Context for Paris Terror Attack: U.S. and Its Allies C-R-E-A-T-E-D ISIS

We are horrified by the terror attack in Paris, and send our prayers and good wishes to the French people (we were just there on a wonderful family vacation).

Here’s the context that we dare the Western press to discuss: the U.S. and its allies CREATED ISIS. And see this.

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  • mulga mumblebrain

    Be prepared for this tragic atrocity to be turned into an excuse to attack Syria, to remove Assad. The hypocrisy required represents no problem for the MSM sewer-none whatsoever.

    • Emblematic

      Exactly. Expect the calls for “boots on the ground” to begin immediately.

      Whoever was ultimately behind the Paris attacks, we know how it will be exploited. It will be used to justify invading Syria. An invasion to push out Russia, depose Assad and break up the country just as Iraq and Libya have been broken up.

      We know the people who armed ISIS have no depth to their immorality. There’s no reason to think it beyond them to have been involved somehow in these Paris attacks.

      • awb22

        I haven’t heard any calls of the sort. I expect this is a time for reflection on what are our values. My government doesn’t represent me, any more than yours does you.

        The enemy is ignorance, and ultimately, satan. Blaming the western powers and saudis for the attack in Paris is ludicrous, even if they armed them and pay there salaries. Yes, there’s a global push for totalitarian control, but these actors represent useful idiots, insomuch as the devil will surely destroy them the same as he would destroy all of us, were it within his power. There is no argument outside of this context which doesn’t become distorted in it’s perspective. Failure to recognize who is the enemy will ultimately lead to ruin.

        • mulga mumblebrain

          ‘…even if they armed them and pay there(sic) salaries’?? You lost me there.

  • Globus Pallidus XI

    Well and succinctly put. Two points though:

    1. Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state orchestrated the destruction of Libya and the arming of jihadists across the area (when she could take time away from selling out the national interest for cash laundered through her husband’s speaking fees). And we say that Hillary is a ‘serious candidate’, and it’s Trump that is a buffoon?

    2. It is nonetheless true that, where you have Wahhabist muslims, you have violence and misery. 9/11 in this country, the subway attacks in England, Mumbai… Saudi Arabia-funded Wahhabism is a system where men treat their women like slaves and their children like cattle. They have more children than they can support, so their exploding populations create horrible poverty. Then you have all these angry and unemployed young men, they can’t flirt with women, they can’t go to the pub and have a beer with their friends, they can only go to the mosque and listen to someone preach hatred of jews, christians, hindus, women, and more moderate sects of islam, and that the surest way to get into heaven is to kill infidels… You could not create a more explosive social mix if you tried.

    Certainly ISIS was created in the United States. But the entire Wahhabist movement comes from Saudi Arabia…

    • mulga mumblebrain

      Both Wahhabism and the Saud Mafia family were founded by doenmeh, or crypto-Jews, former followers (and their descendants)of the false Messiah Sabbatai Zevi. So were Mustapha Kemal and many of the ‘Young Turks’.

  • Bill Shevick

    Thousands of U.S. Goyim killing thousands of Russian Goyim in Syria.

    Less hateful Ayran Goyim is a good thing.

  • Drifter12

    Bait and switch: Starts out on a promising note of telling the truth about the Obama administration’s documented involvement in creating ISIS and quickly devolves into actual left-wing talking points and imponderable junk. The MSM could not have done this better… A waste of time.

  • Of course WE are horrified too, but,

    I think I would have had a different word for French people by this time, IF I don’t remember the fact that some French comedian offended Japanese atomic bombs victims few years ago.
    IF I don’t remember that the offense was something that French people feel nothing wrong with.
    Unfortunately, I DO REMEMBER that.

    They should accuse the perpetrator who killed numerous, innocent Japanese civilians by atomic bombs, or conventional air raid FIRST, IF French people really need me to give them a word ordinary for this time tragedy.

    Of course each French victim might have owed no direct responsibility to compensate with his/her flesh and blood for, like each atomic bombs victim had not.
    Unless French people really understand THAT, a word that I can give them is just,

    “Be prudent, find someone who’s got benefit most by this terro, don’t lose your sanity, don’t be like Americans”.

  • Rehmat

    On Saturday, French Jewish president Francois Hollande in a nationwide address blamed ISIS for carrying out the terrorist attack in Paris Jewish neighborhood of Saint Denis that killed 127 people with 300 other hospitalized. He declared 3-day of national mourning, and said that Paris is put under military control.

    “It was an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army (ISIS) against France,” Hollande claimed.

    Roger Cukierman, the president of France’s powerful Jewish Lobby CRIF confirmed on Friday after the attack that no Jewish institutions was attacked by the terrorists and no Jew was among the victims (reported by JTA, November 13). However, he said that the private Jewish protection militia (JDL) has been put on alert.

    Cukierman forgot to tell JTA that the Bataclan theatre which was attacked on Friday was owned by two Jews, Pascal and Joel Laloux, for nearly 40 years. They sold it in September 2015.

    The Jewish controlled media has claimed that the attack was in response to French airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria since September 2015. The airstrikes were never meant to destroy ISIS but to counter anti-ISIS military campaign be the Syrian forces and Hizbullah fighters. The French operation was cancelled the day Russians started bombing ISIS military targets in Syria.

    Blaming ISIS for the recent attack is nothing but to divert public attention from Israeli terrorism in France. ISIS Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was born into a French Jewish family. His real name is Simon Elliot and he received terrorist training from Israeli Mossad. In June 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu declared ISIS being kosher.

    French Jewish historian, Emmanuel Todd, in his recent book, Who is Charlie? has claimed that January 2015 terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo office and Jewish grocery market in Paris were an inside job to demonize Muslims and Islam.

    Former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Robert has called the Friday Paris attack another false flag operation like the Boston Marathon Bombing to demonize Muslims and Islam.

    On November 13, Jim Stone, American investigative journalist wrote: “Try to follow my logic, please. OK, so the Russia kick ISIS butt in Syria, and ISIS, in response attacks France. Now, even if one makes the point that Muslims are not very bright, trust me, they’re not that stupid. Why would ISIS attack France, when their worry is Russia? URF. That was a half burp half vomit contained. Anyway I just do not see the logic here. And lots of people do not see the logic. Israel kidnaps hundreds of children from Palestine. Children that would work GREAT in an ISIS video, if Israel really did want to stage something real. Why not? Why settle for CPR dolls when you are soulless anyway and might as well just use a couple hundred real children and really get the job done? SITE intelligence group (Rita Katz) is Mossad. Anyone with a lick of sense knows all of ISIS is CIA/Mossad. So if ISIS really did do this terror attack in France, what is stopping the Jewish community, which has absolutely nothing against killing non Jews, from doing a real event in France? Why scream Allahu Akbar? Muslims would not do that during an attack, but GOSH does it work for the idiot feed. Just fill that trough up with rotten droppings and watch the idiots suck it down. Anyway, whatever this was I am sure it was fun for someone and seriously doubt that “someone” has any sort of dent or mark on the forehead.”