Help Us Stop Malicious Hackers!

We’ve been under a sustained “brute force” hacker attack over the last week or so.

In the last 24 hours alone, we’ve been subject to 21,610 hacking attempts.

If you find this site valuable, please consider donating whatever you can – so we can “harden” the site against further hacker attacks.

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  • saperetic

    Is the attack directed at your web host (perl script attack?) or your WordPress login page? If it is directed at your WordPress login page, consider getting a plugin to change your login page name (“/wp-admin”) in WordPress if you do not have the ability to change it yourself. Also, make changes to your settings for “Limit Login Attempts” if you can identify the offending IP address(es) and be sure to add JetPack (it has absorbed BruteProtect) and/or other brute force avoidance plugins for help in warding off brute force attacks. Keep up the good work here!

  • colinjames71

    By this weekend donation coming. I was suspicious about some new commenters out of the blue, seemed a rash of trolls, then the other day maybe yesterday I couldn’t get washblog to open- hope you guys can repel the attack perpetrated by what I assume is the Ministry of Truth. Shitty.

  • When I went to the tip jar, it had 30.00 already filled out. How can I change that amount?

  • jadan

    OK, $30 it is. Keep on trucking.

  • I think it’s because of that post about governments admit false flag attacks. I saw that passed around like crazy on facebook and other sites, I think you got peoples’ attention with that post.

  • colinjames71

    How do you donate less than $30 via paypal? That’s the amount auto-loaded in the “tip jar” I can’t seem to change. I’d love to give that and more, but…