New Undercover Footage from Tyson Factory

From RT: Members of the group Mercy For Animals went undercover at a Tyson plant and captured footage of day-to-day operations.

Arkansas-based Tyson is the largest meat producer in the world.

Approximately 150 billion animals are killed each year by the meat, egg, and dairy industries.

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  • MrLiberty

    I became a vegetarian as a result of many religious readings (eastern/Buddhist, etc.) and then started receiving all sorts of mail from various wonderful groups like PETA, the Farm Animal Reform Movement, Animal Sanctuary, Physicians for Responsible Medicine and others (as a result of a subscription to Vegetarian Times). I have seen it all, now have a much better appreciation for the horrors, the massive environmental impact of factory farming and animal consumption and simply don’t need to see another similar piece. Live near a chicken factory farm, pig farm, or dairy feed lot. Smell the odor. See the runoff in the streets during heavy rains (as I did living near Chino, CA and driving along Edison road day and night). It will definitely change your opinions about meat.

    If everyone would simply cut back 20%, only purchase organic, grass fed, free range, etc. meats the production demands on the animal industry would fall away and conditions like these would not be necessary to fulfill needs or deliver profits. These conditions are the result of American’s needs for meat at every meal, meat as the largest item on the plate, etc. This focus has not only harmed the environment, but also our own health. Consider an alternative to your current dietary demands.

  • Dina Strange

    One reason i refuse to believe in human God, that no God would create species that treat their animal brothers and sisters, the way humans treat them. Its absolutely despicable. I stopped eating meat the minute i found out how that meat is derived. No meat is worth the pain and suffering those animals go through and their slave like existing prior to being callously horribly murdered. Thank you for featuring this on your post.