Has This Scientist Figured Out How to Save the Bees?

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  • dante

    After you’re done saving the bee’s(which is a good thing), maybe you could then sign this and save some children from the crushing indifference of the fda and medical complex:

    Apply for Accelerated Access of ISIS-SMNrx for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

    Given that SMA is an unmet medical need, we, The Fast Movement
    Organization (TheFastMovement.org), are petitioning ISIS Pharmaceuticals
    to apply with the FDA for Accelerated Access of ISIS-SMNrx. This
    allows those (babies, children, and adults) living with SMA treatment
    sooner than later. By signing this petition you are standing behind The
    Fast Movement and the SMA community for a chance at a better life
    sooner, and are helping push ISIS-Pharmaceuticals to ask the FDA for
    Accelerated Access for all people living with SMA.

    Time is not on SMA’s side. Someone living with SMA shouldn’t have to
    wait any longer for treatment that is already changing the lives of
    those currently in trials.


    • Stevie

      ya know it is not an either or thing. People CAN do two things at the same time.

  • jadan

    Wonderful! Stamets is among those few shining lights who will save us from extinction. There is hope while such men live!