Global Thanksgiving only possible with .01% removed from power over endless wars, 99.99%’s debt-slavery, media lies; it begins with your voice

9 minutes from Tragedy & Hope:

I’m all for being thankful for well-being at the scales of individual, family, friends, organizations, and small-scale communities, and recommend the practice of gratitude and love.

I’m also aware that large-scale communities can only be thankful in any objective measure when the current .01% “leaders” are removed from power for obvious crimes:

Although we are mere human guests on this beautiful but dominated planet with severely limited tools to see very much or very far, we have our thoughts, words, and actions as our own.

Please use the power given you so all Earth’s inhabitants may be thankful for the unique and awesome planet this could be.

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  • November 25th, 2015 America’s Awesome Corruption — Especially in the Military

    On November 16th, the great journalist on international strategic and military issues, F. William Engdahl, headlined at journal-neo, Do We Really Want a New World War With Russia?“” and he documented that, with military expenditures one-tenth of America’s, Russia achieves at least parity with the U.S. in terms of war-fighting capability. It’s a remarkable article, even though it actually brings together into one place the recent disclosures in many media, regarding vital technologies where Russia far outpaces American capabilities. Of course, that’s what’s necessary to do in order to document the extent of Russia’s areas of clear military superiority.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      It’s hard to know if it is good to inform the Zionazis in Mordor-on-the-Potomac of your defensive capabilities, because those psychopaths are more likely to be enraged by that knowledge than to be pacified by it. Psychopaths MUST dominate others, or their narcissism implodes.

      • Click on the highlighted links for the documents like this one I just plucked from it!

        However, as regards corruption in the expenditure of military dollars, the U.S. is simply gigantic — and certainly far worse than Russia. On 13 May 2014, Stars and Stripes bannered, “Decades Later, Military Still Unable to Account for Its Spending,” and reported that:

        The military is still running behind in its decades-long quest to audit its spending and rein in waste, Department of Defense comptrollers testified Tuesday to the Senate.

        Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps financial managers will be unable to fully meet a midpoint deadline set by the secretary of defense this year for mandated accounting benchmarks. Meanwhile, “serious continuing deficiencies” remain in the accounting efforts, according to a Government Accountability Office report issued Tuesday.

        Nearly three decades after U.S. taxpayers gasped over $640 toilet seats and other Cold War military waste, the Department of Defense remains the last federal department still unable to conduct a financial audit despite laws passed in the 1990s that require the accounting.

  • I just wanted you to know this made me cry.
    I am so mad at what these Oligarch’s have done and ARE doing to our Men and Women in the Service, those who believed they were fighting to keep us safe!
    I am So mad at what these Oligarch’s have done and are doing to innocence the world over.
    I am So MAD at what those who are in control are DOING TO OUR COUNTRY AND OUR EARTH AND THE RIGHTS our fathers fought and died for.

    and I am so very mad at myself and my physical inability to do more than I am.

    • Carl_Herman

      You are touched by your love of humanity and all creation; sadness includes lower-order denial that should be upgraded to being touched and moved.

      Elaine, you are passionate for justice. Anger is the lower-order denial of the facts; again to be upgraded to passion FOR rather than anger AGAINST. The upgrade is to be constructive as best you can feel it while embracing fully the facts of what we have on Earth.

      As humans, we truly are limited with perhaps the intent to engage in constructive cooperation with such projects as ours. We all engage in the paradox of being fully free within these severe limitations of being human, and can only move forward on a large scale together.

      Are you a person of Faith, Elaine, in whatever meaning this has for you? If so, by golly, this is the extraordinary opportunity to fully EXERCISE this faith, LIVE YOUR FAITH rather than simply believe in it 🙂

      Team-up with sufficient partners to live your best virtues. All of us looking from your direction stand with you; perhaps a million of us around Earth. You are joined in some strategic way, like stars seemingly surrounded in darkness.

      At least, our existence is far from boring 🙂