U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons in Germany Against Russia

Eric Zuesse

Germany’s ZDF public television network headlines on Tuesday September 22nd, “New U.S. Atomic Weapons to Be Stationed in Germany,” and reports that the U.S. will bring into Germany 20 new nuclear bombs, each being four times the destructive power of the one that was used on Hiroshima. Hans Kristensen, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, says, “With the new bombs the boundaries blur between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.”

A former Parliamentary State Secretary in Germany’s Defense Ministry, Willy Wimmer, of Chancellor Merkel’s own conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, warns that these “new attack options against Russia” constitute “a conscious provocation of our Russian neighbors.”

German Economic News also reports on Chancellor Merkel’s decision to allow these terror-weapons against Russia: “The Bundestag decided in 2009, expressing the will of most Germans, that the US should withdraw its nuclear weapons from Germany. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel did nothing.” And now she okays the U.S. to increase America’s German-based nuclear arsenal against Russia.

Maria Zakharova, of the Russian Foreign Ministry, says: “This is an infringement of Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons,” which is the treaty that provides non-nuclear states the assurance that the existing nuclear powers will not try to use their nuclear status so as to take over the world.

German Economic News says: “The federal government had demanded the exact opposite: The Bundestag decided in March 2010 by a large majority, that the federal government should ‘press for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany.’ Even the coalition agreement between the CDU and FDP, the German government in 2009 had promised the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Büchel. But instead there will be these new bombs.”


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Michael Meyer

    I LOVE Maria Zakharova !
    she the best of the best!What a breath if fresh air.Honest,direct,straight to the point of international law that is being violated by the United States of America AND ALL OF US U.S.CITIZENS !Should we all stand and cheer and celebrate OUR DIRECT SUPPORT FOR STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM?I consider this woman to be a Saint AND a fire breathing preacher when she simply states;
    “This is an infringement of Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons,” which is the treaty that provides non-nuclear states the assurance that the existing nuclear powers will not try to use their nuclear status so as to take over the world.
    Thank you Eric Zuesse for your KEY essay reports and information Dissemination
    of facts regarding what is taking place on the ground and your honest analysis for us all to educate ourselves with.
    You are a GREAT man.
    Sincerely,Michael Meyer

    • Michael Meyer

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel should be removed from office as soon as possible!

      Is there a political process whereby she may be recalled or impeached ?
      It is of great importance for the citizens of the U.S.A. to politically organize to FINALLY Close the U.S. Military Bases in Germany and bring the troops home
      to raise families and engage in business and live life in PEACE !

      • Birgit

        The Bundestag can overthrow the Federal Chancellor and with him the whole Federal Government, i.e. the Bundestag has to elect by a majority of its members a successor at the same time (Article 67 of the Basic Law, so-called constructive vote of no confidence).

        There have only been two previous attempts to bring down the Chancellor, only one of which succeeded, namely in 1982 when a vote of no confidence was passed against the Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (Social Democrats).

        Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer (Green Party) made it very clear, though, that majorities may shift a bit and there may be another coalition, but German policy will not change. “There is too much at stake and all concerned parties know this”, he said.

        • Michael Meyer

          Thank you Birgit.

    • It appears that the US has signed and ratified that agreement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_parties_to_the_Treaty_on_the_Non-Proliferation_of_Nuclear_Weapons

      The trouble with the US is that they carry on as if they’re exceptional.

      The permanent state of war ensures the political survival for a certain group of people, namely all those associated with the MIC and the deep state.

      Times of peace spell hunger for war mongers.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        TALK for to Talk ! The Root CAUSE , Dates back to the Time , When CHINA Started to build it’s “GREAT WALL” , Excluding the Hordes of the “WOLFE TRIBE” , and forcing “THEM” Westwards ! After the RUSSIAN VICTORY over “THEIR KHAZARIAN EMPIRE” ; “THEY” CONQUERED , via EUROPE England and Started “Their BRITISH EMPIRE” ! The “City of London” still is the CENTER of “THEIR ROYALS” , by the Germanized Name of “ROTHSCHILD” ! THEIR KHAGAN (Great CHAN) Today ASSEMBLES His VASSALS , to SUBDUE the Last “BASTIONS of HUMANITY” — “RUSSIA & CHINA” !!!

  • Silverado

    It’s not a new nuclear weapon in Germany problem as much as it’s another criminal war mongering neocon gang problem here back in America. All we have to do is to get rid of the neocon gang and all these other problems will cease to exist. Listening to these war drum beating criminals (did you hear what Dick (head) Cheney had to say the other day? Unbelievably, he’s ready for more war!!) with their new fangled nuke toys and there’s a better chance we won’t exist. Thinking in those terms, I vote we prosecute and jail the biggest threat to not only freedom & liberty in this country but maybe even life on this planet itself – the criminal war mongering neocons, the scourge of America and planet earth…

    • Michael Meyer

      I second your motion Silverado!
      Do I have a third vote for the Resolution
      to DETAIN DICK CHENEY for indefinite interrogation?
      This website presented a video clip of him years ago[desert storm?]
      in which he stated how stupid it would be for the U.S.A.
      to invade,occupy and destabilize Iraq and assassinate the only
      head of state who proved capable of managing
      society well[or at least better than US TROOPS].
      Please share with me your insights on what happened to him…
      why did he change his mind so completely on this matter
      between the first and the second illegal Invasion
      of the sovereign nation of Iraq?
      What happened to Dick Cheney’s MIND?
      Was he hypnotized,bribed or made ill?
      Did he get brain salad surgery,or an ALIEN visitation
      during one of his many
      medical operations for heart attacks????

    • betsty

      If this is simply neocon then explain Merkel.

      • Silverado

        She’s like Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of Washington state and even though I’m aware of their political hijinks THEY ARE ALL UNEXPLAINABLE and they ARE neocons. Neocons come from both sides of the proverbial isle. They are commonly assumed to come from the right wing but at least here in this country any politico who supports this never ending military adventurism paid for by BIG govts enablers like the Fed and occuring all over the globe IS a neocon in the strict sense of the word. And in my opinion as soon as we can…control them and get them OUT of nat’l politics, all this other…garbage can be dealt with by someone else like the European Union who live next door to this American led disaster and subsequent problem. And if it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves that’s THEIR problem – lock, stock & barrel period. It’s time to quit worrying, spying on and manipulating the world and concentrate on our own country and getting it in order. And if that means getting rid and controlling all these pathetic neocon war mongers, the sooner we get started the sooner we can end their ongoing reign of worldwide terror. And it IS as simple as that…

  • Brockland A.T.

    This is part of America’s Prompt Global Strike (PGS) doctrine, which is essentially aggressive war. Its
    been in the works for years.


    In fact, a massive first strike was planned against the Soviet Union.


    Naturally, in order to disable Russian counterstrike capacity, the hundreds if not thousands of missiles, conventional and nuclear, would poison the survivors with fallout.



    Given the consequences, its mostly just hollow bluffing; NATO is hoping to repeat the success of Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ initiative and bankrupt Russia with military overspending.

  • Here we go again, the invite provocation and encouragement for another arms race will suit oligarchs on both sides of the fence.

    The old batch of nuclear weapons was reaching its use by date anyway, the GWOT conveniently provided the pretext for the massive funding required for upgrading such an arsenal.

    They call it an emergency upgrade, the trillion dollar price tag ought to set alarm bells ringing (1 000 000 000 000) some shareholders are going to make some serious profits out of this.

    To give you an idea, a million dollars in one hundred dollar bills will fit neatly into a hand bag and no know would know, now follow the link and see what a trillion dollars would look like.


    Now you understand!

  • Tonino

    The IsraHell/USSA axis of Evil will write the last chapter of the ongoing WW3 soon.
    Have fun sheeple!

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Your Words , in “GOD’S EARS” !!!

    • Israel is allied with Putin. Exports fruits to Russia after it cut off EU b/c of their sanctions. Putin just visited Putin to hear his strategy in Syria. Israel refused to enter into sanctions against Russia as the west sanctioned.

      Take responsibility for your own govt.

  • Why am I not surprised that the US plans. This is continuation of politics by forcing the situation on the brink of a foul – a policy which has the US administration has been for many years. We all remember the unilateral US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and the promise not to expand NATO.
    I do not understand one thing – why politicians in Germany this wonder – they are in the structure of NATO and the need to obey orders of the command.

    Почему то я не удивляюсь планам США. Это продолжение политики нагнетания обстановки на грани фола – такая политика ведется администрацией США уже на протяжении многих лет. Мы все помним односторонний выход США из договора ПРО и обещание не расширять НАТО.
    Я не понимаю одного – почему политики в германии этому удивляются – они в структуре НАТО и должны исполнять приказы командования.

    • Hassan Nasir

      I don’t think there is even any chance of full scale conventional war b/w Russia and US – let alone Nuclear war because both counties know that even in conventional war, they will be going to have significant MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction.

      May sane heads prevail…

      From Karachi, Pakistan.

      • Yes, all so they say – but it is not so confident. If we recall how the First World War – then as no one believed that they are one step away from disaster.
        One thing I can definitely say – all actively arming …

        RF, Siberia.

        Да все так сейчас говорят – но уже не так уверенно. Если мы вспомним как начиналась первая мировая война – тогда так же никто не верил что они в одном шаге от катастрофы.
        Одно могу сказать определенно – все активно вооружаются…

        РФ, Сибирь.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        As long as Americans do not Recognize , that They are Incapacitated by “City of London” – BANKSTERS , it’s futile to talk Strategic OUTCOME of a possible AGGRESSION !!!

  • Quest
  • The
    reasons for the migration of the crisis, one of which, in particular,
    is the conflict in Syria, can be overcome only in cooperation with
    Russia and the United States. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    “We can only with the United States, if I think about Syria – only
    together with Russia – to fight the causes of migration”, – said Merkel
    reporters in Berlin on Tuesday.

    Oh, it’s you, Frau? You have a fever and discomfort in the abdomen?
    What do you mean – for that Russia needs to urgently tighten sanctions?

    To be honest, we in Russia do not always understand the logic of your politicians. To put it mildly. Although…

    Причины миграционного кризиса, одной из которых, в частности, является конфликт в Сирии, можно будет преодолеть только в сотрудничестве с Россией и США. Об этом заявила канцлер Германии Ангела Меркель.

    «Мы сможем только вместе с США, если я думаю о Сирии – только вместе с Россией – бороться с причинами миграции», – сказала Меркель журналистам в Берлине во вторник.

    Ой, что это с вами фрау? У вас жар и недомогание в области живота?
    Ну что вы – для этого России нужно срочно ужесточить санкции?

    Если честно мы в России уже не всегда понимаем логику ваших политиков. Мягко говоря. Хотя…

  • Anyone Home?

    WTF? Do they not realize that this will lead to nuclear war! Someone, anyone– help! We’ve got mad men on the loose everywhere, and they have nukes!

    • I keep telling everyone this. They just undermine me and say: “Ah, just cold war, no big deal’
      What if it IS a big deal and Russia decides to nuke US instead?

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  • Aug 19, 2015 VICE News Meets NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (Excerpt from ‘The Russians Are Coming’)

    In the wake of events in Ukraine, NATO has turned its attention towards countries that border the Russian Federation — attempting to boost its quick-response capabilities in Europe. In September, the alliance agreed to create a 5,000-strong rapid reaction Spearhead Force, which will be capable of deploying across the continent within 48-hours of a military incursion. VICE News joined several thousand NATO troops in western Poland, for the first deployment test of the “Very High Readiness Joint Task Force.”


  • Наш ответ западу – ” Небо славян ” Алиса , Our response to the West – ” the Sky of Slavs ” Alice


    • Aldous Huxley

      Does Russia have any bombs in its arsenals that kill only banksters? that is what we really need.

      • Thank you for your humor :-).
        But these viruses should be destroyed – by teropii chemistry. Bombs for bankers? Although…

        Спасибо за юмор :-).
        Но эти вирусы должны уничтожить – методом химия теропии. Бомбы для банкиров? Хотя…

        • Aldous Huxley

          our jokes got half lost in translation.

          chemotherpy = химиотерапия (teropii chemistry doesn’t translate)

          instead of ‘bankster’ (which is a colloquial combination of banker and gangster) I should have used the word ‘oligarchs’ which translates directly as олигарх and is more pertinent to Russia’s recent experience! 🙂

          • Sorry – you caught me, I’m very bad at understanding English 🙁
            Your Russian is better my english: – /
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dc5f66c632a96e7ab0a65b9012980bbf2ff618f4c072e560dc0b5356d671b465.jpg Chemotherapy – is used for the treatment of cancer – this is just what we need …

            Russian oligarchs – but had this experience, we even have a definition – seven bankers:
            Boris Berezovsky – LOGOVAZ
            Mikhail Khodorkovsky – FAI Group (Menatep)
            Mikhail Fridman – Alfa Group
            Peter Aven – Alfa Group
            Vladimir Gusinsky – The group “Bridge”
            Vladimir Potanin – Uneximbank
            Alexander Smolensky – SBS-Agro (Capital Bank)
            Vladimir Vinogradov – Inkom
            Vitaly Malkin – Russian loan
            of bankers in this article on November 1, 1996 Boris Berezovsky
            interview with Financial Times, where he called the names of the seven
            people who control more than 50% of the Russian economy and share the
            most important decision affecting the internal political decisions in
            Russia. In fact, in the 90th years they ruled Russia – Yeltsin and governed.

            However, as it turned out, you can not buy everyone. And now it’s inglorious history of Russia in the past. Today retained its position only Fridman and Aven Potanin – but they will not have an impact on power.

            Извините – вы меня поймали, я очень плохо понимаю по английски 🙁
            Ваш русский все же лучше моего англиского :- /

            Химиотерапия – используется для лечения раковых опухолей – это как раз то что нам нужно…

            Русские олигархи – да был такой опыт, у нас даже есть такое определение – семибанкирщина:
            Борис Березовский – ЛогоВаз
            Михаил Ходорковский – Роспром Груп (Менатеп)
            Михаил Фридман – Альфа-Групп
            Пётр Авен – Альфа-Групп
            Владимир Гусинский – Группа «Мост»
            Владимир Потанин – Онэксимбанк
            Александр Смоленский – СБС-Агро (Банк Столичный)
            Владимир Виноградов – Инкомбанк
            Виталий Малкин – Российский кредит
            Список банкиров в статье на данное 1 ноября 1996 Борисом Березовским интервью Financial Times, где он назвал имена семи человек, контролирующих более 50 % российской экономики и совместно влияющих на принятие важнейших внутриполитических решений в России. По сути в 90ые годы они правили в России – и управляли Ельциным.

            Однако как выяснилось купить можно не всех. И теперь это бесславная история России в прошлом. Сегодня сохранили своё положение только Фридман, Авен и Потанин – но и они уже не имеют влияние на власть.

          • Aldous Huxley

            America needs to learn from Russia and put out of power our oligarchs: George Soros, Koch Brothers, Lloyd Blankfein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sheldon Adelson, Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Steyer, Paul Singer, and their toady CEO’s: Robert Marcus, Bob Iger, Larry Page, Michael Corbat, Brian Moynihan, James Gorman, Harold Hamm, and many more.

            I am surprised your list does not include Roman Abramovich?

          • Abramovich in those days was Berezovsky errand. Abramovich is politics – he sometimes shake Corman – he helps the state – in the Chukotka has invested a lot of money. Abramovich sits in London – away from politics.

            Do you have the names – that’s 50% success :-).
            I do not know – I think we have different systems. You harder.
            Russian social state – the United States consumer society.
            The US Constitution in 1787 – the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993.

            But still the US is a great country and a great people – everything will be fine.

            Абрамович в те времена был у Березовского на побегушках. Абрамович вне политики – у него иногда вытряхивают корманы – он помогает государству – в Чукотку много денег вложил. Абрамович сидит в Лондоне – подальше от политики.

            У вас есть имена – это уже 50% успеха :-).
            Я не знаю – мне кажется у нас разные системы. Вам труднее.
            Россия социальное государство – США общество потребителей.
            Конституция США 1787 год – конституция РФ 1993 год.

            Но все таки США это великая страна и великий народ – все у вас будет хорошо.

          • Aldous Huxley

            I’m really only guessing based on limited evidence at the names of our oligarchs.

            The US Constitution gets no respect in Washington DC anymore… the Queen of England has far more power than the US Constitution.

            The US has a lot of social welfare dependency and crony capitalism…. we are not that different from Russia’s system any more.

            We are headed down a dark path… civil rights had been eroding for decades…. militarism and overseas interventionism is expanding…. our debts continue to pile up… I wish I had your optimism.

          • berger friedrich-wolfgang

            A. sits in London – away from politics . >>> GOD’S Invisible SPIRIT PRINCIPLES Perceptible MATERIA , AWAY(?) from KOSMOS ???

  • May 22, 2015 A Military ‘Pivot to Asia’

    The US is up in arms over Chinese construction of islands in the South China Sea. US spy planes buzzing the islands are asked to keep away. Meanwhile, the US continues to construct more military bases in the region.


  • MAY 3, 2015 China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence in Antarctica

    HOBART, Tasmania — Few places seem out of reach for China’s leader, Xi Jinping, who has traveled from European capitals to obscure Pacific and Caribbean islands in pursuit of his nation’s strategic interests.


  • IlIllI

    “And now she okays the U.S. to increase America’s German-based nuclear arsenal against Russia.”

    Operative word SHE.

    This is why women shouldn’t be in positions of power, they fuck it up. Ever since the garden of Eden women have been the fall of humanity.

    Facts are facts.

  • Abraham

    Wondering, when a Russian bomber plane or sub is seen on International airspace/waters entire western media cries foul, now an outrageous action like placing 20 nuclear warheads in Europe to provoke Russia is reported by just WaPo ??? Where are the rest of the propagandists????

  • DeSwiss

    Russia may put missiles in Kaliningrad if U.S. upgrades nuclear arms in Germany: Interfax

    Russia may deploy Iskander ballistic missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad if the United States upgrades its nuclear weapons in Germany, the Interfax news agency cited a military source as saying on Wednesday. “A final decision well be taken after detailed analysis of the potential threat,” the agency cited the source as saying. link

    ”We are led by the least among us.” ~Terence McKenna

  • dennis949

    Maybe Merkel is heading for Argentina when she gets out of office and really doesn’t care what happens.I know the US is very likely in the wrong at this point.And has been for at least the last 30 years to be sure.I didn’t care about politics before then. I do understand that we and others are responsible for the troubles in the middle east and elsewhere by trying to set up “puppet goverments” causing millions to flee their homes over the years. And now to be putting so called new nuclear weapons so close to Russia is like asking for trouble.

    But if not for bankers there would be no war, no strife,pollution,GMO,and so many more. all the good and healthy things are not profitable