Why Biden Would Be a TERRIBLE President

With Hillary Clinton falling on her face (thank goodness!), Joe Biden has become a real contender for the Democratic party nominee.

Problem is, he’d be a terrible president.

For example, Biden:

Postscript:  Biden would also be the oldest person EVER elected president.

And he could also be the first major presidential candidate ever to  call himself a “Zionist”.

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  • ClubToTheHead

    In addition to all the above mentioned flaws, Biden is a claymation action figure.

    • JDM

      Well, he does come with a cool vintage ‘Vette.

  • Crow


  • hidflect

    And an embarrassingly shameless lackey for all things Israel.

  • afisher

    What a useless list of whines.

    • strangely_enough

      Policy doesn’t matter! Go Team Blue!!!11!

  • Brockland A.T.

    Donald Trumps All!!!

  • davidgmills1

    You forgot bankruptcy legislation that made bankruptcy much harder to do.

  • Тофик Гаджиев

    Russia publicizes sensitive information about Joe Biden http://ukraina.ru/analytics/20141105/1011081674.html