The New Shackle of Serfdom: Clinging to Healthcare Insurance

One of the more remarkable characteristics of American life is our passive acceptance of systems that are so obviously completely insane. Yes, I refer to our healthcare system, a.k.a. sickcare because in America sickness is profitable and health is not, and healthcare profiteering that would be the envy of pirates and warlords everywhere is the norm.

What warlord wouldn’t jump on the opportunity to jack up the cost of a medication from $13.50 a tablet to $750 overnight, or as the article highlights, jack up the cost of an off-patent med from $1 a pill to $750 a pill in a few years?

This piratical pillaging is not an outlier–it’s the norm in America’s parasitic pharmaceutical industry:

Cycloserine, a drug used to treat dangerous multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, was just increased in price to $10,800 for 30 pills from $500 after its acquisition by Rodelis Therapeutics.

Imagine getting to jack your weekly wage from $500/week to $10,800/week while issuing a laughably lame excuse.

These profiteering prices are not the shackle of serfdom, at least not directly; few pay these prices in cash–insurers pay. And when prices rise, insurers jack their rates up accordingly (plus a bit to cover their costly political lobbying and the profit margins expected of quasi-monopolies).

Healthcare insurance is the new shackle of serfdom: Americans are forced to cling to whatever coverage they have, lest they lose coverage and risk bankruptcy.

Low-income Americans theoretically don’t have to worry, as their medical care is covered by Medicaid. (They only need to find doctors and clinics that accept Medicaid. Good luck with that….)

Retired Americans only have to scrape up the few hundred bucks for Medicare Parts A, B, C, D, and of course E through Z (shall we talk about insane levels of complexity in the system? Perhaps another time…).

Modern capitalism has one necessary dynamic: the mobility of labor and capital.Financial capital is entirely mobile now; a click of a mouse button is all that’s needed to send capital almost anywhere.

What happens to labor mobility when no one dares quit because that would mean losing their medicare coverage? Yes, I can already hear the obvious: the new employer will provide the same coverage.

Oh really? What if the new employer is the worker himself? What if the new employer is too under-funded to afford America’s insanely costly healthcare?

And please don’t offer ObamaCare as the “solution”: in high-cost regions such as the left and right coasts, any household with a moderately middle-class income doesn’t qualify for ObamaCare subsidies.

Please explain the wisdom of shackling employers to employees’ medical insurance, and employees to these employers. You can’t, because there is no wisdom in this insanity. The system is not the result of planning or coherence–it’s simply the result of a jumbled series of historical accidents.

Yet this is the system we cling to. Why? 1) We have no choice or 2) it’s so insanely profitable for those at the top of the heap. Are these good reasons?

Is shackling our workforce to their current employer simply to avoid the risk of not having insurance and not qualifying for subsidies good for the economy? No.

This system makes no sense whatsoever.

There are only one way out of this insanity: break the shackles from employer to employees’ healthcare insurance and from employees to employer.

There are only two ways to break these shackles:

1. Offer everyone universal healthcare coverage via a government agency

2. Go back to a cash-only system. The “Impossible” Healthcare Solution: Go Back to Cash (July 29, 2009)

Guess how many pills the pirate would sell for $750 each if insurers were eliminated and cash payments by patients were the only form of payment: yup, near-zero. The parasitic pirate would either have to drop the price back to $13.50 (or better yet, $1) or go broke and have to sell the rights, or be accosted by those who’d lost loved ones to his rapacious greed.

The shackles of this new serfdom are invisible, but no less destructive for being invisible.

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  • Brockland A.T.

    As much as I prefer solution one, government sponsored health care, the market’s ability to perform price discovery, and the informed consumer’s ability to find value is unmatched.

    Golly geez though, what the heck did the Chinese ever do to you?

    ” People save little to nothing for emergencies because they’ve learned to expect someone, somewhere, to pay for their healthcare. (It’s a “right.” Really? At whose expense? The Chinese who buy our debt?)”

    Its called petrodollar recycling, and America wouldn’t be a superpower without the Chinese, Saudis, and everyone else taking profits priced in $US and buying U.S. securities – that is, U.S. debt.

    • jadan

      “..the market’s ability to perform price discovery, and the informed consumer’s ability to find value is unmatched.”

      This statement should read:

      “…the ability of capital to manipulate markets and set prices, and the consumer’s ability to believe pure bullshit is unmatched.”

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  • diogenes

    Let’s not forget that when these shackles were welded on over 70% of Americans expressed the WILL to see Congress pass a single payer plan. Instead, the boughten, hireling, prostituted, corrupt, oligarch-ruled Congress that pretends to represent Americans but in fact represents the 0.1% predatory oligarchs of Wall St., decided that it was far more important to weld on these shackles and keep the cash flow (disguised as health insurance) coming to the Wall Street casinos where the big scum can have big fun playing Slavery Monopoly.


    In their frantic bid to check the ongoing collapse of industrial civilization, which is very much on the card and a reality, the promoters of the so-called industrial society is devising various salvaging measures, ala ‘bail out’ of banking/financial sectors from meltdown. The following are just some of the visible steps that act as shackles of serfdom to the industrial society:
    • Baits that render people as VICTIMS OF TRAINING: Providing highly subsidised student loans for creating wage-slaves who are left with no option other than becoming obedient professionals and technicians who then go on servicing this highly mechanized society which is described as Frankenstein (TECHNOSPHERE) by Mary Shelly.
    • Providing highly subsidised house loans, vehicle loans, all hooking people to the highly consumerist and fast lifestyle which, on the other hand, leave most of them addictive, degenerated (with most of them suffering from degeneration diseases) who then become fodder for the system.
    • Healthcare Insurance that is massively chaining people to the system

    Life On Meltdown