Why Protest Is No Longer Effective

Is this man a visionary genius or a flaky charlatan?

Micah White co-created the Occupy movement, and other notable activist campaigns.

White’s views on protest and social change are interesting.

What do you think?

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  • Actually, I expected ‘ALLOT’ more protest’s than what we have seen yet, but I guess when you need to feed your family and what work can be found takes priority over everything else.

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  • steven andresen

    Suppose the people came to a consensus that it wasn’t right that the sun rose in the east and set in the west every day. And decided that in order to make things better they would protest. Millions in the streets, lots of speeches, some creative videos were made and shared, lots of meetings to organize more people in the treets, and so forth. But, like this guy found out with Wall Street, things didn’t change. Then, some people thought it best to meditate, and maybe that would make the sun rise in the west. Others decided to pray, and thought that God would surely intervene. And others thought that, if the sun was going to rise in the west, they weren’t going to be able to do something about it, they would just wait until the forces of nature made things right, which they hoped it surely would do in its wisdom.

    Why does he think that if the sun is going to rise in the west and set in the east, that it would be protesting that would make it so? He has done nothing, as far as I saw, to try to understand what it was he was protesting about. Maybe the workings of the sun are not the kind of thing that can be changed by our protests. Maybe the workings of the state, like the sun, is not going to listen to what the people say, no matter how many billions of people are out in the streets.

    I think he just doesn’t want to understand the world that he’s so unhappy about.

    • cettel

      I agree with you. He’s mentally masturbating, not even trying to “have sex.” But he’s doing in in public; he’s ‘organizing.’ He’s so fake he fools himself.

      • jadan

        He’s a clever chap with considerable chutzpah and he sounds like he’s explaining his PhD thesis. Most of it is a tad academic, but he makes a good point that I agree with. When fools say: don’t vote in protest, the bad guys win. When activists boast that their activism is a substitute for constitutionally mandated power politics, they help the bad guys win. He is asserting some hard won common sense that many leaders on the left have yet to realize. Those who proclaim that the two-party charade is corrupt beyond redemption broadcast their idiocy to the profit of the “duopoly”. He’s wrong about leaders, however, and still suffers from an excess of romantic anarchism. This leaderless horizontal organization requires a certain type of highly evolved humans which are in very short supply. We need leaders, strong leaders, prominent leaders. When the world was teeming with strutting dictators in the 30’s, the US had a strong leader roll onto the stage in a wheel chair. The US electorate was ready to anoint FDR as fuhrer. That tendency towards leader worship cannot be ignored. The right man/woman can restore meaning to party politics and impart direction to a nation. The leader we need is playing in the system as we speak, drawing ever larger crowds. You predicted it, cettel.

        • Carl_Herman

          Yeah, about that disposition to want a “leader”: this seems to be a hard-wired human response to obey without real thought, and seems to have a long and interesting history. This is a response of slaves.

          We need leadership to be kind of like a legal “expert witness” who is only any good to the extent two things happen:
          1. objective facts are pointed-to and explained accurately.
          2. the public sees the facts for themselves and are empowered to use their own voices for what those facts mean, and what should be done.

          • jadan

            Agree that cool detachment is essential for a leader. At the same time, he/she has to have a passionate vision which is what people respond to as the same vision awakens in them. The leader reminds them of what they already know.

      • kimyo

        please provide some specific quotes you find troublesome. else, you’re just practising character assassination.

  • Aug 9, 2015 The Corporate-State Media’s War Propaganda Exposed!

    “There is no way to view the glossing over of the all deaths in the Middle East as anything but direct and indirect control of news coverage by the military industrial complex. Governments control who among journalists gets access to war zones, and they control the information given out there.

  • diogenes

    Yes, this is exactly on point. Demonstrations DO NOT WORK to effect significant positive change. Occupy Wall Street is only a recent, large example among dozens that show this. At most, most of the time, large demonstration work to incite authority to heighten repressive measures and methods. The response to and aftermath of Occupy Wall Street also show this.

    And YES, if we want to see significant progressive changes happen what is needed is “a social movement that can win elections”. We also need to understand that the Two Party system works and has always worked — as our history abundantly shows — to co-opt, divert, and undermine such movements.

    This means that if we are to win elections and have those electoral victories have the desired, significant positive progressive effects, “tactical innovation” is required. We need a method for electing representatives who are not bought, and that after electing them closely monitors their behavior to see that they follow through with the program and policies they are pledged to, or do not serve more than one term.

    The experience and practices of Robert LaFollette and others in Wisconsin and their associates elsewhere offer us examples of effective, successful tactics. We need to formulate a program that can produce serious, compelling positive changes for the 99%, organize face to face at the grass roots precinct level, and being electing representatives at the local, state and federal level pledged to forward our program and make damn sure they do. Or else goodbye. This is a tactic that has been proven to work. It is called democracy.

    • diogenes

      I want to take issue with one comment of Micah White’s. He says that the aim of Occupy Wall Street was to get money out of politics. In fact, beyond this its aim — which succeeded in some measure — was to make Americans aware of the grotesque inequality of the distribution of wealth in our country, the power of the hereditary oligarchy of 0.1% (one person in 1000) that owns 25% of all of America and entirely controls “our” government, finances, industry, and commerce, and to begin the process of reversing the artificial legal constructs that enable this predatory regime — like the Federal Reserve, the private monopoly on loan credit, usury, corporate personhood, the private ownership and operation of public utilities, etc. — all objectives which were part of the American Progressive program in 1915. As this suggests, American “democracy” has been pushed backward for 100 years. It’s time to change this.

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    When Even the PRESIDENT , Denounces & Fights the , on Oligarchical ORDER , Rewritten “RULES of GOVERNANCE” , which Authorizes the Holder of an “Issued ALLOWANCE to Use House’s TOILETS” , to Decide on “Global Wars of EXTINCTION” , it’ s Absolutely Necessary , that “HUMANITY” , takes ACTION !!!

  • Protest can work as long they’re large enough and continue for long enough — The protesters have to be willing to tighten their belts more than corporations are willing to see their profits fall.

  • Carl_Herman

    Here’s what I see:

    1. Micah is awesome for taking bold action, despite the limited precept he states to simply “get money out of politics.”

    2. Micah is correct that 1st Amendment protest is not enough. When central policies are “Emperor’s New Clothes” unlawful with Wars of Aggression, calling “debt” as money causing trillions in damages and millions of annual deaths, and colluding oligarch media lies, then we’re not “protesting bad policy” but DEMANDING ARRESTS FOR OBVIOUS CRIMES.

    3. So, we need to evolve beyond usual protest to cause US military and law enforcement to uphold basic law to end mass war-murders, fraud in money, and lies in media. What we must have to evolve is peace, debt-free money and at-cost credit, and full truthful public participation with facts.

    4. Micah may be correct that our individual responses must be catalyzed by “other factors” to spark a critical mass of public recognition of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” facts. He might be correct that our work now in alternative media and public learning of ~100 critical areas of game-changing importance is some kind of necessary preparation for when conditions are ripe to trigger a critical mass response. Also: Micah has done/is doing great work for such public learning.

    So! My conclusion is to keep moving forward in our “hobby” to learn and communicate while doing our best to harmonize with our ordinary work, ordinary people (including family), and what we recognize as ordinary attacks upon us (GMOs, chemtrails, debt, etc.).

    • One can only hope, but my dad use to say hope is not a strategy!

      4-minute video message to .01% and minions

      ‘The game is over. Redeem yourselves with Truth!’


    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      The IMPOSSIBILITY , to Identify the Theoretical Basis of the Publicly Well-known Intellectual Phrase , the “EMPEROR’S New CLOTHES” , is the BARRIER , that Disables Bold ACTION ! Hopefully , this short Anecdote can Clear the Obstacle , that a “Spade , Nevermore is a Spade” , but a Metaphysical TOOL ( Simply “EVERYTHING” ) , what furthers a Deliberate CAUSE ! When G.F.W. HEGEL , the Personified LOGOS once Offered his Students , K. Marx & S. Freud also Present , the Abbreviated VERSION of Aristotle’s DEFINITION of his “Divine IDEA” ; as the “Unit of the CONTRADICTION” , Freud & Marx resigned ATTENDANCE ! Since then , the JEWS know , that the CONTRADICTION , in “Reality” , is an EQUATION ! “Good & Evil” are the SAME !!! — Here You have “Your New CLOTHES” !!!

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  • Fascism: Humanity’s Scourge March 12th, 2015

    It gave us Hitler and Mussolini. Today it’s headquartered in Washington – with global client states run by puppets serving US interests. Subservient Western countries recklessly support America’s imperial agenda. Fascist regimes combine perpetual wars with corporate empowerment, massive corruption and police state harshness.


  • Protesting for Black people is putting oneself in the line of fire that is already aimed at you to begin with. Just giving them one more excuse to attack, arrest and abuse you. It’s summarized in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/cHrw1Nweacg

  • Protesting for Black people is putting oneself in the line of fire that is already aimed at you to begin with. Just giving them one more excuse to attack, arrest and abuse you. It’s summarized in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/cHrw1Nweacg