In Syria, Putin Calls Obama’s Bluff, Joins War Against ISIS

Introductory note: Some of the terrific readers here pointed out in the reader-comments that this article is based on lies that were passed, I suspect by U.S. intelligence but it might have been Israeli intelligence or some other party, to an Israeli reporter who trusted his sources, whom he identified only as “Western diplomats.” In any case, it’s false, and I have removed it from the one other site to which I directly post, RINF, and have also informed the few other sites that published the article after I had submitted it to them, telling them that it is false and advising them to remove it. Mirror-sites, of course, I have no contact with. The reasons why I am not removing it from here are (1) that the readers here called to my attention that Russia and Syria have both said that the basic allegation in that original Israeli report is false; and (2) because I think that there should be a record online somewhere indicating that someone tried to pass into the news a falsehood of this kind. We all have to be so careful of what we read, even here, which is one of the most reliable news sources I know of and which has a ratio of truths/falsehoods that would make that of The New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, etc., puny by comparison. In other words: everything is imperfect (except, perhaps, in mathematics), no god really exists. And so I leave this article here as a memorial to the impossibility of perfection in the real world. Implicitly, too, this means that when a political figure such as Bernie Sanders supports a view that we know to be wrong, the idea that this disqualifies him from our vote, because he’s imperfect, is stupid; it’s simply not in touch with basic reality.

Eric Zuesse

According to German Economic News (September 1st, based on reports from ynetnews and others), Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has apparently decided to establish in Syria a military base with thousands of soldiers and sufficient air power to do in Syria what the Obama Administration won’t, which is to defeat ISIS and the other jihadists.

On the same day, washingtonsblog bannered, “Former CIA Boss and 4-Star General: U.S. Should Arm Al Qaeda,” and linked to several sources indicating that not only David Petraeus favors arming Al Qaeda, but much of the American establishment (who have sponsored Petraeus’s entire career) also does. The British aristocracy likewise does. In fact, that academic propaganda-piece, The Russia Challenge, discusses “the stark choices Western governments face in their policies towards Russia,” while it says nothing about “the stark choices” that Russia now faces in its policies toward the U.S. aristocracy, and toward Britain’s and other U.S-allied aristocracies. That British academic propaganda-piece comes from Chatham House, otherwise called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which, since early in the 20th Century, has been allied in the U.S. with the Rockefellers’ and Morgans’ Council on Foreign Relations, and, post-WWII, also with the Bilderberg group, and with the Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission (which brought the Japanese aristocracy into the overall U.S.-led plan for global conquest). However, there are additionally many other front-organizations for this operation, such as the Brookings Institution. Brookings has always championed American empire, and I reported even recently on a Brookings ‘study’ of this type, by headlining “Brookings Wants More Villages Firebombed in Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’.” (It’s actually an operation against the residents of the part of Ukraine that had voted 90%+ for the Ukrainian leader whom the Obama Administration had just overthrown. The residents there had refused to accept Obama’s imposed regime.) The intended defeat of Russia is to come not only in the competition over oil and gas (such as between the Arabic oil potentates and Russia), but also by extending NATO right up to Russia’s borders, such as by installing next-door in Ukraine a rabidly anti-Russian government, via a coup in February 2014. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy didn’t like it when Nikita Khrushchev tried something similar against the United States in 1962. It was called “the Cuban Missile Crisis.”) The evidence is clear and overwhelming, though almost entirely absent in U.S. ‘news’ media, that America’s aristocracy place vastly higher priority upon defeating Russia than upon defeating Islamic jihad. (The implicit message to the families of America’s 9/11 victims is: “Just get lost.” But that subtle message from the aristocrats isn’t on America’s ‘news,’ either. Only their PR is.)

In fact, I provided essential background for this development, on August 16th, headlining “How & Why the U.S. Media Do Propaganda Against Russia.” This is a position by the U.S. “Establishment,” which is the entire network of think tanks and other fronts that are financed by the U.S. aristocracy (tax-free, moreover, to the aristocrats who finance these operations) so as to conquer Russia in order that the U.S. aristocracy will win unchallengeable global control, over every other nation’s aristocracy. I documented there that not only the Republican Party but the Obama-Clinton or “Establishment” wing of the Democratic Party, have been fully in agreement with Mitt Romney’s infamous 2012 statement against Russia, which Obama publicly condemned at the time, that, “this is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe”; and Obama’s very public attack against that statement helped him win the 2012 election, though Obama’s second Administration has actually been carrying out Romney’s policy there.

Obama has many cheerleaders in this global-conquest program, such as his advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is proud to have helped start today’s Islamic jihad movement in order to defeat the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union ended, Brzezinski’s hatred of Russians drove him to continue on as if it hadn’t. The war against “communism” has turned out to have been just a cover-story for these aristocrats’ war for global control, somewhat like the war against Islamic jihadists later morphed into a war against the residents of Ukraine’s pro-Russian far-east. Brzezinski was born to Polish nobility, and he retains that hatred from his childhood, which is why he has been so useful to America’s aristocrats, in order to help make the defeat of Russia into a “bipartisan” issue, and not merely an issue for Romney and the great bulk of America’s aristocrats, who are Republicans.

Basically, what Putin is apparently doing here is to go beyond the theatrics of Western aristocracies, the aristocracies that are led by America’s, and finally now to lay down the gauntlet, in Syria, against Islamic jihad. As I have previously documented, Islamic jihad is financed virtually entirely by multimillion-dollar individual contributions not only by the Saudi royal family, but also by the royals of the other Arabic oil countries. Without that constant flow of funds, the Sauds’ operation on their own side for global empire would collapse. Theirs is to be an Islamic global empire, much like America’s Dominionist Christions have (though far less successfully) aspired to creating a global Christian empire. Ever since 1945, the U.S. aristocracy and the Saudi royal family have been united together. Increasingly in the decades after the end of communism, the only thing that remains after the beast of “The Cold War” is the skeleton of expanding the American aristocracy’s empire, still married to the skeleton of the Sauds’ imperial ambitions. It could become an Earth-killing embrace: skeletons all-around and everywhere.

In one of the rare mainstream U.S. news reports about the unity between Arabic royals and the international Islamic jihad movement, America’s PBS “Frontline” documented that Islamic jihad is taught in schools that are financed by the Saudi royal family.

If the current report in German Economic News is true, then America’s President Obama will need to reassess his entire foreign policy, which has — overtly now, during his second Administration (after he had successfully fooled the American public to think that he didn’t agree with Romney) — been virtually obsessed with defeating Russia.

The U.S. regime has even bragged about its ability to stir up fear against Russia around the world.

America’s alliance with the Islamic jihad movement seems now to be directly challenged by Putin. If Obama is to continue his effort to replace the secular Shiite Syrian regime by an Islamic Sunni regime (one that will be controlled by the Sauds, and/or by the Qatari royal family the Thanis), the U.S. will then face the prospect of war against Russia, much as Obama has already built in Ukraine via his 2014 coup there, which is still prohibited from being reported about in the West — except via a few independent authentic news media (the few that aren’t controlled by aristocrats), which few (such as you are now reading) are allowed because they have only small audiences. As with the samizdat literature during the former Soviet Union, the truth is thus marginalized in the now overwhelmingly fascist-controlled, U.S.-dominated, West.

For further background on this, see my August 13th report, “Meet the ‘Moderates’ the U.S. Is Supporting in Syria: They’re al-Qaeda.”


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Lauren Johnson

    Unless something has changed, this rumor has been denied by the RF military. See this:

    • swell foop

      Quoting from the linked article:
      “I will gladly admit that I cannot prove a negative and that I have
      absolutely no privileged access to any special Russian sources. All I
      can offer are my conjectures and nothing more, and there is a good
      chance that I might be wrong. But having said that, here is my personal
      reaction to this rumor.” — Saker

      Saker is a propaganda outlet. Quality stuff, but biased and suspect. Political agenda, whose is unclear.

      The rumor began with Ynet. Israeli agenda. The day after the ISIS film on starting an alternative currency based on gold. ISIS — that is to say IS/US is yet another Israeli goblin. The film probably originated with Rita Katz, like all of the fake beheadings. Israel has been on the wrong foot for a long time, and may be trying to regain traction. But their star has one too many points. Fading toward a fast-approaching horizon. They know not what they do. Everything they touch fails, and will do so, for the duration. Failed experiment, or experiment in failure? History will not care.

      As for Eric, Jesus man, get an editor. You do this blog and yourself a deep disservice with these undisciplined rants. You sound like a drunk in a bar. Shut up for a while, take a break, learn how to write in a straight line. The world needs you, sober and clear.

      • hidflect

        You got any more..?

      • Brockland A.T.

        I’m inclined to agree with The Saker. A full Russian expeditionary force would be too exposed, and the Russian military is not designed to operate that far from Russia’s borders. Seaborne logistics are too unreliable; a hot campaign burns up munitions and materiale in a hurry. The Russian force would be completely at the mercy of NATO and face an endless stream of DAESH recruits.

        Russian law does not allow Putin to act as unilaterally as say, an American Imperial Presidency, and certainly not as rashly.

        There is a NATO hub at Ulyanovsk, Russia, supporting NATO activities in Afghanistan, but its not a comparable tradeoff. The U.S. has other ways in and out of Afghanistan plus carrier aircraft within range. Russia could not use access to Afghanistan as meaningful leverage to protect their troops.

        Russian trainers and advisors are no more than that. While a real Russian military campaign would be initially successful against DAESH, well, Assad actually won the first round against the rebels. They just retreated across borders where the Syrian Arab Army could not legally or safely follow. DAESH has even more local support than the rebels and Syrians are almost irrelevant in their own civil war.

        Finally, all would be hostage to the well-being of Assad. A Russian expeditionary force caught in the middle of a successful Assad assassination would be a disaster and regardless of the differences in today’s details, potentially another Afghan experience.

        Not even Turkey wants to venture into Syria while Assad is still alive, because there’s no telling how bad things would be if he wasn’t.

  • mothwhoflysbackwards

    The sentence “If Obama is to continue his effort to replace a secular Shiite Syrian regime by an Islamic Sunni regime” needs to be recast to better express what I think your meaning is given your articles in totality.

    How about “If Obama is to continue his effort to replace an independent Syrian regime with a vassal Wahhabi regime predisposed to do America’s bidding and attack Hezbollah”?

    The sentence as it reads now implies Obama wants an Islamic Sunni regime when what he really wants is a vassal, even if said vassal is less then savory. Wahhabi in Syria or neo Nazis in Ukraine, It really doesn’t matter so long as they obey. Better still if the are driven (by their own reasons) to carry out our will — get Hezbollah and get Russia.

    Also why call the secular Syrian regime Shiite. True Assad is Shiite, but the vast majority of his army and supporters are Sunni. If Bernie Sanders wins would we say america is run by a secular Jewish regime? How about a secular Mormon regime if Romny won? Note that Shiites were not discriminated against in Syrian society back when it was run by Sunnis. If they were discriminated against how could a Shiite take over by internal coup? If we had an internal coup in the USA back in the jim crow era would a black come to power?

    Lastly please read the link given by Lauren Johnson (full disclosure: I am a Saker fan) for reasons why the Russians are NOT coming to Syria.

    Thanks to all who work to keep this blog the valuable resource it is.

    • cettel

      Boy, you really got the point! You nailed it. But I don’t know whether you sharpened its point more than I’d want it to be.

      Yes, you got the point right, but phrasing it as sharply as you just did is assuming that every reader has read everything that you evidently have. Should I assume that a reader knows all that you do? I fear not! (I wouldn’t achieve more than to inform the well-informed, and that wouldn’t satisfy my objective.)

      I write for intelligent people (like you) but not only for well-informed people (like you). On the latter matter, of information, I assume that the reader is misinformed, because if I can’t at least open their mind to what they ‘know’ isn’t true, then the article is wasted on them.

      For example, The New York Times and Washington Post turn down everything I write, and I wouldn’t want them to be able to ‘justify’ it by saying, “That’s too radical a statement for our readers to accept.” Putting such a sharp point on it as you did would give them that “out.” I therefore, whenever I am saying something so radical as that, build up to it, every tiny step at a time, so that the reader can get there, to that radical place, step-by-step. If I instead make any step a cliff, how many people will be able or willing to climb to the top to reach it?

      But I agree 100% with everything else that you’ve said. And you put it so well. Would you like to post articles here, or at other sites I do? If so, I’ll ask “George Washington” to give me your email address, and we’ll then get in touch.

      • mothwhoflysbackwards

        That is so nice of you to say Eric, of course you can have my email. I am a little computer challenged and tried to send it by the contact thing on right of the blog and never used MS out look before. Put email I now use in body of text, but noted my old one based on real name popped up when sent. Don’t use that one, i don’t check can’t find it! Will check on weekend (if I can access a computer) otherwise Wednesday reply promised. If you didn’t get email (or can’t get current one from my disqus account) let me know under this comment. Thanks.

        You have a point….. tip toe through the tripe as opposed to bulldoze through the bullshit may be the best to bring people to the truth. Whisper sweet nothings and don’t shout sour somethings, and they are sour. I see if one step is too high on the “stairway to truth” the reader may tumble. In real life conversations I am happy to just convince people of the small partial truth that ISIS is (at least) a Saudi and not an Iranian front.

        What is weird is that a few stories (all fake?) seemed to appear and disappear lately. This one, the story of some kind of rapprochement between Saudi and Russia, and the story that Assad will bugger out with the Shia to the coastal areas. All maybe psyops directed at the Syrian Arab Army? Perhaps they came from the same “unnamed Western sources” Would check but getting ready for my favorite holiday and a poor man’s surf n turf, burgers and bluegills. Now if I could only find my fishing rod!

        Happy Labor day to one and all…

  • Lauren Johnson

    Here’s the Syrian denial:

    And from RT:

    Whatever support the RF is giving Syria, it is not Russian pilots flying Russian plans, etc.

    • cettel

      THANK YOU!

      Perhaps this was intentional disinformation from Israel. I’m rushed right now, but will have to decide how to address the problem — removing the article, correcting it, or whatever.

  • Eol Awki

    “According to German Economic News (September 1st, based on reports from ynetnews and others), Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has apparently decided to establish in Syria a military base…..”

    This has been denied by Russia and can only be believed now if you adhere to the axiom “Nothing is true until the government denies it”. The reference to ynet news ‘and others’ was not explained – who are the others? There are none as far as I could tell – all roads led back to ynet – which tells me that there is an Israeli agenda somewhere here.

    • Agritech Media

      Putin is supporting Assad, calling Obama’s bluff. There is nothing wrong with Putin supporting Assad and calling Obama’s bluff, so what’s the problem? Putin has always maintained he would never allow Assad to fall, given he’s an ally, again where is the problem? It is an absolute certainty that Russia would provide military support to Assad, whilst seeking to obliterate ISIL. Again where is the problem here?

      Why is Obama and Kerry requesting Greece/Bulgaria close its airspace? Why is Kerry “warning” Russia? Are they actively trying to stop Russia taking out ISIL?

      Could it be that Obama is secretly supporting ISIL to achieve offensive geopolitical aims in Syria and Putin has gotten to the stage whereby he’s had enough of the games as he did in the Ukraine?

      Think so. It’s nothing to do with an Israeli agenda, everything to do with Obama’s agenda given he’s in control, calling the shots.

  • Derek Worthington

    I guess Russia isn’t going to really help Syria militarily then? Very sad. Russia must be going along with NWO plans. POS

  • skeggjold gunnr

    Condoleeza Rice was once sent over to Syria to meet with Assad for the sole purpose of requesting that he do something about his border with Iraq allowing so many insurgents in and back out. His immediate answer was EPIC; “This request, coming from the most powerful nation in the world – with the most insecure border in the world…”. My take is that if we truely *do* value any friends in that region, we would remind them of Bush’s words (You’re either with us, or against us) – and do something about Syria’s borders, ourselves, with those ‘friends’ – That would stop cold ALL conflict in due time and re-establish the U.S. once again as a nation that will champion right at any cost, even diplomacy if need be.

  • Max Hugoson

    We are going to owe a “debt of gratitude” to good old Vlad, for this action. I pray blessings from above as Russian Army goes about vermin eradication. Большое спасибо!
    (bahl’-SHOH-yeh spah-SEE-bah)