One Story Shows Just How Insane U.S. Drone Policy Is

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that U.S. drone policy is insane.

But one story told by the main drone whistleblowing reporter – Jeremy Scahill – shows just how insane it really is.

Specifically, Scahill explained today that Americans target TALL people in Afghanistan and other countries … assuming that tall men must be Arabs or “foreign fighters.”

In one instance, the U.S. targeted for drone assassination a man who they thought was unusually tall.  In reality, he was a normal-size man … who happened to be surrounded by children.

The U.S. killed the man and all of the children (other than perhaps a single survivor):

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  • colinjames71

    Mucho stupido. So besides that, what- the policy is simply… look for someone to murder? Someone- anyone- who maybe possibly conceivably just MIGHT be a terrorist? Targeted via “intelligence” which is loosely based on the six degrees of separation game. And because it’s Tuesday, hey, the drone is up there already right? Don’t wanna fly back to base empty handed- as in still carrying a Hellfire (!!) missile and not having killed a single soul. Or blown up a wedding. Or taken out a children’s gathering because the adult was mistaken for one o’ them tall arab type folks. Arab = terrorist, voila! Missile away! Yeah, there’s your precise, ethical, targeted assassination for ya. The kind only HRW could love.

  • Time after time and again, the humanitarian and civil rights defying global war on terror will not and simply cannot end until such time when the citizens from all nations involved stand united and demand nothing less than to simply charge their politicians with war crimes.

    What has become of the great global policeman if Nuremberg principles don’t apply anymore?

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Whoo, actually got a little sick to my stomach from that one.

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