Video and Audio of Pilots Who Bombed Hospital

There is video and audio. It exists. The Pentagon says it’s critically important. Congress has asked for it and been refused. WikiLeaks is offering $50,000 to the next brave soul willing to be punished for a good deed in the manner of Chelsea Manning, Thomas Drake, Edward Snowden, and so many others. You can petition the White House to hand it over here.

The entire world thinks the U.S. military intentionally attacked a hospital because it considered some of the patients enemies, didn’t give a damn about the others, and has zero respect for the rule of law in the course of waging an illegal war. Even Congress members think this. All the Pentagon would have to do to exonerate itself would be to hand over the audio and video of the pilots talking with each other and with their co-conspirators on the ground during the commission of the crime — that is, if there is something exculpatory on the tapes, such as, “Hey, John, you’re sure they evacuated all the patients last week, right?”

All Congress would have to do to settle the matter would be to take the following steps one-at-a-time until one of them succeeds: publicly demand the recordings; send a subpoena for the recordings and the appearance of the Secretary of “Defense” from any committee or subcommittee in either house; exercise the long dormant power of inherent contempt by locking up said Secretary until he complies; open impeachment hearings against both the same Secretary and his Commander in Chief; impeach them; try them; convict them. A serious threat of this series of steps would make most or all of the steps unnecessary.

Since the Pentagon won’t act and Congress won’t act and the President won’t act (except by apologizing for having attacked a location containing white people with access to means of communication), and since we have numerous similar past incidents to base our analysis on, we are left to assume that it is highly unlikely that the hidden recordings include any exculpatory comments, but more likely conversation resembling that recorded in the collateral murder video (“Well it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle.”)

There isn’t actually any question that the U.S. military intentionally targeted what it knew to be a hospital. The only mystery is really how colorful, blood-thirsty, and racist the language was in the cockpit. Left in the dark, we will tend to assume the worst, since past revelations have usually measured up to that standard.

For those of you working to compel police officers in the United States to wear body cameras, it’s worth noting that the U.S. military already has them. The planes record their acts of murder. Even the unmanned planes, the drones, record video of their victims before, during, and after murdering them. These videos are not turned over to any grand juries or legislators or the people of the “democracy” for which so many people and places are being blown into little bits.

Law professors that measure up to the standards of Congressional hearings on kill lists never seem to ask for the videos; they always ask for the legal memos that make the drone murders around the world part of a war and therefore acceptable. Because in wars, they imply, all is fair. Doctors Without Borders, on the other hand, declares that even in wars there are rules. Actually, in life there are rules, and one of them is that war is a crime. It’s a crime under the U.N. Charter and under the Kellogg-Briand Pact, and when one mass-murder out of millions makes the news, we ought to seize that opportunity to draw attention, outrage, and criminal prosecution to all the others.

I don’t want the video and audio recordings of the hospital bombing. I want the video and audio recordings of every bombing of the past 14 years. I want Youtube and Facebook and Twitter full, not just of racist cops murdering black men for walking or chewing gum, but also of racist pilots (and drone “pilots”) murdering dark-skinned men, women, and children for living in the wrong countries. Exposing that material would be a healing act beyond national prejudice and truly worthy of honoring Doctors Without Borders.

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  • Carl_Herman

    Awesome point, David; thank you. Until our demands are legally enforced with arrests, we’ll continue to be dictated to, rather than live under a constitutional republic.

    This hospital bombing is an excellent case study of the whole illegal war.

  • SausageAway

    Hand the audio and video tape over immediately. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear – right?

  • jadan

    Email delivered. One wishes the evil bastards will at least loose a little sleep.

  • Jake

    your research should look further. doctors without borders publicly opposes the trans pacific partnership, the biggest raping by secret treaty most countries will ever know squared and then some. it takes one’s sovereignty and wipes its arse with it.

    they are public about it, and quite credible voices. they are doctors for a good cause and can easily gain an audience that could impact the most lucrative gift our one world govt could provide to its coffers.

    this is why they were bombed.

    their focal point of the deal, a particular part mostly, put massive monopolistic drug pricing in the bullseye, but of course once people start snooping people find way…way, way worse. wikileaks just published another secret section of it.

    the “tpp” is about literal slavery, and acquiescing in every way to massive multinational corps, i.e. our “handlers”, our rulers.

    it still amazes me that what walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and craps like a duck still isnt called a duck. this includes from “alternative news” sites. simply put, most human minds cannot get where they need to go, to a place of such heinous acts as to melt their circuits…..thus they can only see meaningless nonsense strewn about for distraction, or worse yet just turn their head away and wait for the trains.

  • ralph27

    The Rothschilds are white, right? So when the International Bankster Crime Syndicate(Mafia) aka RKM (Rothschild Khazar Mafia) pulls the strings of War, Mass Murder, Genocide, Destruction. etc. do the “White People” get the Blame ? Of Course. That’s the way they play us. What fools we have all become.