First State Approves Drones with Rubber Bullets, Tasers, Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Sound Cannons for Domestic Use

North Dakota has become the first state to approve government use of drones equipped with “less than lethal weapons”, including “rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers”.

The bill passed largely due to the inherent corruption of the US political system, as the wording was modified to allow for weaponized drones and approved “thanks to a last-minute push by a … lobbyist representing law enforcement—tight with a booming drone industry”.

The Republican who originally proposed the bill had written it to ban all weaponization of drones, and he was dismayed that it ultimately passed in a form that allows non-lethal weaponization.

Police claim the drones will only be used in “non-criminal” situations, such as surveillance, but did not mention that they have already been used in at least one criminal situation, or that the claim is dubious at best given the ultra-militarized and brutal state of policing in the US, which many, particularly those in ethnic minority groups, liken to military occupation.

A police deputy, explaining why he opposed requiring search warrants for use of drones, told Daily Beast that “you don’t want things that would potentially have a chilling effect on [drone] manufacturers”.

“It’s really all about the commercial development,” said Republican rep. Gary Paur.

As Daily Beast puts it, “In other words, limit civil liberties so Big Drone can spread its wings.”

Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, as numerous US crackdowns on pro-democracy protesters, including mass arrests of civilians and journalists, demonstrate.


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  • nick quinlan

    Wake up America, our “government” has bad intentions towards its citizens. We have, and will continue to be, betrayed on every level.

  • kathlenow

    Would you consider using spell check?
    I will call my state about this,And wh.

    • Robert Barsocchini

      Excellent, and thank you for the surly proofread 😉

  • MuswellHill

    Ummm….this wouldn’t connect in any way, would it, to the violence and chaos on our streets with police being accused in mass of targeting black men and having all kinds of objects thrown at them, including bricks, bottles, urine, Molotov cocktails and more? In light of the shooting of the 2 young media people the other morning near Roanoke, Virginia, followed almost immediately by the murder of a deputy in Harris County, Texas, filling up the tank of his police vehicle at a gas station, I would not be surprised if some steps weren’t taken (because they don’t seem to have been at the federal level of government) to limit as much as possible the exposure of police officers responding to riots their risk of injury or death.

    • Dion Draper

      yes indeed it does. now they can murder unarmed citizens off camera. theyre one step ahead again.

      • MuswellHill

        I assume the ‘they’ you refer to would be the police? There are a few bad apples in every barrel. However, having said that I will also say that the vast majority of police officers do the very best they can to protect the law-abiding citizenry (the majority of the country). To say they can murder unarmed citizens off camera is another smear job, as with BLM, of anti-police rhetoric. They have no intentions of ‘murdering’ people but in this present climate police lives are being threatened above and beyond what they normally have to face on the streets each day when dealing with violent criminals. Most of us are shocked at the calls for violence coming from at least a faction within BLM movement and, whether or not any of that rhetoric encourages and motivates certain followers to actually kill police officers (I, for one, think it does), I am sick of seeing officers attacked for doing the job they are paid to do. Maybe you don’t want law and order but instead want chaos to reign, but I don’t!

  • Space Giraffe

    rubber bullets can lead to serious injury. glad i dont live in this state thats a scary thought.

  • Dion Draper

    if you think throwing grenades in baby cribs and battering down doors at the wrong house was bad…you aint seen nothing yet.