Giant Utilities Try to Kill Solar Power

Rooftop Solar Poses a Threat to the Utilities’ Century-Old Business Model of Centralized Power … So They’re Trying to Make Solar Much More Expensive

One of the main reasons that solar energy is growing so fast  in California is “net metering” … i.e. crediting rooftop solar users for surplus power their systems create, which is fed back into the grid for use by other customers.

Currently, rooftop solar owners are credited at the same rate they would pay the utility for electricity.

Not only is net metering a huge incentive to buy solar panels, but it is part of a wave of decentralized energy production which could help to solve our protect against terrorism, fascism and destruction of our health, environment and economy.

But the giant California utilities – PG&E, Southern California Energy and San Diego Gas & Electric – are determined to kill net metering, because it cuts into the profitability of their centralized energy production business.

The Los Angeles Times notes:

For new purchases of rooftop solar, the utility proposals could wipe out the potential savings on power — the main incentive for buying the systems.

Lyndon Rive, chief executive of SolarCity, describes a “catastrophic” future for rooftop solar if the California Public Utilities Commission approves the proposals …

Utility proposals call for crediting solar users at about half the current rates. Utilities would also charge monthly fees, based on the size of a homeowner’s solar system.


The proposed fees could make solar power systems unaffordable — which is exactly what utilities want, Rive and other solar proponents say.

“This is a clear indication that the utilities are trying to stop competition and the solar industry,” said Rive, whose San Mateo, Calif., company operates in 19 states.


Utility critics point to a different motivation: Rooftop solar poses a threat to the utilities’ century-old business model of centralized power and the regulatory framework that supports it. In essence, the more utilities spend to maintain the grid, the more money they make.

The industry trade association, the Edison Electric Institute, referred to rooftop solar and its consumer-friendly cousin, energy efficiency, as “disruptive challenges” in a 2013 report.

The LA Times makes it clear that this is not just a California issue … but is a nationwide campaign:

The debate’s outcome could shape solar policies throughout the nation, as utilities seek to tinker with solar costs. Other states look to California as an innovator on solar policy. The state by far leads the nation in deployment of rooftop and utility-scale solar technology, followed by Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina and Nevada.


A recent assessment by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center found that 16 of the 44 states with net-metering policies were considering or enacting changes. Wisconsin and Arizona recently imposed significant increases in the amounts that utilities can charge solar users.

After the Arizona policy took effect, applications for rooftop solar installations dropped from hundreds a month to a handful, said Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Assn.

“I think it’s clear nationally,” Gallagher said, “that the utilities are concerned about the impact on their business with customers generating their own electricity, and they’re pushing back. What California does may legitimize some of these proposals in other states.”

The Washington Post reported in March:

Three years ago, the nation’s top utility executives gathered at a Colorado resort to hear warnings about a grave new threat to operators of America’s electric grid ….

If demand for residential solar continued to soar, traditional utilities could soon face serious problems, from “declining retail sales” and a “loss of customers” to “potential obsolescence,” according to a presentation prepared for the group. “Industry must prepare an action plan to address the challenges,” it said.

The warning, delivered to a private meeting of the utility industry’s main trade association, became a call to arms for electricity providers in nearly every corner of the nation. Three years later, the industry and its fossil-fuel supporters are waging a determined campaign to stop a home-solar insurgency that is rattling the boardrooms of the country’s government-regulated electric monopolies.


“The utilities are fighting tooth and nail,” said Scott Peterson, director of the Checks and Balances Project, a Virginia nonprofit that investigates lobbyists’ ties to regulatory agencies. Peterson, who has tracked the industry’s two-year legislative fight, said the pivot to public utility commissions moves the battle to friendlier terrain for utilities. The commissions, usually made up of political appointees, “have enormous power, and no one really watches them,” Peterson said.


Solar’s share of global energy production is climbing steadily, and a study last week by researchers from Cambridge University concluded that photovoltaics will soon be able to out-compete fossil fuels, even if oil prices drop to as low as $10 a barrel.


But the arrival of cheaper solar technology has also brought an unexpected challenge to the industry’s bottom line: As millions of residential and business customers opt for solar, revenue for utilities is beginning to decline. Industry-sponsored studies have warned the trend could eventually lead to a radical restructure of energy markets, similar to earlier upheavals with phone-company monopolies.

“One can imagine a day when battery-storage technology or micro turbines could allow customers to be electric grid independent,” said a 2013 Edison study. “To put this into perspective, who would have believed 10 years ago that traditional wire line telephone customers could economically ‘cut the cord’?”


Two-and-a-half years later, evidence of the “action plan” envisioned by Edison officials can be seen in states across the country. Legislation to make net metering illegal or more costly has been introduced in nearly two dozen state houses since 2013. Some of the proposals were virtual copies of model legislation drafted two years ago by the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, a nonprofit organization with financial ties to billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.

There is bipartisan support for solar.  As the LA Times writes:

Frustration with utilities has led consumers to begin mounting their own fights, and it has created some unlikely political alliances among grass-roots groups.

Debbie Dooley, a co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party, has campaigned in Wisconsin and Indiana to protect net-metering laws. Dooley helped expand solar in Georgia, and she is helping lead an effort in Florida to expand solar in the Sunshine State.

Dooley has tapped libertarians and environmentalists such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, in addition to conservative groups such as the Christian Coalition.

And the Washington Post notes:

In Republican strongholds, such as Indiana and Utah … anti-solar legislation came under a surprisingly fierce attack from free-market conservatives and even evangelical groups, many of which have installed solar panels on their churches.

“Conservatives support solar — they support it even more than progressives do,” said Bryan Miller, co-chairman of the Alliance for Solar Choice and a vice president of public policy for Sunrun, a California solar provider. “It’s about competition in its most basic form. The idea that you should be forced to buy power from a state-sponsored monopoly and not have an option is about the least conservative thing you can imagine.”

In other words, it’s not left-versus-right … instead, it’s you versus the giant corporations, which are in a malignant, symbiotic relationship with corrupt government officials.

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  • Nassim7

    Normally, I would go along with this headline – but not for solar PV.

    The sad fact is that solar is most heavily subsidised in place like California by those who do not have PV. Pretty well every KW of solar capacity needs an equivalent amount of dispatchable power from conventional sources on standby – nuclear cannot play that role.

    Here is a good explanation for the UK. California is not quite so bad:

    “UK Solar PV Vital Statistics”

    • mulga mumblebrain

      So, we do nothing and hasten the anthropogenic climate destabilisation Holocaust instead. Is that your recommendation, then?

      • Nassim7

        I see, a real “believer” in fake data. Shame no one told the trees in Europe:

        “In a recently published study on spring leaf unfolding appearing in Nature a team of scientists led by Fu et al found that spring leaves on trees in Europe are in fact not unfolding much earlier – as we should expect in these times of “global warming”.”

        • mulga mumblebrain

          Sad little denier. One, possible, study, that stands out against hundreds that show the precise opposite effect, with plants and animals, somehow refutes 200 years of science in numerous fields. I never know what is most impressive with your kind-the stupidity, the ignorance, the psychotic ideological fanaticism, or the arrogance to imagine that others will be impressed by your idiocy.

          • Nassim7

            When all else fails, insult the messenger.

            The data you refer to is fake – and the trees are not listening to the nonsense being sprouted by Obama and co,

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Hundreds of studies, all faked, according to the paranoid psychotic. What minds we are dealing with.

          • Nassim7

            I read all your replies and it is obvious that you have no scientific education. All you know is how to insult people who are superior in their knowledge.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            The Dunning-Kruger cretin in all its bizarre and sordid glory. I seriously doubt that I understand science less than you, but even a visitor from outer space when being forced to choose between ALL the Academies of Science of the planet and ALL the learned scientific societies and 99.9% of climate scientists published in 2013 and 2014, and a deranged denialist imbecile, would find the choice very easy indeed.

  • Sarastro92

    Here’s an idea: If solar is such a great technology, then users should disconnect from the grid instead of sponging of the rest of the rate payers.

    • Rich H

      Yeah, that’s not how it works.

      • Sarastro92

        That is to say: solar energy is a ridiculous energy strategy. Those dizzy enough to endorse it should pay the price, not the rest of us.

        • yanquetino

          Uh-oh. I’m sorry, but you are drinking the utilities’ Fossil Fool-Aid. Solar homeowners are not “sponging” off other rate payers at all. I invite you to examine the actual numbers in this slideshow example and point out where the math is wrong.

          • Sarastro92

            You slides are total bosh. Since solar only works on clear days, not at night or when it’s cloudy, rainy, snowy, foggy or icy, that means that the full-time, baseload capacity must be maintained and kept running 24/7 “whether it’s used or not”

            Obviously maintaining TWO power systems is wasteful and inherently super-expensive. Sudden surges in solar energy also mean the whole transmission system has to be reworked. And finally solar dumps enormous amounts of energy into the grid in a few concentrated hours when it’s not needed and in fact, the utilities have to pay for this power whether it’s used at night. That’s the freeloader part.

            And finally, tax credits are direct subsidies by tax payers on top of that. And for what? To address a non-existant problem of Green house gases and Global Warming.

          • yanquetino

            Tsk. Of course solar only works when there is sunshine. What you obviously did not notice is that the slideshow reports my average daily figures, i.e. clear days, cloudy days, summer days, winter days. Some days my panels produce far more kWh than those figures; some far fewer. I’ve given you the aggregate data after 5 years of solar production. I notice that you did not find any error in the math, did you? I do pay for as much of the grid as I use –just like everybody else. If not in dollars, certainly in kWh –which the utility sells for dollars at the full rate!

            Now, please don’t exaggerate the “24/7” claim. Utilities do crank power up and down depending upon weather, season, time-of-day, demand, etc., whether or not some homeowners have rooftop solar. And in a worse case scenario, they simply trade kWh with their neighboring utilities. Let’s think, here. What does a utility do that has its own solar and wind farms as part of its grid? Do they keep the coal and natural gas plants running at full capacity 24/7, regardless? No. The crank their output up and down as needed. And believe me, the “disruptive” kWh from their own farms are far greater than the 0.0025% of households with solar panels in my state.

            With your line of reasoning, I suppose that you also think that a Volt owner should pay a penalty fee per gallon for filling up because he is not buying as much gasoline as other drivers, and thus not paying his “fair share” of the oil company’s drill rigs, refineries, pipes, transportation, storage tanks, fuel pumps. Or if you replace your lawn with drip-irrigation landscaping, your shower heads and toilets with low-volume models, you should pay a fine for using less water than your neighbors, and thus not paying your “fair share” of the water company’s reservoirs, treatment plants, pipes, water mains, sewage facilities, right?

            Of course not. Certainly not in a free-market society. Only a monopoly would dare impose such a ploy on consumers.

            You object to “subsidies by tax payers” for rooftop solar? Lemme guess: you must also decry tax incentives for electric cars, correct? Sorry, but it seems to me that for decades we have all been forced to pay even larger subsidies to the fossil fuel industries. It’s about time we got some of that money back to invest in cleaner, greener forms of energy. If you don’t want your money back… that’s your choice.

            And finally… “non-existant” [sic] greenhouse gases and global warming…!?! Oh… my. That’s quite a conspiracy theory you’ve bought into. It’s all just a hoax, right? Wow. Just… wow. I can only conclude that you’re a paid pe’troll.

          • Sarastro92

            Correct math but worthless premise. The daily average means nothing. A base load capacity powered by nuclear or fossil fuels has to be kept running 24/7/365, while solar may or may not be working at all on any given day or days and obviously not at all in twilight and night-time. This arrangement is inherently expensive and highly inefficient.

            You can’t finagle out of that one. Your “swaps idea” has no merit … sad to say. Here’s a summary of the economics and engineering challenges of alternative energy.

            “It may not be until some grid goes dark because of intermittency (as
            increasingly uneconomic flexed conventional generation is shut in
            Germany and UK) that the general public will understand. Germany, UK,
            and California seem determined to run this unfortunate experiment for
            the rest of us. One or more appear likely to succeed soon in
            experimentally proving the grid instability ‘blackout’ hypothesis. The
            question is mainly when, not if.”


            Further discussion:
            “A U.S. rooftop PV system cost about $5.80/W in 2014; utility PV cost about $4.5/W (shown below)” … Fully loaded, German electricity, for example costs residents more than three times the US ($.40 vs $12. kwH) Good luck selling that one in the USA.


          • yanquetino

            Since you don’t understand what an average means, I can redo the slideshow with the TOTAL numbers over 5 years time. Will that help you see that the kWh DO mean something? Doubt it.

            Tell you what: we’ll give it time. Let’s see how often the “grid goes dark” over the next decade, “proving the grid instability ‘blackout’ hypothesis,” as more and more solar and wind come online –and not just the minuscule amount from individual homeowners, but from the huge farms that the utilities themselves are installing. See you in 10 years! Not to worry: I’ll get my napkin ready, in case I need to eat crow.

          • Sarastro92

            You have no idea how power grids operate nor their economics. What you have posted is borderline crack-pot. But, hey, knock yourself out.

            By the way, the UK is already in the midst of crisis. From the Guardian last week:

            “National Grid makes urgent call for companies to reduce electricity usage”

            So I guess we won’t have to wait 10 years as you say to see if this experiment works or not.


            The dire situation was exacerbated by the fact that the UK was fogged in and there was no wind at critical periods. Wind and solar contributed 1% to energy supplies over 24 hours, prompting shutdown by industries (which were paid to do so by the government!) … Great stuff.

          • yanquetino


            …an urgent request for energy companies to make more power available after multiple breakdowns at UK power stations.

            Ooops. How come the article didn’t target solar/wind energy as the culprit?

            Although it insisted there was no threat of imminent power cuts, this was the first NISM to be issued by National Grid since 2012; there were 10 in 2005 and eight in 2008.

            I had no idea that the UK’s solar and wind farms were so extensive and operational in 2005 and 2008. Huh.

            See ya in 10 years!

          • Sarastro92

            “How come the article didn’t target solar/wind energy as the culprit?”

            Simple: it’s the Guardian. What do you expect?

            “there were 10 in 2005 and eight in 2008.”

            Yeah…That was bad planning in the past. But now there is no reliable reserves. The grid was counting on wind and solar… but they were not in service. Will only get worse.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            The grim reality is that we have gone beyond the point of no return to auto-genocide thanks to evil imbeciles like this creature. All that remains, in my opinion, is to craft laws against crimes against humanity by sabotaging all efforts to avert mass death through climate destabilisation. They must be condign, retrospective to, say, 2000, and have no Statute of Limitations as long as civilization operates. Just for the big-wigs who knew precisely what they were doing-the lumpen cretins can cope with the anger of the public when the catastrophes begin to mount up. I’d really hate to be a loud-mouthed denialist then.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Unfortunately all your gibbering is rendered null by the simple fact that you are an anthropogenic climate destabilisation Holocaust denier. Nazi Holocaust deniers are not tolerated in polite society, but climate destabilisation Holocaust deniers, whose victims are prospective, not historical, and will outnumber those of the Nazi killings by two orders of magnitude, are allowed to infest and infect just about every forum, with their lies, distortions, misrepresentations and florid psychopathy.

          • Sarastro92

            Your climate hoax will actually kill billions… that’s why the major industrial powers have rejected alternative energy in China, Russia, India and Japan. Germany is more dependent on coal than ever. Paris is already a complete bust. LOL.

            No one cares what US-EU bobos think about anything. They know you’re fools or worse.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            How will avoiding anthropogenic climate destabilisation ‘kill billions’? We have established that you are are moronic ignoramus, or worse, like all denialists, but even the craziest don’t often have the gall to simply invert reality in the manner you have.

          • Sarastro92

            Artificially raising the costs of energy by multiples of current levels exposes people to harsh winters and hot summers. That kills. So does low productivity agriculture, which leads to high food prices.

            This isn’t rocket science. Cost is already an oppressive issue in places like Germany.

            From Die Welt: Poor Households Suffering Most From Green Energies, Households Crushed By “540 Euros In Extra Costs In 2016″.

            They write that the Energiewende (transition to renewable energy) will result in 540 euros in extra costs for each German household in 2016.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Crazed lies, as expected. Renewable energy is already rapidly approaching vost parity with fossil fuels, so the ‘multiples’ garbage is the mendacious ranting of a truly sick, psychotic, ‘mind’. As well, as the IMF pointed out, fossil fuels receive 5.6 trillion per year in subsidies, and I’m not even sure if that includes exterminating humanity. Agriculture will be far more adversely affected by the climate destabilisation to longer, deeper droughts alternating with deluges and floods, and the spread of diseases and pest species than any mythical effect from turning to renewable energy. Do you make this gibberish up yourself or borrow it from other malignant morons? And I imagine that, even if Die Welt’s figures are correct, that ordinary non-psychotic, non-evil Germans would be happy to pay to ensure their grand-children’s survival. You, unsurprisingly, appear to prefer the thirty pieces of silver.

          • Sarastro92

            The name plate capacity of green energy is 10 times (or more) the actual reliable output… so what if the solar plants have an enormous capacity. Come sundown it’s zero… ditto for cloudy days.

            The typical figure claiming subsidies actually is mostly normal business tax deductions… no utility gets a check from the Treasury just for being in business.

            In any case, your childish name calling is pointless… the Climate plans filed for Paris show that the majority of the world rejects bogus claims coming from Climate Hysteria … the rest of the world has long since moved on. Rant alll you want. no kine isl istening.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Always good to see a denialist psychotic cutting to the chase. The laws of physics and hundreds of years of climate science, plus the increasing catastrophic real life climate destabilisation already apparent, all disappear because one intellectually and spiritually inadequate imbecile refuses to give up his greedy self-indulgence. You do realise that your type represent the apotheosis of human Evil, don’t you?

          • Sarastro92

            Garbage on all counts. Physics is not your friend. The emissivity of CO2 would only affect global temperatures by tiny fractions of a degree. Anyone remotely knowledgeable about the topic understands that catastrophic warming only occurs if hypothesized climate feed backs amplify a small change in CO2 induced temperature by an order of magnitude.

            But feel free to brag.

            In any case, the rest of world rejects your scatter-brained ideology… Hundreds of coal plants are being built this year in Asia alone… with a thousand more in the planning stage.

            Putin has denounced the Climate Change as a fraud and a hoax…no one cares what you think “science” is.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            The perfect Dunning-Krugerite! Truly dumb and easily bamboozled, but thinks he knows better than the global scientific community. For your gibberish to be correct, the 99.9% of climate scientists actively publishing, ALL the National Academies of Science and ALL the learned scientific societies must be idiots and fools, or engaged in a gargantuan conspiracy that has lasted nearly two hundreds years and produced no defectors with ANY evidence for that conspiracy. And you have the characteristic bombastic arrogance of your pitiful kind.

          • Sarastro92

            Less than 50% of climate scientists subscribe to AGW Hysteria. The mainstream Climate Science is in tatters and now relies upon blatantly tampering with observational data to retain their propaganda.

            I’m sorry you and plenty of others have been hornswoggled. Watch this play out in the real world.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            No lie too Big, no arrogance too unmerited.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            You’d have more success trying to educate a brick.

          • Sherwood Forrest

            I can cut a brick to fit, but remodeling a fascist is murder.

        • mulga mumblebrain

          The price to be paid for your greedy stupidity is human extinction, but your type seldom care what will happen after their own deaths, so ‘suffer the little children’, eh?

          • Sarastro92

            Pretentious ignorance mulga. India will greatly increase coal plants in its energy plan… because they want a future for their children. Coal is not the best choice… but it is the cheapest and most reliable. I hope they’ll scrub these plants to remove real pollutants, not benign plant-food (CO2)

          • mulga mumblebrain

            Moronic gibberish. India does not have a grid that can reach the masses of energy poor. So solar is the perfect, localised, small-scale, alternative. India, of course, has a massive solar resource which they are already tapping. Coal produces dreadful pollution, and India’s air pollution is worse than China’s. Also mercury pollution and mountains of fly-ash etc. The usual debris of the fossil fuel death-cult, of which you are a very enthusiastic metastasis. CO2 may be plant food, but the concurrent increased temperatures will make much of India uninhabitable in summer-or is that your Malthusian intent?

          • Sarastro92

            Yeah. I forgot no one lives in Calcutta, New Delhi, Goa or any more dozens of large cities in India… and those that do are rolling in luxury.

          • mulga mumblebrain

            You’ve obviously never been to India.

          • Sherwood Forrest

            Most food crop growth and fruiting ceases at 96 degrees F.
            So what you gonna do: grow tomaters in yer ‘frigerater?
            Corn and soybeans just ain’t gonna fit.

  • sf bay area native

    It is predictable that the California Public Utilities Commission will pass the corporate fascist proposal. They have given for decades, and give today, the appearance of being an agency wholly captive and wholly corrupted by the businesses they pretend to regulate. Recently in the Bay Area PGE managed to blow up a whole neighborhood and a goodly number of neighbors with it in San Bruno with their badly maintained, badly tested, gas pipelines, and members of the Commission and of their staff have been exposed in collusion with PGE executives to evade legal responsibility for the destruction and deaths. Anyone informed about the history and practices of the California PUC can add dozens of similar examples. The fact that their flagrant appearance of pervasive corruption continues implies the corruption of California state government more generally.

    • Haywood

      hmmmmm sounds very much like our very own, government manipulated, BCUC. Hows those energy saving smart meters working for us??

      • Here is some insight! Feb 28, 2013 No Privacy with Smart Meters

        Abby Martin takes a look at Smart Meters, how they work, and the threat they pose to personal privacy when energy corporations can record, monitor, and even control your daily activities in your private residence.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      George Monbiot had an interesting article recently that reported a study that had established the ‘bleeding obvious’. That the neo-liberal cult of ‘self-regulation’ for corporate parasites had resulted in TOTAL failure in EVERY industry or other activity studied. With corporate capture of what regulatory agencies that do exist also TOTAL, the corporate totalitarian state is free to purse its twin objectives. Profit maximisation and the extermination of the ‘useless eaters’.

      • bozo storm

        That regulatory bodies tend to be captured by the institutions (industry, commercial, financial, transportation, etc) that they intend to regulate is a truism that has been understood by the industries doing the capturing and by interested observers since before 1900.

        One big reason American political economy sucks is the STONE IGNORANCE OF THE 99%. This ignorance is not natural, it is contrived and industriously fostered by … well, you guess.

        • Sherwood Forrest

          They tend to mainstream and normalize criminal behaviors.

    • Sherwood Forrest

      Fragile plastic gas lines are now the norm.
      Also some black pipe leaks are sealed by excavating, then wrapping the crack or hole with plastic sheeting. This bandaid approach is a mass murder time bomb.

  • Rich H

    In San Bernadino County where I live, SC Edison already does Not credit for excess power. It’s kept as an additional revenue source for them.

    I had a scheduled meeting with a sales rep for Solar City (the nation’s largest solar co.). They came to our home, were incredibly unprepared and all they could say was “you’ll save money with solar”. They couldn’t point to how much, what the costs would be, etc…

    You’d think a company that size would at least spend the money to put together a matrix for their reps so they could look up usage, zone, size of installation, etc… to come up with some kind of (semi) accurate number.

    I passed. As it stands now, the cost of the panels, installation, lease, etc…. are too great to provide an actual net saving. Too bad too. I’d rather all new construction in CA (and the rest of the country) be required to have solar roofing. Then the cost would be added into the price of a new home. Hardly a deterrent for new home buyers.

    • Sherwood Forrest

      The legislature provides the uncertainty that keeps big utilities in control.
      Without reasonable regulation solarizing is a uphill fight.

  • yanquetino

    What is most unconscionable is that utilities continue to disseminate their petrolganda that solar homeowners are “freeloaders,” knowingly fully well that the claim is a barefaced lie. We all pay for as much of a utility’s infrastructure as we actually use, just like with any other consumer product. Those who would like to see a concrete example of the verifiable facts are welcome to peruse this slideshow with data from my own utility and solar array.

    • Sherwood Forrest

      Solar panels are welfare (the dole) for big utilities.

  • Silverado

    In a perfect world with a working economy the power company’s will sell all the power they can currently produce to their industrial and commercial customers. There will be little for growing residential power needs. So if residential customers can’t get enough power from BIG electricity where do you suppose that’s going to come from?? Yes, roof mounted solar panels WILL power residential America (after all that’s how they do it in Germany for example because they can’t or won’t build any more power plants) but I can hear your feeble brain getting ready to say something idiotic like…oh they’ll just keep building power plants so the scenario I describe can never happen. And I’ll say…oh really?? And in who’s backyard will those be going into?? OK for the ones that are catching on – the ones with solar panels already?? THERE’S a wave of the future and soon you’ll be joined by a majority of those not only seeking alternatives to the unsustainable status-quo (if you have the brain power to think about this), doing so at favorably declining prices due to technology improvements. The nay-sayers are blowing….smoke on this issue and are again, speaking out of both sides of their mouths thinking sloppily as usual besides being wrong – again…

    • Sherwood Forrest

      In North Carolina our coal ash problem arose from years of denial and secrecy.
      Now the utility claims to be too poor to solve it.
      Meanwhile sludge residue comes out our kitchen taps and showerheads.
      It’s a good thing if no more nuclear generators, coal, natural gas or other fossil fuel plants are ever constructed. It’d be better to have only 6 hours of power a day than to drink poison.

  • Feb 20, 2014 Solar Plant Is Melting Bypassing Birds

    The opening of the world’s largest solar energy plant, located in Nevada, was a thrilling moment for many, but not for the birds that fly over it.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      Lunatic lies, up there with ‘wind-turbines killing birds’ when they are a very minor problem, indeed . Without total decarbonisation most higher life on the planet will perish in the climate destabilisation Holocaust, including birds. By the way, I don’t believe for a second that a Rightwing fanatic like you truly gives a damn what happens to birds.

      • Anti-Science and facts much serf? CO2 makes up .036% of the atmosphere. Tiny, miniscule, practically unnoticeable. Got to be a Religion if you believe it makes the other 99.964% warmer.

        Carbon and LifeIt is hard to overstate the importance of carbon; its unique capacity for forming multiple bonds and chains at low energies makes life as we know it possible, and justifies an entire major branch of chemistry – organic chemistry – dedicated to its compounds. In fact, most of the compounds known to science are carbon compounds, often called organic compounds because it was in the context of biochemistry that they were first studied in depth.

        What makes carbon so special is that every carbon atom is eager to bond with as many as four other atoms. This makes it possible for long chains and rings to be formed out of them, together with other atoms – almost always hydrogen, often oxygen, sometimes nitrogen, sulfur or halides. The study of these is the basis of organic chemistry; the compounds carbon forms with metals are generally considered inorganic. Chains and rings are fundamental to the way carbon-based life forms – that is, all known life-forms – build themselves.

        • mulga mumblebrain

          Laughable, but extreme, demonstration of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. No doubt copying and pasting, more or less, from some denialist sewer, but in total contradiction to ALL the Academies of Science on the planet, and centuries of science. It’s the preposterous arrogance to imagine oneself smarter than all the scientific community that always bemuses, unless you’ve encountered Rightwing Authoritarian libertarian psychopaths before.

          • Avoid taking on the facts with more BLAH, Blah, Blah!!

          • Sherwood Forrest

            Chanting makes it true according to Oprah Winfrey.
            But she still can’t keep the weight off.

      • Sherwood Forrest

        Rightwing fanatics need a little pedestal where they can experience turbine blades close up.

  • Dezember 6, 2014 German Renewable Energy Keeps Blacking Out! Supply Often Less Than 2% Of Wintertime Demand

    Renewable energy expert Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, who forcefully conveyed the folly of Germany’s mad rush into renewable energy, and the country’s hysterical obsession with its suicidal fast-track shutdown of its stable base-electric-power generation.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      I always wonder if you’re type of life-hating obsessive has any children, and if so why you are so fanatically determined to destroy their lives by rendering the planet unfit for their existence. And if you have none, why do you hate other people’s children so much.

      • I have always wondered where your type live like in an underground bunker. Allot of chatter and ZERO research articles from you a government troll and bureaucrat! GOT EVIDENCE and research? You have shown me NOTHING but childish behavior. Get out of your mommas basement much?

        • mulga mumblebrain

          You appear to be some sort of ‘libertarian’, with a good understanding of some things, but hopelessly deluded over renewable energy. Let’s start with the basics-do you agree that human survival depends on as rapid a complete decarbonisation as is humanly possible-or not?

          • Sherwood Forrest

            You are correct that dispersed sustainable energy production supports the best libertarian ideals. These propagandists cherrypick libertarianism to support a Neocon agenda. I’m a born communist myself who is moving gradually into anarchism so they seem archaic to me.

  • If I Wanted America To Fail, ‘It is all about energy’

    • mulga mumblebrain

      You’re quite insane, I suppose you know. To destroy the very biospheres that sustain your existence is the ultimate evil, the sin for which there is no forgiveness-that against Life itself.

    • drooghead

      That’s a weird video you posted here. Especially the bit about the free market uplifting the poor. In academia here the US is held up as an example of how the so called free market is killing the US and the planet. Yet you believe this guff. Have you had yourself checked by a doctor recently?

      • mulga mumblebrain

        The libertarian cornutopians are the dumbest, most malignant, imbeciles that Homo destructans has yet produced. They have every attribute of the psychopath, but the ‘charm’ seen in some examples.

        • Sherwood Forrest

          They ain’t no screenplay treatment material.
          Thanks for tending the fire at night while we American dissidents sleep.

      • Sherwood Forrest

        Damn, the troll self-deleted. I wanted to see the weird video.
        See you on Truthdig drooghead.

  • June 22, 2014 Shut down costly slush fund: Opposing view Export-Import Bank’s actions are nothing more than market-distorting subsidies

    What do Solyndra, Enron and Mexican drug cartels have in common?

    The answer may come as a surprise to most Americans. It’s a little-known agency called the Export-Import Bank, a government-sponsored slush fund that gives taxpayer-backed loans and loan guarantees to foreign entities to buy U.S. exports. Solyndra, Enron and even Mexican drug cartels have benefited from these wasteful subsidies.

  • sock puppet inquiry

    the horde of blather here — what proportion are sock puppets?

  • June 24, 2014 The Scandal Of Fiddled Global Warming Data

    When future generations try to understand how the world got carried away around the end of the 20th century by the panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare by the fiddling of official temperature data.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      Lies but an infamous denialist sewer. Who, apart from fellow Rightwing psychotics, are you trying to impress? Were your parents pathological liars too, or did you learn it elsewhere?

      • I belong to neither plantation!

        • mulga mumblebrain

          That’s what you think. Auto-brainwashing is the most effective.

  • Nov 5, 2015 MELTDOWN MYTH: Antarctic ice growing is just the first ‘EVIDENCE’ global warming is ‘NOT REAL’

    Antarctica is growing not shrinking, the latest satellite records show. You might think this would be great news for all those scientists who have been warning us over the last few years about the impending horrors of “man-made global warming” but in fact they are not happy about it, not one bit.

    • mulga mumblebrain

      The growth of Antarctic sea ice has been explained, and proves the anthropogenic climate destabilisation theory. So are you too stupid to understand the explanation, ignorant of it, or just a mendacious disinformationist? Or some combination of those Rightwing ‘virtues’.

      • Nassim7

        When there is less ice – it is global warming. When there is more ice – it is still global warming. Give us a break!

        • mulga mumblebrain

          Just because you are too stupid, ignorant and arrogant to understand the science doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. I know that your laughably overblown ego says so, but that’s just lunacy. Arctic sea ice is increasing in extent precisely because the ice that matters, the land ice, is melting at an accelerating rate, sending a gigantic amount of fresh water into the surrounding seas that floats on top of the saltier sea-water and is more amenable to freezing. Indeed last year the melting of West Antarctic ice was declared ‘irreversible’ by real scientists, not jumped-up Rightwing psychopaths. The Antarctic Peninsula ice is melting faster than anywhere else, as temperatures in that region have grown even more than the global average, both in the atmosphere and sea. Hence a number of ice-sheets have collapsed in recent years, leaving the way free for the glaciers to flow to the sea. So please, take your genocidal pig ignorance and shove it.

      • Nassim7

        When there is less ice – it is global warming. When there is more ice – it is still global warming. Give us a break!

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