • Michael Meyer

    washingtonsblog.com web site pops into visibility on my monitor 8 seconds after typing it into the address bar.
    Verizon is the high speed internet enhanced service provider.
    Cost before taxes-$37.00/Mo.[Not including the telephone portion of the service bundle]
    The entire blogsite including ads is clear and visible.
    Not so a few weeks ago when the wheel in the address bar just kept spinning after repeated attempts,
    …..but later that same day it was accessible.
    Thank goodness because without this site I’d be woefully less well informed ….and very concerned.

    My sincere thanks and praises to all the article writers/investigative research journalists* contributing fact based data to this site.
    If any of you* happen to visit Washington,D.C. please do email me.This is an open invite to come on over
    for tea and chat[I live near the Washington Cathedral].
    Paul Craig Roberts trash talks DC but there are a lot of good people living here.
    It is not 100% government employees, lobbyists and diplomats by any means!

    If possible please provide more detail on what the “Hacking” is that you are experiencing.
    Isn’t that illegal ?
    I am a techno peasant so keep it simple.
    Can’t your server trace or track or force feed a cookie to the IP address of the perpetrator?
    Can’t your server ID me by my IP address?
    Is there such a thing as internet police?
    How does the NSA track and trace and read screens etc?

    Michael Meyer tele# 202 280 7407////mr114@verizon.net////USPS@disqus_IKHXpJPxtW:disqus 3039 Macomb St NW Wash.DC 20008

    Thanks again. Keep up the excellent work !

    • Mike

      whoopsie daisy! CORRECTION;USPS- address#18 3039 Macomb St.NW W.D.C 20008
      Contact me anytime about anything.
      Why not use the comment service like facecrook or tweeker ?
      I sure do !

    • outlook

      Denied access to site. One minute works fine, next disappeared.
      Next day got told to access give name/ ID. Eh? Told access denied!
      Now its working. But design, layout keeps changing!
      Just glad it works!

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        Exactly the Same happened to me , before this battle against Hackers started ! “ACCESS DENIED , No Authorization ! Thanks for Fighting this “EVIL” !!!

  • been trying to read in rss feed so as not to add to the bombardment. but yes, site is showing up well here in nc.

  • Scott Bidstrup

    Here in Costa Rica, it comes up just fine, no problems. If I hadn’t read you were having issues, I would never have known it.

    • Silverado

      Same thing here in the other Washington. Loud and clear although any problems are from Edward Snowden undoubtedly…

  • Mike


    resize:+ – reset
    Published on Friday, February 7, 2014 by Common
    GCHQ’s “Dirty Tricks” Revealed: False Flags, Virus Attacks, and Honey Traps
    Snowden documents show spy agency operations included ‘releasing
    computer viruses, spying on journalists and diplomats, jamming phones
    and computers, and using sex to lure targets’
    – Jon Queally, staff writer
    A slide from the documents taken from the NSA by Edward Snowden and obtained by
    NBC News.The latest news contained in leaked documents
    from whistleblower Edward Snowden show that the British intelligence
    agency GCHQ has developed and deployed a complex series of “dirty
    tricks,” “propoganda,” and “false
    flag” operations that it used to spy on its selected targets which
    included not only “suspected terrorists” and “criminals” but also
    diplomats, journalists, activists.
    A detail from one of the slides leaked by Edward Snowden in which the GCHQ articulatesFocused
    on a secret branch within the GCHQ called the Joint Threat Research and
    Intelligence Group (JTRIG), the documents obtained by NBC News show
    that the operations of the group included “releasing computer viruses,
    spying on journalists and diplomats, jamming phones and computers, and
    using sex to lure targets into ‘honey traps'” in order to “go on offense
    and attack adversaries.”
    new reporting follows on one NBC published earlier this week
    other Snowden documents that revealed the existence of the JTRIG for
    the very first time. Journalist Glenn Greenwald is listed as ‘special
    contributor’ for both stories.
    the latest story hit the wire, Greenwald sent out a series of tweets
    remarking on the significance of the latest revelations and pointing to
    specific documents explored in the report:
    As NBC reports:
    to the documents, which come from presentations prepped in 2010 and
    2012 for NSA cyber spy conferences, the agency’s goal was to “destroy,
    deny, degrade [and] disrupt” enemies by “discrediting” them, planting
    misinformation and shutting down their communications.
    PowerPoint presentations describe “Effects” campaigns that are broadly
    divided into two categories: cyber attacks and propaganda operations.
    The propaganda camp aigns use deception, mass messaging and “pushing
    stories” via Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube. JTRIG also uses
    “false flag” operations, in which British agents carry out online
    actions that are designed to look like they were performed by one of
    Britain’s adversaries.
    Targeting Journalists
    one striking
    revelation contained in the documents, the JTRIG seems have developed a
    plan to embroil journalists in their intelligence operations.
    2010 presentation also describes another potential operation that would
    utilize a technique called “credential harvesting” to select
    journalists who could be used to spread information. According to
    intelligence sources, spies considered using electronic snooping to
    identify non-British journalists who would then be manipulated to feed
    information to the target of a covert
    campaign. Apparently, the journalist’s job would provide access to the
    targeted individual, perhaps for an interview. The documents do not
    specify whether the journalists would be aware or unaware that they were
    being used to funnel information.
    executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, Joel Simon,
    said that the revelation about “credential harvesting” should serve as a
    “wake up call” to journalists that intelligence agencies can monitor
    their communications. Simon also said that governments put all
    journalists at risk when they use even one for an intelligence
    “All journalists generally are then vulnerable to the charge
    that they work at the behest of an intelligence agency,” said Simon.
    journalist operation was never put into action, according to sources,
    but other techniques described in the documents […] have definitely
    been used to attack adversaries.
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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    Aloha Mahalo

  • outlook

    In Britain been experiencing problems. Get asked for ID. & refused entry! Get told either using old browser, or wrong details entered! On some days can’t access at all. Or can access but layout different from article to article.
    Since reading about your fight back can at access it!

  • Israel To Coordinate With Google, YouTube, To Censor Palestinian Videos Of Conflict

    Israel held meetings with representatives of YouTube and Google to find ways of cooperating to censor Palestinian videos.


    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Thanks !!!

  • ShankyS

    No problems here. Back when I went to WordPress from blogger my site got destroyed by hackers. My host could not contain the attacks and had my site down for 7 days to try and fix the issues. I eventually gave up and came back to blogger.