Top U.S. Air Defense Commander: Turkey’s Shootdown of Russian Jet “Had to Be PRE-PLANNED”

Lt. General Tom McInerney is an expert on handling threats from fighter jets.

McInerney served as:

  • Commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) – the military agency responsible for protecting the United States and Canada from foreign jet attacks – for the Alaska region
  • Commander of the Alaskan Air Command
  • Commander of 11th Air Force in Alaska
  • Commander of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, Clark Air Base, Philippines
  • Commander of the 313th Air Division, Kadena Air Base, Japan
  • Commander of 3rd Air Force, Royal Air Force Station Mildenhall, England
  • Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force
  • A command pilot with more than 4,100 flying hours, including 407 combat missions

In his role as Norad commander for Alaska, McInerney dealt with more Russian fighter jet incursions (which he calls “bear penetrations”) than anyone else in the world.

So McInerney knows how to tell innocent from hostile incursions by foreign fighter jets, standard rules of engagement of foreign fighter jets, how to read radar tracks, and the other things he would need to know to form an informed opinion about the shootdown of a foreign jet.

Yesterday, McInerney told Fox News – much to the surprise of the reporter interviewing him – that assuming the Turkish version of the flight path of the Russian jet is accurate, Russia wasn’t threatening Turkey, and that Turkey’s shoot down of the Russian jet “had to be pre-planned”, as the jet wasn’t in Turkish air space long enough for anything other than a premeditated attack to have brought it down:

McInerney is right … especially given that a U.S. official told Reuters that the Russian jet was inside of Syria when it was shot down:

The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief incursion into Turkish airspace, a U.S. official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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  • truthtime

    Ah, U.S. media like Fox News trying so hard to paint Russia as the bad guy and this guy tells it like it is. Erdogan and his goons can fuck right off. NATO ally my ass. Their covering for their terrorist goons pouring across their Turk border.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      The rest of the Western Rightwing MSM vermin are lying as usual. Just how do people become so filthy?

      • mikefromwichita

        sorry bud the MSM is pure Leftwing filth

        • Stop Bush and Clinton

          Can we all agree that it’s pure filth?

          They vary wings whenever they please, they won’t report about war crimes committed by the US and allies regardless of whether the war criminal is called Bush, Clinton, Obama or McCain.

          The entire “left” vs. “right” division is their way to make sure the regular people remain divided instead of forming a united team to get rid of the Republicrat duopoly.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            In the US political monoculture, the ‘Left’ is so far Right that in any civilized country they would be seen as raving reactionaries.

        • mulga mumblebrain

          Off your meds again? Or so far Right you think Genghis Khan was a pinko?

          • mikefromwichita

            sorry sport the MSM really is leftwing filth and apparent you are also.

          • Jams O’Donnell

            And it’s also apparent that you are a right-wing nutter who can only spout the rubbish you are fed

          • mulga mumblebrain

            And proud of it!

          • Nexusfast123

            I guess you are that stupid.

        • Nexusfast123

          Rightwing….they are funded by corporations and not the workers. Last time I looked it was fascist.

      • Silverado

        Undue and criminal neocon and psychopathic govt influence and money which translates into power. Washington DC is the septic tank and the govt people running the show are the turds inside that tank. Filthy isn’t the right word but a better one alludes me at this time.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          SOVIETS , Called THEM – “APPARATSCHIKS” !!!

    • Yotta Zetta

      Yes, Russia is doing charity work in Syria.
      They are attacking everyone opposing Assad except IS..
      Russia have recently annexed Ukraine and attacked Georgia.
      Do you think how many paid Russian agents are trying to manipulate the public opinion in US using social media and forums?

      • Professor

        Yes, actually I DO “think.” I have a foreign-service degree with a specialization in Russia. And I can tell Russian propaganda from real info, just as McInerney can tell a pre-planned attack from a spontaneous shoot-down.

        Knowing how loathsome Russians can be collectively, and their genetic near-inability to tell the truth, it sticks in my craw but I have to say it: RUSSIA IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE THIS TIME, and AMERICA IS NOT. They’re still not to be trusted in general… but they’re the only ones bombing IS, which is being funded by our side. If it weren’t for Russia, Assad would have been overthrown already and Syria would be another Libya right now, out of the frying-pan and into the fire. That makes the US the enemy, and Russia the good guys on this issue–which incidentally shows how far the US has sunk.

        • truthtime

          I am an American under my known truthtime anonymous username. Not sure if that poster is insinuating that I’m a Russian agent, but I think that would be hilarious if that’s the case.

          Even I, as an American, am more informed than that commentator stating “Russia have recently annexed Ukraine and attacked Georgia.” Major eye roll.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Pure imbecility. And remember the great triumph of ‘demo-crazy’. Every idiot, no matter how pig ignorant, has the same vote as their intellectual and moral opposites.

        • Nexusfast123

          Much bigotry. The same generalized bullcrap can be applied to the perfidious degenerates in Washington.

      • mulga mumblebrain

        So many lies in such a small space. Quite amazing.

  • SausageAway

    That’s what the Russians think too.
    It’s ridiculous that America would rather remove assad than fight Isis.

    • so

      America is isis = isis is America. Read what our government has done.

      • Albert Griggs


        • mulga mumblebrain

          Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ie MOSSAD. Just as the SIS is MI6.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            INSIDER ???

    • cstahnke

      The American policy is to confuse the situation because it’s confused. But, all factions agree on the necessity of making sure there is a threat from Jihadis and the cartoonish evil of ISIS is perfect. Assad is, as many have noted, a threat because he represents a multi-cultural, highly civilized and secular state in the region that has maintained alliances with people Washington doesn’t like. Most of the operatives within the National Security State believe Muslim’s are savages who need to be crushed for their own good. I actually hears a retired intel guy say this–very smart guy, Jewish, well educated and livid with hatred for Muslims–I’ve heard others say similar things back in years past.

    • Gina

      Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President AssadMay 24, 2015

      The Covert Origins of ISIS
      The printed text is the transcription of the first video. The other videos are
      related to the content of the text.

      As to The Covert Origins of ISIS I’d like to correct one point : The large majority of the attacks that the western cartel aircraft are supposedly making on “ISIS’ forces are targeting Syrian infrastructure and have had little or no effect on “ISIS”, and this is doubtlessly
      intentional. The western strategists haven’t yet reached the point where they want to throw their proxy militia under the bus, though that day will come eventually – ISIL is still needed as “boots on the ground” to engage Assad’s military.

      • mulga mumblebrain

        Syria, like Iraq and Libya, must be bombed back to the Stone Age. That reflects the Zionazi hatred of Moslems, Arabs and, in the end, all goyim.

        • Gina

          Hi, goy! – Here a level-headed article:

          What immediately struck me was that with a little dusting off, abridging and updating, it could easily be the handbook of the neocons. With the wonders of modern computers, you can download a free copy from the Internet, cleanse it of anti-Semitism by replacing “fellow Jews” with “neocons” and make sense of what’s happening in the world today.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Don’t tell me – the fabulous ‘Protocols’. A very clever, pre-emptive, propaganda coup de theatre.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      Removing Assad and smashing the country is Israeli policy, the Oded Yinon Plan and its later manifestations. Israeli policy is US policy-the Congress banging their heads on the floor in ecstasy as Netanyahoo surveys his servants tells you that truth.

  • 5 dancing shlomos

    gen, thanks for confirming what we know

  • I am really starting to like this General because he shows signs of truthfulness.


    • Silverado

      I was thinking the same thing as I was watching the clip. Plus he’s obviously smart and knows which way the political winds are blowing. I remember him during one of the wars since 9/11, Iraq or Afghanistan, where he was seen frequently on the TV and I had a positive…inkling about him then, although I was/am firmly against every one of those wars that kept him employed. He keeps this up and his employer right now, FOX News, is apt to let him test the free agent market of the news analyst world..

  • hyperbola

    “Our” media is also covering up who the profiteers are.

    Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales

    …. A British energy company with strong backing from the UK political establishment operates the oil field supplying the Nokan-owned Bazian refinery.

    The refinery, owned by the Nokan Group whose trucks were seen transporting IS oil through the Kurdish province earlier this year, is supplied from the KRG’s Taq Taq field. The oil field produces a total of around 100,000 barrels per day, most of which is shipped to local refineries. British-Turkish firm Genel Energy has a 45 percent stake in the Taq Taq field.

    Genel Energy was formed from a $2.1 billion merger in 2011 between a UK firm, Vallares Plc, and a Turkish company, Genel Enerji. The firm is run by Tony Hayward, a former CEO of British Petroleum (BP)…..

    …. Just a month earlier, David Cameron’s then Energy Minister Matthew Hancock told the 4th Kurdistan-Iraq Oil & Gas Conference in Erbil, that Iraq “has a critical role to play in meeting the world’s future demand for oil.” Remarking that US oil production is “forecasted to peak in 2020,” he said that therefore “the world is expected to become ever more dependent on Iraqi supply.”….

    Now who is the “establishment” in Britain?

    All in the Family: David Cameron’s Jewish Roots and the Coreligionists Who Brought Him to Power

    …. If the British public were to consider Cameron’s very real pursuance of Zionist policies in the context of his rise to power on the back of Jewish money, there would be a public awakening (which would no-doubt be labelled as ‘anti-Semitism’). In light of this, the decision to conceal his Jewish identity can easily be understood.

    Zionist puppet Cameron Calls for Carpet Bombing of Damascus

    And what “plans” do they serve?

    The Yinon Plan, “Greater Israel”, Syria, Iraq, and ISIS: the Connection

    Kind of fits in with what we know about Obama (and Hilary).

    Obama at the UN General Assembly: Five Years a Zionist Lackey

    • mulga mumblebrain

      Have you read the October 24, 2008 article published in the Chicago Jewish News, written by Pauline Yearwood, ‘Obama and the Jews’? It’s most interesting. As Abner Mikvah a former judge, Congressman and Clinton apparatchik states, Obama will be seen by history as, not the first black President, but the first Jewish President. You only have to look at the personnel in his Administration, particularly at the higher levels to see the old, familiar, nepotism at work.

  • Gina

    As Putin puts it: “a stab in the back” from “supporters of terrorists.”

  • Albert Griggs

    The TURKS were violating Syrian airspace as they “shadowed” the Russian plane ……. Why is THAT not reported?

  • Gina

    Russia has tried over & over again to bring the new-world-order apoligists to the negotiating table. Now they make short work.
    Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation – Lavrov

    Turkey to lose tens of billions of dollars after shooting down Russian plane

  • Gina

    Is this the removed video?

    At the beginning McInerney is introduced as a Fox News contributor. Very suspicious! – Then McInerney says that the Russian Airplane was between 20 to 40 seconds in Turkish territory. Russia says that the plane was shot down above Syrian territory 1km away from the border. As Turkey committed a severe crime which has become obvious to the world, even the msm has to blame it at least slightly.

    As the pilots were targeted by turkmen from the ground when parachuting, there was a clear intention to eliminate the witnesses; we know this from the terror attacks where the alleged & killed attackers can’t testify anymore. But – but one pilot wasn’t hit, & ‘Turkish jets gave us no warning before hooting’ – rescued pilot of downed Russian Su-24. Bad news for the new-world-[dis]order proponents.

    • Count de Mony

      thanks for the video

  • Skip V. Patel

    Attached is the front page of Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper published on the morning BEFORE the attack on Russian aircraft. The leading articles makes it obvious that the attack was a per-planned provocation, meant to protect Turkmen terrorists just North of the Russian base at Lattkya.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      The ‘Turkmen’ will, I imagine, turn out to be Grey Wolves, ie Turkish fascists in league with Turkish intelligence agencies.

  • Dan

    I get the feeling that once again, a disposable sucker is about to learn the value of US security guarantees. Erdogan, meet Saakashvili…

  • Skip V. Patel
  • garwain

    I’d like to have watched this video but in France it’s been removed. Well I never.

  • Gina

    Some never understand what life is about.

    Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President's_President/47505/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    According to French geopolitical analyst, Thierry Meyssan, Recep Erdogan “organised the pillage of Syria, dismantled all the factories in Aleppo, the economic capital, and stole the machine-tools. Similarly, he organised the theft of archeological treasures and set up an international market in Antioch…with the help of General Benoît Puga, Chief of Staff for the Elysée, he organised a false-flag operation intended to provoke the launching of a war by the Atlantic Alliance – the chemical bombing of la Ghoutta in Damascus, in August 2013.

    • garwain

      Interesting article by Meyssan, a very reliable French journalist. If Hollande had the backbone to clean up his own backyard then his campaign against Jihaddists could be credible. Listening to the sickening pathos of his speech at ‘Les Invalides’ at the ‘homage to the victims of the Paris terror’ and his pledge to ‘wipe out ISIS’ one wishes that Meyssan could somehow reveal to the congregation the truth of France’s own involvement in terrorism. Vive La Revolution!

    • Brockland A.T.

      You know, Thanksgiving week and Turkey is getting its goose cooked good.

      Of course, cooked turkeys get carved up.

  • Gina

    ‘Fighting common evil’: Putin, Hollande agree to share intelligence on terrorist targets in Syria

    The French leader also stressed the importance of Russia playing a key roles in the political transition in Syria. However, he reiterated the Western position that Syria’s current President Bashar Assad should have no place in the country’s future.

    Putin again spoke about the need for a broad international coalition against terrorism and jihadism without any reservations, but added that Russia is ready to act on its own if the idea does not receive wider support from the West.

    Yup. Don’t trust a Nato member state!

    • garwain

      I almost choked on my lunch whilst listening to French controlled radio. Hollande claims that he will convince Russia to join the coalition and that they will consider including the Syrian Army. A generous gesture from a country perfoming illegal bombing raids in Syria, allowing that country’s army to defend itself. The arrogance arrives almost as thickly as the illegally supplied weapons to ISIS

      • Brockland A.T.

        Hollande is making a brave statement, if so, as it defies the U.S. and those of his own people, that are in favour of the neocon agenda. It may seem arrogant, but his weakness is apparent, while he can’t afford to be seen as weak and submitting to the Russians.

        He wouldn’t be a trustworthy ally, but if Hollande is tacitly joining Russia, diplomatically that’s a good thing for NATO, to balance off a little, Turkey going completely off the rails.

        • garwain

          The Charlie Hebdo production was clearly a ‘false flag’ only to be repeated in November by a similar pantomime with the ubiquitous litany of dropped passports, pyrotechnics, grainy videos and shouts of Allah Ackbar. Two false flags in less than one year only serves to question the sincerity of Hollande and suggest there may be an undisclosed agenda. An opportunity to scupper Russia’s progress would be welcomed by US neo-cons. Time will tell.

          • Brockland A.T.

            It was never doubted that those incidents were false flags of some kind. It doesn’t mean Holande was in on them; its not like he needs to be.

            As to whether or not Hollande is a deep player loyal to someone else’s agenda, or just a transient political head for rent, isn’t really that clear.

            Not being able to read French limits my ability to really check up on that guy using original French sources that might have the muddy dirt.

        • garwain

          Concidence that this article cropped up after my last post suggesting an alternative agenda for France ?

          • Brockland A.T.

            Interesting contrast with the MSM-oriented conclusion I made.

            Israel is uniquely positioned to benefit from the Mackinderan struggle between the outer islands (West) and world island (Eurasia). It can’t lose; its all win-win-win so long as it stays on the good side of both major powers.

            However, its possible that Israeli planners are a little too into prescription drugs if they think the Kurds can hold together anything resembling a reliable client-state. They are such a diverse and fractious people, barely a nationality under the word ‘Kurd’; maybe that somehow is their nationality. And rely on a bit player like France to help make it happen.

  • Ted

    Video censored by Fox News over copyright infringement? No, Fox would benefit from the clip being displayed to other viewers; it’s good advertising. The controllers of Fox News just don’t want the info getting around.

  • Brockland A.T.

    Funny timing; Thanksgiving/Black Friday Shopping week, when nobody in NATO’s leading country will be paying attention.

    Someone’s got lousy political instincts. Or very droll instincts, punning the ‘Turkey’ who ruined Thanksgiving.