Trey Gowdy = Draco Malfoy

Congressman Trey Gowdy is actually young wizard Draco Malfoy … all grown up:

Our inside sources tell us that Professor Snape is keeping a keen eye on Congressman Gowdy’s activities in Congress …

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  • kimyo

    if you really wanna go there……

    rita skeeter = eric zuesse
    sirius black = edward snowden
    gilderoy lockhart = brian williams
    sibel trelawny = paul krugman
    dolores umbridge = hillary clinton
    vernon dursley = donald trump
    dudley dursley/peter pettigrew = rudolph guiliani
    victor krum = vladimir putin
    ‘mad-eye’ moody = ron paul

    dr who = jeremy corbyn
    daleks/moriarty = monsanto
    arnold rimmer = bernanke/yellen

    it could almost be livable if there were an actual tonks / hagrid / longbottom / clara / lister on the scene. sadly, it’s just red/blue twats a-plenty.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    You can tell he can barely contain himself having to mingle with muggles.