Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

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  • tom

    Starts out well enough. But it gets out of hand with the idea that having lots of friends is the only “healthy” way, and any other interest is “unhealthy bonding”. Take someone who actively chooses to stay home (or in the lab) programming, writing, studying, etc. Is that an unhealthy form of bonding? Or is it just introversion coupled with a desire to accomplish something?

    • Diogenes Shrugged

      I don’t think the video was intended to pass judgement on people, so “healthy” and “unhealthy” have absolutely nothing at all to do with the nature of addiction. Addictions are a consequence, and possibly a red flag, but a natural compensation. Nobody is so “healthy” or “Simon pure” that they wouldn’t resort to addiction under the right circumstances. People do indeed get addicted to lab work, programming, writing, and studying, just like they get addicted to their smart phones. Nowhere in the video was any condemnation offered for these behaviors, and in fact, just the opposite was the case.

      • Pretty Pixy

        Why should addicts behaviour be condemned! Many addicts are honest, law abiding people who just have an addiction! Most addictions (well over 50%) are to medically prescribed drugs, so their Dr is their dealer!! Where is the condemnation of that!

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Also interesting in light of something else WB has pointed out, a CNN article stating the US has more drug use than any other country, despite drug laws more strict than many countries.

  • Pretty Pixy

    This has been total ripped from a Ted talk! Bit of blatant plagiarism, even if you have altered it into a cartoon it doesn’t excuse it!