Taliban Stronger Than At Any Time Since 2001

May Even Be More Widespread Than BEFORE the War STARTED

The Afghanistan War is by far the longest war in American history. It’s been going on for 14 years … as long as the Civil War (4 years,), WW1 (4 years) and WW2 (6 years) COMBINED.

The Afghanistan and Iraq wars were also the most expensive wars in American history.

And yet – as the New York Times reports – the Taliban are as widespread and strong now as they were before we launched the war:

The Taliban insurgency has spread through more of Afghanistan than at any point since 2001, according to data compiled by the United Nations as well as interviews with numerous local officials in areas under threat.


The United Nations data suggests that the tempo of the insurgency has increased in many parts of the country where there had been little Taliban presence in the past, including some areas in the north with scant Pashtun populations.


“We have had fighting in 13 provinces of Afghanistan over the past six months, simultaneously,” President Ashraf Ghani said this month in response to criticism after the fall of Kunduz.


In all, 27 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces had some districts where the threat level was rated high or extreme.

Indeed, the strength of the Taliban may conceivably now be even higher than in 2001. Specifically, the Times notes:

The data [was] compiled in early September — even before the latest surge in violence in northern Afghanistan ….

And way back in 2012, Spiegel noted, that the Taliban was “stronger than EVER.”

So why did we launch the Afghanistan war?

After all, the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden.

There might have been other reasons

Postscript: It’s not just Afghanistan … recent U.S. wars have not gone well.

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  • Shalashaska
  • Rehmat

    The ‘Jew York Times’, as an Israeli propagandist, wants the US-NATO forces to stay in Afghanistan forever – because that would be good for Israel.

    There is more to Afghanistan’s occupation than meet the eyes. Under Reza Shah dynasty, Iran played the transit role for opium produced in Afghanistan, India and some part of Iran and Turkey. The drug smugglers were under the protection of Shah’s Mossad-CIA trained special force, SWAK. In early 1980s, Imam Khomeini banned the cultivation of poppy and drug in Iran. Later-on USSR occupied Afghanistan and the conbined result was that drug barrons, working for the Jewish-controlled world drug empire – had to shift their capital and infrastructure to Israel and Afghanistan’s Helmand Province – which is currently controlled by British troops – has made them the best protection drug-money can buy – with an impressive 57% of the total annual opium production countrywide. But it was not the only reason why Washington needed to replace religious leadership of Mullah Omar with a pro-US secularist ruler in Kabul. The openly touted Caspian Sea oil exploitation was also to benefit Israel to a great extent. Alexander Machkevitch, born and raised in Kyrgyzstan. He is a very close friend of country’s dictator Nursultan Nazarbyev and member of many Jewish lobby groups working for Israel’s interests in Central Asia and Africa. He owns the lion-share of oil industry in the country. Machkevitch is reported to be worth US$5 billion – making him the richest Israeli-citizen outside Israel – ignoring the fact that Bernard Madoff stashed most of his US$50 billion loot in Israeli banks.

    • Oh Goodie

      What a tangled web we weave.

  • Michael Daush

    Dont you get it, we don’t have military there to fight the Taliban. we are there to protect our heroin drug dealing.
    Just like in Syria, we are not there to stop ISIS, ISIS is the ruse for us to be there to try to control the oil in the Middle East!
    It’s all a big game and a big lie!

  • snowyriver

    When will people understand that Obama is practicing lying to all of us infidels when it promotes Islam.

    • Joe Downey

      Fact is the Former Appointed President started the War in Afghanistan in response to the Taliban allowing OBL and Al Queda as a training base. Then the Mental Midget decided to attack Iraq over a LIE. Problem with American Policy is that it is Handled by amateurs who’s biggest Accomplishment is being a Friend to the President. We lost Afghanistan the day we decided to attack Iraq which was not involved with 9/11

      • Cav66

        Fact: The war on terror was started by terrorists attacking the United States. This is a fact generally ignored by left-wing idiots, but does have a great bearing on US actions after Islamic terrorists murdered over 3,000 American in one day. The war in Afghanistan was essentially over when BO took office (US victory), with the Taliban contained and Afghan government forces in control of most of the country. BO, and his pathetic administration’s mismanagement of the war from that point have led to a Taliban resurgence and the current pathetic state of affairs (much like everything else liberals attempt to manage). The same can be said of the war in Iraq. BO’s rush to failure in leaving that country before the conditions were set for the Iraqi government to secure the peace probably cements his legacy as the worst president in American history.

        • Joe Downey

          We started the war on Terror in Afghanistan then the former President Dropped the Ball to settle a Family feud by attacking Iraq who had nothing to do with 9/11. We acted as a poster child for the Taliban. Watch a movie called Taxi Ride from Hell. you can get it at Netflix. We the US paid for our Afghan allies to turn over Taliban for a Reward. That back fired and the Taliban became stronger. Pre invasion or pre 9/11/2001 the Taliban banned the growing of Poppies, now the force the farmers to grow it, as a revenue source for the Taliban the British in their sector will pay the farmers when the destroy the fields and give them a note to give to the Local Taliban. The US does not and to pay the Taliban the farmers do things that brings them shame. Concerning Iraq the troops were leaving because the Iraqi want a Force agreement where crimes committed by Americans would be tried in their Courts. That was in response to the Mercenary Blackwater and the firing up of a Baghdad street.