Leaked Report: US-Backed Pinochet Dictatorship had High-Level Ties to Child-Torturing Ex-Nazi’s Fortified Cult

There’s a headline for you.  Yet the terms come from a Yahoo News report, which seems to be fairly well buried, as it only has one comment.  And, crucially, the report makes no mention whatsoever of the US support that brought Pinochet into power and kept him propped up for almost two decades.


But it does say that an ex-Nazi, Paul Schaefer, founded a German outpost in Chile called Colonia Dignidad, which was built up into a fortified, sub-state like entity, and that he ran it as a “cult”, “lord[ing] over [it] with sadistic brutality” and using the enclave for “sexually abusing and torturing children” and others.

The colony consisted of 32,000 acres, and was home to “300 refugees from Nazi Germany and their descendants.”



According to the leaked report, there was “a close relationship between Colonia Dignidad’s leaders and high-ranking figures” in the US-backed Pinochet dictatorship.

The close relationship between the US and Pinochet, which goes unmentioned in Yahoo’s coverage, is so well known that even CIA-edited Wikipedia provides an adequate summary, with a separate section on the 1973 coup, which brought Pinochet to power, titled “US Involvement“.  The US began working against the mild leftist Allende movement in Chile in 1958, and on 9/11/1973 played a crucial role in overthrowing Allende, who had been elected president, and installing the fascist Pinochet military dictatorship, which went on to kill and/or torture tens of thousands.

The US stated internally at the time that “[t]he U.S. has no vital national interests within Chile… The world military balance of power would not be significantly altered by an Allende government.”

But Allende, a medical doctor, was “trying to deliver food, health care, and education to the poor”, giving free milk to children, “advocat[ing] income redistribution to the poor, expand[ing] trade with the Soviet Bloc, and, most worrisome, nationaliz[ing] Chile’s powerful mining corporations.”

As Bob Harris puts it, “Wall Street was about to lose a few bucks”, so the game was on, and the first 9/11, a US terrorist operation to install a totalitarian state harsh enough to ally with Nazi child-torturers, was imminent, even if, as Yahoo and many in the US might prefer, unmentionable.

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  • goingnowherefast

    I watched an old movie last weekend called “The German Doctor” about Dr. Mengele hiding out in Argentina. He continued to perform experiments on children and pregnant women while there. He was about to be caught when he managed to escape. He continued to hide out in Latin America for another 30 years. He drowned in Brazil. I”d like to think someone finally got to him.

    It is nauseating how the US coddled Nazis and their copycats south of the border for so long. The US is a fascist nation despite all the rhetoric to the contrary. We are still overthrowing democratically elected governments for fascist corporations. The corporate media helps to keep it under wraps. Elites are a crime syndicate.

    • You are spot on, and this will show where the power is located!

      Which Corporations Control the World?

      A surprisingly small number of corporations control massive global market shares. How many of the brands below do you use? It’s a Small World at the Top, the largest banks hold a total of $25.1 trillion enough to fund the federal U.S. government for over 7 years or roughly $3500 per person on earth.


      • goingnowherefast

        Good graphic. Too many think fascism was defeated in WWll. It was just quietly transferred to the US. We now have a monopolized global economy that is threatening life on this miraculous little planet.

        How to wake the masses from their bright and shiny things induced trance is the task at hand and we’re running out of time.

        • Well, government schools have indoctrinated everybody into walking drones with no reasoning or research capabilities and team sports as an added bonus of the people! Distractions are as old as time when Royals had Court Jesters!

    • history, so it doesn’t repeat

      Take a close look at peter levendas visit to the colony.
      It’s a small but startling piece of a puzzle laid out by Dave emory and Peter levendas in an earthshattering interview seriea(10 installments) based on levendas groundbreaking book the Hitler legacy. Facism dead? It was tactical retreat of monumental consequences of which we are subject to up until this day and age.

  • Here was an unpublished event that occurs, and back in 2013 and I am sure it is held every year to date!

    Sep 24, 2013 40th anniversary of the fascist coup in —Made in the USA 11 September 2013

    Today is the fortieth anniversary of the fascist coup in Chile on 11 September 1973, when the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende was overthrown in a coup that was planned, organised and directed from Washington. The fascist coup resulted in more than 3,000 dead, 30,000 tortured, tens of thousands held in concentration camps, thousands driven into exile around the world, and political parties and trade unions banned. Chile became an experimental ground for neo-liberal economic polices imposed by the “Chicago Boys,” led by Milton Friedman—economic polices that have subsequently been imposed throughout Latin America.