The Dow Just Made the Largest One-Day Roundtrip EVER

It’s not your imagination …


The U.S. stock market just took the largest roundtrip ever.    Specifically, in the first 3 hours and 40 minutes of trading today, the Dow posted the largest intraday swing in history:



The initial 1,000 point crash in the Dow today was also the largest intraday point drop in history.

This came hot on the heels of the largest weekly increase in volatility in history.

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  • Иисус Христос

    It’s cool. Everything is under control.

  • jadan

    So we’ll just see if they can defy nature and overcome the downward pressure! China’s not having much luck. It’s been said the collapse of other markets will spark a migration to US stocks. Let’s hope the privatized monetary systems like thew Fed are replaced by public monetary systems. Maybe Greece will lead the way….