The Importance of the Official 9/11 Myth

People sometimes wonder why is it important to investigate the alleged hijackers and others officially accused of committing the 9/11 crimes. After all, the accused 19 hijackers could not have accomplished most of what happened. The answer is that the official accounts are important because they are part of the crimes. Identifying and examining the people who created the official 9/11 myth helps to reveal the ones who were responsible overall.

The people who actually committed the crimes of September 11th didn’t intend to just hijack planes and take down the buildings—they intended to blame others. To accomplish that plan the real criminals needed to create a false account of what happened and undoubtedly that need was considered well in advance. In this light, the official reports can be seen to provide a link between the “blaming others” part of the crimes and the physical parts.

bremerPushing the concept of “Islamic Terrorism” was the beginning of the effort to blame others, although the exact 9/11 plan might not have been worked out at the time. This concept was largely a conversion of the existing Soviet threat, which by 1989 was rapidly losing its ability to frighten the public, into something that would serve more current policy needs. Paul Bremer and Brian Jenkins were at the forefront of this conversion of the Soviet threat into the threat of Islamic terrorism. Both Bremer and Jenkins were also intimately connected to the events at the World Trade Center.

The concerted effort to propagandize about Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden (OBL) seems to have begun in earnest in 1998. That’s when the African embassy bombings were attributed to OBL and the as-yet unreported group called Al Qaeda. The U.S. government responded with bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan and, with help from the New York Times, began to drum up an intense myth about the new enemy.

“This is, unfortunately, the war of the future,” Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said. “The Osama bin Laden organization has basically declared war on Americans and has made very clear that these are all Americans, anywhere.”

In retrospect, it is surprising that this was the first reference to Al Qaeda in the New York Times, coming only three years before 9/11. More surprising is that The Washington Post did not report on Al Qaeda until June 1999, and its reporting was highly speculative about the power behind this new threat.

“But for all its claims about a worldwide conspiracy to murder Americans, the government’s case is, at present, largely circumstantial. The indictment never explains how bin Laden runs al Qaeda or how he may have masterminded the embassy bombings.”

Despite this skepticism from The Post, the reports about Al Qaeda continued in an odd mixture of propaganda and doubt. For example, The Times reported on the trial of the men accused of the African embassy attacks in May 2001. That article contradicted itself saying that “prosecutors never introduced evidence directly showing that Mr. bin Laden ordered the embassy attacks” and yet that a “former advisor” to Bin Laden, one Ali Mohamed, claimed that Bin Laden “pointed to where a truck could go as a suicide bomber.” The fact that Mohamed had worked for the U.S. Army, the FBI, and the CIA was not mentioned.

Other facts were ignored as well. That OBL had worked with the CIA and that Al Qaeda was basically a creation of CIA programs like Operation Cyclone were realities that began to fade into the background. By the time 9/11 happened, those facts were apparently forgotten by a majority of U.S. leaders and media sources. Also overlooked were the histories of people like Frank Carlucci and Richard Armitage, who played major roles in Operation Cyclone and who remained powerful players at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

In the two years before 9/11, the alleged hijackers were very active within the United States. They traveled extensively and often seemed to be making an effort to be noticed. When they were not trying to be noticed, they engaged in distinctly non-Muslim behavior. Mohamed Atta’s actions were erratic, in ways that were similar to those of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Atta appeared to be protected by U.S. authorities.

Meanwhile, leading U.S. terrorism experts seemed to be facilitating Al Qaeda terrorism. Evidence suggests that U.S. intelligence agency leaders Louis Freeh and George Tenet facilitated and covered-up acts of terrorism in the years before 9/11. Both of their agencies, the CIA and FBI, later took extraordinary measures to hide evidence related to the 9/11 attacks. And both agencies have made a mockery of the trial of those officially accused of helping OBL and the alleged hijackers.

Counter-terrorism leader Richard Clarke inexplicably helped OBL stay out of trouble, protecting him on at least two occasions. Clarke blatantly failed to follow-up on known Al Qaeda cells operating within the United States. After 9/11, Clarke was among those who falsely pointed to Abu Zubaydah as a top leader of Al Qaeda. Zubaydah’s torture testimony was then used as the basis for the 9/11 Commission Report.

Former CIA operative Porter Goss created the first official account of what happened on 9/11, along with his mentor Bob Graham. This was the report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry, produced by the intelligence oversight committees of the U.S. Congress. It was greatly influenced by people who should have been prime suspects. For example, Richard Clarke was the one in charge of the secure video conference at the White House that failed miserably to connect leaders and respond to the attacks. In the Joint Inquiry’s report, Clarke was cited as an authoritative reference 46 times. CIA director George Tenet was cited 77 times, and Louis Freeh was cited 31 times.

Therefore it is imperative that the people who worked to create the background story behind OBL and the accused hijackers be investigated for their roles in the 9/11 crimes. This includes not only those who were figureheads behind the official reports, but more importantly the ones who provided the evidence and testimony upon which those reports were built. The alleged hijackers and their associates should also be of considerable interest to 9/11 investigators. That’s because what we know about them was provided by people who we can assume were connected to the crimes and what we don’t yet know about them can reveal more of the truth.

Kevin Ryan blogs at Dig Within.

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  • andrew1212

    “Joint Congressional Inquiry” Oooooh–that sounds impressive…so impressive that Dick Cheney asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle to limit the inquiry to matters concerning intelligence.
    Q; Why would they want to LIMIT any investigation into 9/11? that sounds counter-productive!!!

    A: Because by limiting the 9/11 JCI to “intelligence” it was that much easier to control information–everything was classified (so the Serfs of America couldn’t see anything)…After handling the JCI, Porter Goss eventually was rewarded by being promoted to take George Tenet’s place…

    The Official 9/11 Commission Report was largely based on the JCI information–some of the same intelligence officers/agents were used on the staff of both investigations…The 9/11 Commission also had their offices in a CIA-managed building (see Philip Shenon’s book “The Commission)…

    But yeah, I’m sure the 9/11 Commission was an “independent” investigation. I’m sure the CIA spying on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence during the Torture Report investigation was just a one-time thing, right?!!!

    • Sarastro92

      There are large chasms between the 9/11 Inquiry and the complete coverup of the 9/11 Commission. One example is the flagrant role Saudi Intelligence and the Royals played in staffing and financing the hijackers.

  • “Meanwhile, leading U.S. terrorism experts seemed to be facilitating Al Qaeda terrorism. Evidence suggests that U.S. intelligence agency leaders —>>> Louis Freeh <<>> …and you know there was a cover-up for the Penn St./Sandusky pedophile ring, because guess who the head of the investigation was called in to be: none other that cover-up artist LOUIS FREEH. Funny how these same guys get recycled around for cover-ups, much like Henry Kissinger.

    And you won’t be hearing much from him anymore: 911->Penn St-> car crash:

    April 24, 2015 Former FBI head Louis B. Freeh, seen in July 2012 in Philadelphia, nearly died after severing an artery in a leg during a car crash last year in Vermont, officials disclosed for the first time Friday

    COMMENTEMAILMOREBURLINGTON, Vt. — Former FBI Director Louis Freeh would have died within 60 seconds of sustaining a severed artery in a car crash eight months ago in Vermont if not for the life-saving actions of emergency crews, officials revealed Friday.

  • Statism Is A Cult

    The Visa Express Program was apparently intentional also. It is certain that there was a plan to commit the crime and then quickly get them out.

    Below is how the Saudi’s came and how they left.

    Here is the insertion method.

    Here is the extraction method.

  • You simply could not have the police state today in America without all the ‘FEAR’ Mongering of the Washington D.C. single war party!

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    • andy

      It seems that the Controlled Demolition Cult will fall for anything,even another fraud trotted out by the discredited,weaselly dim bulb from Brooklyn,Luke Rinkydinkski.
      This guy Dent appears to have been coached by the Loose Change crew,working with their debunked amateur hour internet misinfo fest.He probably has a beef with the FDNY or is simply disinfo.
      Funny,every other FDNY man interviewed about Building 7 says the exact opposite to this charlatan.Building 7 obviously came down from impacts and fires.It slow;y weakened over the 6 hours after # 1 smashed into it and set it ablaze.
      Only addled cultists will give this guy legs and judging by the dying gasps of the 9/11 truth movement,nobody will even hear about this liar.

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  • Sarastro92

    For once Ryan isn’t babbling about the explosions someone planted in the WTC.

    But here he attacks the 9/11 Inquiry… that would be the report that details the CIA’s advance knowledge of hijackers entering the US 18 months before 9/11 and the CIA’s aggressive actions to conceal from law-enforcement and counter-intelligence knowledge of the the alQaeda cell as well as Saudi funding and support for 9/11. The Inquiry also documents much of the FBI protection racket that they ran for multiple al Qaeda cells.

    Does this mean Ryan denies the US intelligence agency role in organizing and running the 9/1q terror spectacle? Then why is he trying so hard to discredit the 9/11 Inquiry?

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  • One of the surviving videos actually captured the sound of the explosives.

    Unedited video of ‘WTC-7 collapse’ reveals sound of explosion as collapse starts at Penthouse at the 12 second mark

    • andy

      Yea,right.More like extraneous noise picked up by the camera.

  • Brabantian

    Italy’s former President Francesco Cossiga, leading brave 9-11 truth-teller: