HISTORIC NEWS: Finally, EU Breaks Away from U.S.

Eric Zuesse

On Saturday, September 12th, United Kingdom’s Labour Party elected as its leader and their candidate to lead the UK, Jeremy Corbyn, who has been the most vocal British critic of the UK’s serving as the lap-dog of an aggressive imperialistic United States of America.

Simultaneously, the leader of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own Christian Social Union Party, Horst Seehofer, a man who, prior to his being appointed to be the Party-chief had been Chancellor Merkel’s Agriculture Minister, has now turned against Chancellor Merkel (who until now was the most powerful leader in all of Europe) and denounced her policy on the refugee crisis, and has now stated publicly that Germany should instead ally with Russia and against NATO on the entire Syrian war. 

This public statement, which is really a sea-change in history, was reported Friday night, 11 September, in Germany’s leading magazine, The Mirror, Der Spiegel, and it represents the breaking-point in Germany’s foreign policy, finally yielding now to the rapidly rising anti-Americanism within Germany that results from America’s prioritizing America’s war against Russia as being a more important goal than the global war against Islamic jihad, which is clearly the most pressing threat to national security not only within Germany, and not only within all Western countries, but even within Pakistan and many other countries that have majority-Islamic populations, as well as in India, China, and other nations around the world.

Seehofer’s statement simply cannot be ignored by the Chancellor, because it comes from the leader of her own Party (“Christian Social Union” is the Party’s name in Munich and throughout Bavaria, but elsewhere in Germany the Party is called instead the “Christian Democratic Union”). She has mainly ignored German public opinion thus far and cooperated with U.S. President Barack Obama’s war against Russia, which Obama is waging via his proxies in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. But Merkel now will have to bend; and this could end up breaking NATO itself, since NATO is the international military alliance that was originally against the Soviet Union and that then became against Russia as soon as the Soviet Union ended communism and broke up into Russia and the other nations of the former Soviet Union. That continuation of the Cold War, now against Russia alone, even without the former ideological excuse of there being communism, was initiated by U.S. President George Herbet Walker Bush himself. It was reluctantly picked up by then West-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, whose protégée was Angela Merkel. “Bush made his feelings about compromising with Moscow clear to Kohl: ‘To hell with that!’ he said. ‘We prevailed, they didn’t.’”  (This “compromise” was that NATO not expand “one inch eastward”; the promise that Bush’s own Secretary of State had made to the then-Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and on the basis of which Gorbachev allowed the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact to end and East Germany to be taken by West Germany.)

And so, the Cold War never really ended in the West (though Gorbachev was promised that it would); but, now, it might be finally forced to end, without a nuclear war (which continues to be the U.S. threat but becomes far less likely without there being allies for that on America’s side), because the current U.S. President’s intensification of the long-suppressed ongoing U.S. war against Russia is becoming too much for Germany, and for many other countries within the NATO alliance, to continue supporting. A serious international movement to destroy all nuclear weapons might even begin now.

The only NATO member-nations that are still highly supportive of America’s ongoing war against Russia are some former member-nations of the former Soviet Union and of the Soviet Union’s equivalent of NATO, the Warsaw Pact, which broke up in 1991 when the Soviet Union itself did. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, are among the now-NATO, former Soviet and Warsaw Pact, nations that are as anti-Russian as is the American ruling class (which President Obama represents). However, America’s former allies when the United States used to be a democracy, the West-European nations, are now starting to abandon the U.S., and so too are some of the East-European nations that were formerly under the Soviet yoke, such as Czech Republic, and Hungary.

America’s deepest control extended especially into two nations: UK, and Germany. However, the decision that George Herbert Walker Bush made in 1990, and that has been adhered to by his successors, to continue the former Cold War until Russia itself is defeated and becomes added to the America Empire, is now being increasingly abandoned by America’s formerly obedient vassal-nations. The American Empire has reached its zenith, and is now breaking apart.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • FailedEvolution

    Basic reasons for which the US deep state will try to prevent the rise of the Left in Europe


    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      There is No Chance at All for the MASTERS of the Universe , to Escape their Cosmic BLACK HOLE ! — Veterans today.com :SYRIA : “Germany, France break out of US Alliance against Russia” !

  • jadan

    Let’s hope this is true. US global leadership is both brutal and inept. The US stands in the way of progress that can only occur in a multipolar world.

    • colinjames71

      Ditto and amen to that. The progress you mention must include peace, and there will be no peace as long as the so-called western world nations, European ones especially, serve as obedient lapdogs. This could be huge, finally a little hope- something in rare supply in my estimation of world affairs.

      • Libertybellle

        The unrighteous do not know how to pursue peace. The last century was defined in part by the pursuit of peace. “Peace in our time”. Blah blah blah.

        Love might be a more fruitful goal. Still madmen with bombs cannot be reasoned with. Pandora’s box of bombs opened a long time ago. You cannot shut it. Peace is lost already because of the bombs. It is too late for it now.

        Only Christ can close the box. And He will. And those clamoring for peace will fight Him when he comes to establish true peace.

        Trust Him, not man. He is the only hope. Mankind has failed.

        • colinjames71

          I may not share your beliefs in detail but surely in spirit. Beautifully put in any case.

          • Libertybellle

            May God richly bless you.

  • guest

    I can’t help but recall all those crowds of thousands of “enlightened” Europeans chanting “Obama, Obama ” . They loved him because they rightly perceived that he hated America even more than they do. They identified with that. Unfortunately for them it’s taken them almost 7 years to realize that their hero despises their white European behinds every bit as much with a special hatred reserved for the British . Now they’re about to get a big dose of Obama style affirmative action.

  • Libertybellle

    I hope NATO is dissolved. The US cannot afford it and, most of all, it is wrongly used for endless war making.

    Had the Soviets remained in power they would have kept many Muslims countries in check. Oh the law of unintended consequences!

    • Auld Spyce

      The only Muslim nation that needs to be checked is the Saudis. It was Saudis, backed by Saudi money, who attacked the WTC and Pentagon. It’s the Saudi Sunnis who’re attacking Shias in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, and frothing at the mouth at Shia Iran. The USA Neocons/AIPAC allied with the Saudis and Israel are what’s destablizing the Middle East, and now Europe in Ukraine and with the refugee deluge. Now the USA wants to interfere with Russia lending a hand in Syria. This is nuts!

      The Neocons should be hanging from gibbets.

      • Steven

        Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t we really be talking ‘banksters / wall street wolves / Congressional military industrial complex’ instead of ‘USA Neocons’? It all stems from the ability to create ‘money’ / financial toxic waste out of ‘thin air’ / fraud – and get it “accepted” (Minsky). U.S. global hegemony, once (charitably) the accidental byproduct of European tribal squabbles, has become a necessity now that the US has stopped making things people need (and run out of the resources to make them?)

        Securing the continued ‘acceptance’ of the money Washington’s politicians and Wall Street create has become Job #1 for the US economy. Chaos and war, in addition to their disciplinary effects, have become another means for ensuring this country becomes a ‘safe haven’ for the wealth of the world’s oligarchy as it responds to the consequences of Washington’s world ‘leadership’. I refuse to believe the likes of Victoria Nuland are just bat-shit crazy.

        • Auld Spyce

          You’re preaching to the converted here. This is not the world my dad fought a war to defend. The Nazis and Imperial Japan may have lost, but the fascists won and are now utterly beyond our control. Just trying to understand what is their real agenda is maddening. Just when you think you have a handle on it, something even nuttier happens. We’re not citizens any more. We’re merely consumers milked by the machine. I can’t even consider it Orwellian any more. It’s “Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass.”

          Nuland’s not crazy, but the agenda she’s helping to push is. This won’t end well for anyone involved, and that includes the would be tyrants bedeviling us. This is bound to blow up in their faces and a lot of innocents will be hurt in the resultant chaos. I’m amazed they’ve so utterly failed to learn from history.

          • Libertybellle

            The agenda is global government. The seeds were sown around the time of the League of Nations. Though world domination has existed in the past, and is a part of history, it is predicted by the Bible to be the final act on the stage of human history.
            Perhaps the curtain is about to rise on it.

            To achieve global government, America must at once lose its sovereignty but gain control over this “new world order” (through the CIA). The CIA is controlled by traitors. It has been since it hooked up with the Council on Foreign Relations which is dedicated to the abolition of the nations states across the globe.

            This is the new world order George H.W. Bush (former CIA director and WW2 hero) spoke of. It is what the North American Union was supposed to engender. The barbarian “immigrant” invasion functions as the NAU since Americans were not falling for the scheme to destroy their country. So it hall be forced on them instead by ethnic cleansing through immigration.

            Jeb calls it love.

            It is hate. From the pit of hell itself. It is David Rockefeller’s dream.

            It is “the hope of the wicked”(Flynn). It is violence, murder, robbery, torture, and destruction all for the purpose of reaching Utopia created by mans own hand. It ends up in total destruction.

            That is the agenda. That is always the agenda whether it is forwarded by Imperial Islam, Imperial Marxism, or Imperial Corporatism.

      • Libertybellle

        I am appalled with Imperial Islam and that the left defends it. The left is silent about Islam’s sanctification of sex with children, trafficking in female sex slaves, and inherent second class status of women as promoted in the Koran and the Hadith. Outside of whoredom there are few more destructive social patterns than Islam’s polygamy. But Islam’s sexual debasement is just peachy with these left same wingers who did nothing but howl about patriarchy and overpopulation in their own Christian-based lands since the 1960s. It is evil only if Christians might be doing it.

        But left wingers are so utterly corrupt, so it does not surprise me. Nonetheless, if foreign members of a sexually depraved and sexually debased religion leave my countrymen alone and at peace, it is wrong of my countrymen to attack them. We need to get out of the Middle East.

        Obama had the chance and failed miserably. It appears the CIA puts their aggression overseas in a holding pattern while they await the next stooge in the White House, and Obama is the holding pattern.

        • Auld Spyce

          You’re a sexually paranoiac loony. Seek treatment!

          • Libertybellle

            I am not the sexually unwholesome person in this story, Mohammad was and so are his followers. The child he raped repeatedly, the slaves he bought and sold for his obsession with sex, and the dozen plus wives he had is the evidence of his mental failings, not mine.

            To be paranoid, I would have to have unreasonable fear. It is not unreasonable to fear anyone defending or practicing a religion that approves of rape, sexually slavery, and pedophIlia. Left wingers cannot understand normal fear about this because long ago they abandoned a humane view of women.

            Left wingers hate females so much, any virtuous concern for their protection is considered abnormal.

      • Darrell

        Amen brother. Preach it.

    • Brockland A.T.

      NATO is a unique diplomatic triumph; for the first time in history the European powers agreed to a pact of non-aggression and cooperation with one-another. It also ensured the triumph of liberal democracy as the leading socio-cultural model.

      That it has become a tool of facism and abandonment of liberal democracy is unfortunate..

      Perhaps NATO is no longer capable of being reformed and should be dissolved, but what good did come of it should not be forgotten.

      • Libertybellle

        NATO WAS a unique diplomatic tool. Nonetheless, it is not our job to see that Europeans behave. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

        And there is no triump of liberal Democracy in Europe. The people in Europe today are the vanquished peoples of formerly sovereign states now subjugated to supranational power. That supra power is conducting the ethnic cleansing of Caucasians by immigration invasion. By gosh it is more than unity Hitler hoed for. And he liked the Muftis too! Why the invasion of Europe with Muslims (instead of Jews) would curl his toes with delight!

        NATO today, represents for America, the same trip-wire to world war that the British Polish defense pact represented for England before world war 2. It was the treaty with Poland that dragged England into war.

        It would be the same for the NATO treaty and the USA.

        Because of the obsolete NATO treaty the USA is tied to every Tom, Dick, and Harry country in Eastern Europe (particularly former Soviet pack countires) who, should they be threatened, will drag us into more war and more war and more war and more war and more……..

        It is now a suicide pact written and supported by psychopaths who have no love for America nor for Americans. They hate Americans.

  • thc

    Yeah… they always tell what the public likes to hear, does not mean that real actions follow.

    Merkel has become a joke in Germany about her comment to the US, when they found out that NSA is listening to everybodys phone calls… This is not what friends do… and that’s it

  • Steven

    The link in this sentence / paragraph:

    This public statement, which is really a sea-change in history, was reported Friday night, 11 September, in Germany’s leading magazine, The Mirror, Der Spiegel, and it represents the breaking-point in Germany’s foreign policy, finally yielding now to the rapidly rising anti-Americanism within Germany that results from America’s prioritizing America’s war against Russia as being a more important goal than the global war against Islamic jihad, which is clearly the most pressing threat to national security not only within Germany, and not only within all Western countries, but even within Pakistan and many other countries that have majority-Islamic populations, as well as in India, China, and other nations around the world.

    doesn’t support its conclusion – “it represents the breaking-point in Germany’s foreign policy”. Anyone have one that does?

  • william beeby

    This sure does sound great but in Britain the Conservative party are in power and side with USA defence policy nuclear and all. I fully support Jeremy Corbyn and only hope he can prevail but he has a very difficult task in this naturally conservative country when it comes to defence. Germany has most to lose in any war with Russia and the Americans neo-cons and war mongers know that and don`t care , Britain is also a prime target in any war which spreads and we would be one of the first to go .