What Did the MH-17 Report Find?

I’m too busy to write up the findings of the Dutch Commission into MH-17 right now, but the following three articles will give you the big picture:

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  • Poovizhi arasan

    Fact of the matter is that the Dutch report implies (does not say so ) that if it was a BUK missile, it was fired by Russian or Russian backed separatists. It ignores the fact, that BUK missiles are also part of the military inventory of the erstwhile Warsaw pact countries and the USSR states. Therefore the report’s conclusions clearly appear preconceived. That is the conclusions were already decided and the report was written to support that conclusion ! There was this Reuter’s report that said that it was Russian missile. That kind of reportage, as Mr. Craig Roberts refers to is Presstitute journalism (and now internationally accepted for dishonest journalism), A investigation that does not look at all evidences possible is clearly doctored.

  • slorter

    It has been 15 months and blame was apportioned to Russia almost before the tragedy occurred. This report was produced by a Dutch statutory body who’s head is a former counter terrorism in the Netherlands, he worked for and still in many ways works for the Dutch Secret Service. The reflections however are on why the Ukrainians did not close the air space as an Antonov plane was shot down on the 14th July. One of the things that keeps worrying me is motive and according to assessments at the time the rebels had no motive for shooting down a civilian aircraft and at the time were being bombed by aircraft travelling at a few hundred feet, in that scenario, and I’m not saying that is what happened, you could understand a commercial aircraft being accidentally shot down. 160 civilian aircraft flew over that area that day of which a very large number were Russian. Now the Ukrainian may have thought, these planes are Russian and therefore open for attack over our territory (possibility) which could provide a motive. Why was a veto of secrecy signed by Ukraine, Belgium Holland and Australia on the 8th of August 2014. There has been no satellite imagery, which I find amazing due to the geopolitical nature of the area. The imagery over Syria has been crystal clear, the ones over Ukraine grainy and blurry, they can do it in one battle field but not in another; this was one of the busiest corridors in Europe and the Imagery was not available. Ukraine has also finally admitted that they did have Buk missiles in the area and the fact that the Russian manufacturer’s evidence has not been considered in relation to trajectory and angle has not been explained. Whenever there is a crisis they look to the so called enemy to blame them first in 2005 they tried to blame the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister on the Syrians, then they didn’t know. In this disaster we do not know a crime has been committed yet, until an investigation takes place. If in the next few months the criminal investigation takes place that the rebels shot down the plane and Russia supplied the Buks, we could assume that evidence is available, but what if their is silence and people shrug their shoulders and say that we don’t no who did it, then one could look back at the Ukrainians with more suspicion!

  • Ian56

    MH17: The Evidence in the DSB Report DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS the DSB’s Conclusions http://ian56.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-truth-about-mh17-is-beginning-to.html


    That the Western Powers, including NATO, have in their possession the satellite imagery, technical data and radar signatures which categorically locates exactly where in the eastern Ukraine the missile was fired from which took down MH17. The unique signatures, in particular, also identify the precise type of missile.


    Jul 18, 2014 Exclusive VICE News Footage of MH17 Aftermath

    July 17, 2014, a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet carrying 298 people was shot down over eastern Ukraine — allegedly by pro-Russia separatists. Residents in the area described bodies falling from the sky and landing in their own backyards.


  • Robert Barsocchini

    For anything resembling an unbiased investigation, we would need an investigation from a Western ally, which is what the Dutch investigation is, and an investigation from a non-Western ally, say Bolivia, and then to balance the two reports equally. It is absurd and embarrassing to think a report from a Western ally alone would be reliable. Would be like, in 1980, letting Soviet-allied Lithuania investigate a crime in which the East and West are both possible perps, and then calling it all good and accepting the result.

    And of course the other major point is the US/West don’t care about shooting down civilian airliners. Otherwise the US people who shot down Iran civilian flight would have been reprimanded, not given medals, as they were. Plenty of similar cases. US/West only care about propaganda value against non-subordinate groups. Don’t care about victims.