Youtube Escalates Censorship

Eric Zuesse

America’s best and most reliable video ducumentarian of war-crimes and of lies by the U.S. Government is now being hit by a new Youtube policy of blocking income to, or even obliterating, videos that Youtube determines to be about “Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if grahic imagery [unsuitable for children] is not shown.” (That’s from the statement by Youtube.)

He asserts that, “This change is essentially an attack on independent journalists who cannot afford the video and sponsorship infrastructure used by the corporate media.”

He says that a “contact within Google [which owns Youtube]” has “checked into this for us,” and received from higher-ups the explanation that, regarding “the issue of your videos being de-monetized, your hunch about the video topics being war related is correct. According to our advertising policy, we do not run ads on certain types [i.e., on this  type] of content. …If you’d like to create advertising friendly content or need help with your channel, please let us know.”

His response to that is, “I’m not going to be silent about war-crimes just to avoid financial difficulties.”

However, “This latest move by Youtube comes at a very bad time for my family. For the last several months, we’ve been investing all of our time and resources in setting up a [inaudible] education center in a developing country in a very rural location,” and he is now tapped-out. “All of our savings went into getting that project started.” “Right now, we aren’t making enough money to cover food and rent, and our rent is only $700 a month.”

So, he reluctantly has decided, “We’re not going to hit the ‘Monetize’ button on this channel” (called Storm Clouds Gathering), “ever again.” He explains: “Money is being used as a weapon, so it doesn’t make any sense to hand them bullets.”

Therefore, he is “putting the future of this project in your hands” — the hands of the hundreds of thousands of people who use his site. His implication is that either he and his family will now survive on donations for the work they are doing to produce and post new videos and to keep the current ones up, or else he’ll have to abandon the project.

Google/Youtube isn’t telling him that they’le cut him off, only that — for a reason they refuse to state (other than that, “the issue of your videos being de-monetized, your hunch about the video topics being war related is correct. According to our advertising policy, we do not run ads on certain types [i.e., on this  type] of content”) — they won’t allow advertisers on it.

In other words: advertisers who have books, bumper-stickers, or anything else they want to sell to his large and rapidly growing audience, will no longer be allowed to advertise there. His former sole source of income — those advertisers — has been cut off.

This incredibly brilliant and uncorruptible person — and, for proof of that, I refer you to this, for example, and to this, and this, all of those being about Ukraine; or else to this on Syria; as examples of the type of work that he has been pumping out entirely on his own, which have contained insights that led the way, things that he figured out before anyone else did, and which have been foundational for me and for many other  of the best investigators who post to the Web — he either will stop, or else will be audience-supported in order to be able to continue this work.

What Google is doing here is to squeeze-out a major resource for not only many of the most intelligent news-consumers, but for the independent journalists who have found him to be the first person to make the clinching case that exposes government lies as being lies. He is, arguably, the best investigative journalist working today. And he refuses to buckle to the mega-corporate agenda in international affairs. He is brilliant enough to be a growing threat to the manipulators of public opinion; and, so, they are now clamping down upon him.

The Executive Chairman of Google is Eric Schmidt, who, as wikipedia notes, “is a member of the Bilderberg Group and attended the Bilderberg conference in 2011,[86] 2012 and 2013.[87] He also has a listed membership with the Trilateral Commission.[8]” In my article, “How and Why the U.S. Has Re-Started the Cold War (The Backstory that Precipitated Ukraine’s Civil War),” I also documented that he attended the 2014 Bilderberg meeting, which was largely consumed with the Ukraine war and all the rest of the aftermath of Washington’s Ukrainian coup which in February 2014 installed a rabidly anti-Russian government right on Russia’s border, in Ukraine. I also listed there many other top executives and former government officials, such as David Petraeus and Richard Perle, who likewise attended in all of those years.

The individual who has been and is Storm Clouds Gathering, has now become a sufficient threat to their plans, so that the top member from Google (a company upon which he relies) is doing the joint work of all of them, by making difficult if not impossible for Aaron Hawkins to continue his work for the public — his work which threatens the collective goals of all of them against the public.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • colinjames71

    Soon as I find a link to donate I’ll past it here, please do same if you beat me to it, or E.Z. , Please update this piece w/ a link to donate thanks

    • mothwhoflysbackwards

      Click the link: “will be audience-supported in order to continue this work”. It will take you to donations page.

    • Here they go colinjames71


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      • colinjames71

        Awesome I was just about to post the donate link. Did me one better. Funny thing is they probably just got way more money from this situation than they would have for their next six videos had Ghoulgol just let them be. Speculation, yes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m right or not far from it. Also they just got a ton of free publicity and new subscribers as this story is being run all over independent media.

  • diogenes

    Plainly the internet needs an independent channel. Or two or three. How hard is that? Does YouTube have a monopoly?

    • colinjames71

      I would imagine it takes a ton of servers to host all those channels and run all those hi-def videos. There’s other sites like Vimeo that a few people who boycotted YouTube use and promote, but none that have the ease of use and quality. Also helps YouTube to have the app, I do almost everything on my phone; so anything that uses flash is out, and watching videos thru a mobile browser is mostly frustrating. That was a long winded way of saying yes, they have a monopoly. Of sorts.

    • AtomicMetroid

      The same way we need our own TV channels. Time to break that zio grip.

  • gamesjon

    I got that email from StormCloudsGathering as well and I wonder whether this was more google’s call or the U.S. governments. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was google so don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to absolve Google if it was them. But, I could also see the government viewing this setup in a way like by allowing videos about these topics to get money for views as though Google was funding propaganda of “the enemy” or some b.s. and threatening legal action. I have no reason to believe that this was indeed done, but it was just something that crossed my mind.

  • Sep 23, 2015 StormCloudsGathering is Under Attack – Major Changes Coming

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    Robotics companies FUNDED BY the Department Of Defense and the latest one Google bought designs robotics FOR the Department Of Defense. Google is buying up all of these big military robotics companies. GOOGLE HAS JOINED THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

    • AtomicMetroid

      What shall they do when people issue arrest warrants for them?

      • Jimmy Young

        Have robots of war defend them.

        • AtomicMetroid

          Robots can easily be destroyed….

  • Dec 21, 2013 Creator of Creepy DARPA Robots Questioned On Military Funding & Google Purchase

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  • 02.10.15 Darpa Is Developing a Search Engine for the Dark Web

    A new search engine being developed by Darpa aims to shine a light on the dark web and uncover patterns and relationships in online data to help law enforcement and others track illegal activity. The project, dubbed Memex, has been in the works for a year and is being developed by 17 different contractor teams who are working with the military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Google and Bing, with search results influenced by popularity and ranking, are only able to capture approximately five percent of the internet. The goal of Memex is to build a better map of more internet content.

    • BillClinton

      The US seems to be very good at doing all things cyber except hacking. The internet was created in the United States. I find it amazing that the US is weak on cyber attacks and is always the victim of Chinese or Russian hacking. You’d think that they would be very good at defending against cyber attacks or even perpetrating them. The US would never attack itself.

      • Tuaca1107

        And lets not forget how long it took them to capture, I think it is seven (7) extremely dangerous criminals from prisons. In fact I believe they have not captured or killed any of these guys. Ohhh yea they said they did, however we have not seen any evidence of capture or death.

  • mark

    better expect GooGle and FaceBook to start putting all such info on page 333, well out of view,…

  • youtube sucks

    first i won’t use the term ” youtube”, it is google that is doing youtube to death, google is the evil one, they run and own youtube, and i will say this, youtube under google is the worst and most sinister , but then what can one expect from a zionist jew owed company

    • AtomicMetroid

      How are jews in control of everything? It is bizarre. It is something that needs to be talked about openly. and some jewish supremacist need not say: “because we are educated and smarter…blah blah supremacist horsesh*t”.

      • Tom Lowe

        “How are jews in control of everything?” Via insular racism, nepotism, blackmail and legal chicanery using a vast army of racial supremacist attorneys. And a lot of outright lying.

  • AtomicMetroid

    What this means is:
    The jewish supremacists cannot allow any more critique or talk about the truth. Unless, of course, it is them attacking someone else. It is time to create a video play land for all; Where freedom of speech is welcomed.

    • Gregory Michalski

      funny you can spot a bigot so easily these days.

      • AtomicMetroid

        You wanna see a bigot?? Read the Torah or Talmud. It’s very clear who the racist bigots are, indeed. Oh but I know I know!!! You’re all “atheists” amirite

        • DonDKitty

          Atomic: You are so right. To THEM , THEY are the only ones who are not “bigots”.
          They use their money and powers of authority they have usurped and commandeered through nepotism and stealth to ATTACK everyone but themselves.

        • Gregory Michalski

          Jews are majority atheist you dipshit. Its not just whats written in the old book but mainly whats being practiced.

          • AtomicMetroid

            Oh of course they are!!! hue hue hue
            Who crowned Jesus the king of the jews?
            calling me a name means )))I((( win.

  • well, i just found the reason i havent been able to post comments on youtube anymore, they suspended my account for making inflammatory comments regarding our corrupt government and its psychopathic policies. they just removed my ability to comment. i thought i was trippin, or had some problem with my browser, nope, simply silenced me, no warning, no explanation. i was and am shocked. they could at least have told me i would not be able to comment anymore. i know, this is a small matter, however the implications are shocking.

    • ter ber

      Yup. I have been warned by Google. My youtube account suspended for 2 weeks. I now have to be very careful. 3 strikes your out. They are watching us. Sometimes my comments get taken away, only to return later. Or never. This is really weird and scary. And much worse then the book 1984.

      • Tom Lowe

        I found one of the bad guys. His userid on Disgust is Charlie Chaplin Jaroslaw, where he is nothing but a rank troll, which you can prove by visiting his page on Disgust. His real name is Jaroslaw Grabowski, and he is an attorney in Vevey (Geneva) Switzerland. There–now you’ve got something you can get a handle on. We’ll see if this Disgust post disappears ….

        • Kelly Hamilton

          Charlie Chaplin Jaroslaw! Ugh! You are right — what an ignorant troll. All I did was express minor skepticism about a, moronic conspiracy site and was banned for life, as if I cared one iota.

    • Tom Lowe

      Had the same happen to me on RT and Veterans Today. Turns out someone(s) above them in the internet structure has been monkeying around with the internet login structure and they had to re-do their login and I had to re-register at RT. At VT, the Yahoo login button was disabled by someone(s) from outside their system for several weeks. Whenever I post using Disgust, regardless where it is posted, my posts often disappear or never show up at all. There is a war on and a vast sea of cyber criminals acting under color of authority or under corporatism and are on the loose committing millions of crimes against internet users.

      • Utes Rock

        Hello Tom. Thanks for the info. This Jarostaw moderator just banned me and deleted five days worth of my comments. All of which were originally approved. Apparently he is a LGBT advocate who’s views reapectectfully do not agree with mine so he shut me down and sent me a taunting screenshot. He is evil!

        • Mike Hoffman

          Asshole just got me too but, he screwed with the wrong person. If you get more info on him, feed it to me. I will talk to him directly very soon I hope. Hate pricks like this asshole.

          • Utes Rock

            Mike. Hello. What ever happened with your Jarostaw situation? Did you get it figured out? I am still blocked.

  • Whaler31

    Google/YouTube did this to our channel as well, which they admitted to us in e-mails that “any video they deemed “sensitive” would be cut off of all ad revenue” (without any notice)

    Many other channel partners of YouTube have had the same thing done to them. It is all part of their new “truth algorithm” program, in which Google decides for the WORLD public what is “true” and “untrue”

    Our channel, as well as other channel partners we know, had a 50-80% ad revenue drop month over month by this new Google policy.

    Google/YouTube is censoring information they don’t like, by hitting content creators in the wallet.

    Google/YouTube needs to be brought down by the Federal Trade Commission for their tyrannical monopoly, but that will not happen with Google visiting the White House almost weekly during the entire Obama regime.

    Welcome to Goo World Order!

  • Bobby

    They all reach a point where their phony “ideals” are found to be built on sand and they demonstrate that they don’t believe in individual freedom at all, not free speech or any other kind. LOL. the .Phonies.

  • A. Lorza

    I am trying to understand why my comments regarding the conduct of the U.S Government and Israel AIPAC was removed within a minute of posting my comment. All PACS should be abolished and specially those that with a foreign country. How Israel receives our foreign aid and buys our entire congress is CRIMINAL!!! It is a disgrace and shows what I call the cause of the American Holocaust; as a former US Air Force enlisted (1970-74) I am appalled at the degree of TREASON that has been committed by so many politicians and foreign agents. YouTube censorship!