Congresswoman and Member of the House Armed Services Committee Tells the Truth About Syria

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  • jadan

    We need more like her!

  • jo6pac

    Thanks for posting this

  • nomadfiles

    unbelieveable!!! a congresscritter with sense!!!

  • Charlie Primero

    LOL. “It’s a very simple concept. You can’t defeat your enemies by giving them weapons”.

    I can’t believe ((Zev Blitzer)) let this woman say that on his Israeli television show.

    • David James Vickery

      Is that his real Israeli name “Zev” ?

    • franciscoalmeida_br

      he seemed interested in her …

  • CJOD

    This DEMOCRAT has a BRAIN.. she can think speak and determine the proper channels to follow.. Why is she a Dem she would make a great Republican

    • nomadfiles

      how could she be a republican? as you say ‘she has a brain’

      • franciscoalmeida_br

        crooks and liars take cover under a political skin, be it Dem or Rep.
        But they are still a wolf under a lamb’s skin …

        • nomadfiles

          which is not to say that dems in general have brains. congress is awash in brainlessness. its just that the least likely place to find a brain is among republicans.

          • franciscoalmeida_br

            with due respect , I think :

            they both (D+R) just pretend to be brainless , while being cunning sly foxes , preying on us all to find MORE ways to steal our money , and our son’s lives in stupid wars for profit.

          • nomadfiles

            You’re probably right. They’re not stupid. They’re evil.

  • Jay

    You know, what fascinates me about this exchange is that as an establishmentarian mouthpiece–and a junior member of the establishment–CNN appears to be hedging their bets about this Syria policy. May-beee it is unwise to train, fund, and provide weapons, aid, and comfort to ISIS and al Qaeda. But note well their final exchange. It’s like the producers of the show, on deep oppo research, have discovered the total non sequitur that the congresswoman recently took a blow to the head in a surfing accident, perhaps explaining her position that we shouldn’t spend billions to build up an enemy that will take billions of profit to our Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex to destroy.

    Still and all, she is an extraordinarily clear-headed and articulate person who has complete mastery of this subject (How on earth did they let her on air ?!?!?). I’d like to see more of her–and people like her–in a national and policy-making setting.

  • steffenc

    As soon as Russia came into the scene, and told Israel (Al Nusra = Al Qaeda supporter) to back off for real this time, we have been given this chatter on US media.

    This would have never happened if Israel was not given essentially an ultimatum by Russia (who is bombing ISIS), either you help al Qaeda and put yourself in a position where you are our enemy on the battlefield, or you realise your failed “regime change” policies in Syria, and do a 180, or at least stay in your corner.

    The sentiment of the media in the US, always reflects Israel’s sentiment.

    • franciscoalmeida_br

      great assessment , thanks.

  • ahuxley

    Wow, did I just see and hear what I just saw and heard on CNN…?
    Was that actually Blowhard Blitzer allowing an honest politician speak the truth…?
    Or did I just wake up in an alternate universe…?