Corporate Media Crap Coverage of Sanders Is Norm

There are now articles about the predictable fluff BS horserace personality lifestyle crap coverage by the corporate media of the Bernie Sanders for president campaign (and articles about the predictable non-coverage of the Jill Stein for president campaign).

I wish it would all go away, as I think having no election would be preferable to holding such a broken one, and I’d limit even an open, free, credible, functioning, publicly-funded, fairly reported election to something under 6 months in duration.

But the Sanders coverage is actually far better, not worse, than I would have predicted. And its awfulness is par for the course, as is perhaps pointed out by this exchange I had recently with a reporter from Politico, who addressed me as Congressman Kucinich’s former campaign manager, even though I never was that:

“Hi David,
“My name is ————— and I’m a reporter at Politico. I’m working on a story about the presidential candidates and how they can stay fit and stay on their diets on the campaign trail. I know that Rep. Kucinich was a vegan when he ran for office and I was hoping you could share your experiences on what it was like on the trail for him. As the Iowa fair heats up candidates will be offered lots of fried food and I just wanted to know how candidates are able to stay on diets, and keep fit. I would really appreciate your insight on this. Please feel free to call my cell phone —————-. My deadline is tomorrow at noon EST.”

I wrote back:

“Supporters were more than happy to prepare and provide vegan food, and I think I understand why they were. If Congressman Kucinich had been elected president in 2005, there’s a decent chance that this past decade of wars and environmental destruction and advancing plutocracy and increasing violence and hatred would have moved us, instead, in a far better direction, a direction unimaginable to media consumers who — the day after Kucinich won the most applause in a debate — were typically told little more than that he was also there and, of course, what he fucking had for dinner. Do you have a serious question? I would be more than happy to answer one.

The reporter replied:

“The story is about how candidates balance using food on campaign stops to portray a certain image while maintains lifestyle and health restrictions. I was looking for someone who had experience managing it, if you’re not interested in an interview, no problem, thanks for your time.”

I replied again:

“I was press secretary, not campaign manager, and yet I can assure you that Congressman Kucinich — in what you may find an interesting twist — didn’t use food to create an image of any sort ever. He used food to fuel his health and his energy, and to ethically relate to a world being ravaged by industrial carnivorism. You can imagine that I’m not interested in an interview if it helps you feel better about the fluff you’ve been assigned to produce, but please understand my sincere interest in any meaningful, non-‘lifestyle’ discussion of the U.S. presidency, its candidates, and what we so grandiosely mischaracterize as our democratic elections.”

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  • truthtime

    That reporter must have done poor research if they thought you were Kucinich’s Campaign Manager, good grief.

    If you think that’s bad; there is little to no coverage of Jill Stein for the Green Party. I prefer her over Sanders as she is not afraid to speak about issues Sanders is remaining silent on.

    And I think I know why – she is very open about calling Nutty-Yahoo of Israel’s “Insanity Party” a War Criminal and thus has my recognition. She isn’t afraid to speak truth. And Sanders has a spotty record of seemingly giving support NOT to the Peaceful Jewish Israeli powers desperately trying to get into power, but instead enables the Racist/War-Mongering parties like other U.S. Politicians.

    I’m not surprised that the media won’t cover Sanders either though, what with his remarks against Oligarchy and Govt’s Corrupt alliance with Wall Street. The Current media (part of the Oligarchy) depend on the corruption of the state as it is.

    Anyways – Sanders still must speak up on issues of import, such as the enormous defense budget that is destroying the U.S. and the world, reckless wars, calling for arrests of those who violated international law, and from now on only giving support to the peaceful Israeli parties, not the racist ones. Right now, only Jill Stein has been capable of speaking up on those issues Sanders will not.

    • diogenes

      “Peaceful Jewish Israeli powers” — you mean the ones that “merely” intend to keep the land they colonized by force and violence, occupied, and drove a million inhabitants off of, but, you know, being “peaceful,” they only intend to maintain the surviving indigenous population as third class citizens imprisoned in bantustans and not, you know, incinerate their babies and stuff like that, the way the un-“peaceful” ones do? Is it those “peaceful Jewish Israeli powers” you are referring to?

      • truthtime

        Why are you focusing on this part?

        You’re obviously baiting if you are unaware of the Jewish-on-Jewish confrontations going in Israel right now. (1) The U.S. should not be funding Israel with war materials, because as George Washington said getting involved in Foreign Affairs has consequences. (2) As with the cruelty that occurred against Native Americans in the U.S.; the damage could not be undone, but acknowledging the crimes and trying to make amends is preferred – which is what needs to happen over there.

        In Israel, Palestine, or Palestine-Israel/Israel-Palestine – whatever is preferred, the native Jewish population that lived there before WW2 co-existed peacefully with Palestinians and even inter-married. There are some generations of these groups growing up today, some such as the Haredi Jewish. Those were the NON-zionist, indigenous groups that did not take part in extreme violence against Palestinians. Even Einstein, he himself being Jewish, was vocal in his opinion that the U.S. and U.K. should NOT have allied with radical elements within settler groups that came over after WW2.

        Today many of those non-violent groups are involved in protests and stand in solidarity with Palestinians calling for the end of the occupation of their land, calling for officials to forgive what they have done, remove the walls, give them full rights for co-existence, arrest war criminals, arrest illegal settlers for causing harm against them, etc. Unfortunately their ‘power’ within the system is overshadowed by the current racist, right-wing political parties such as Netanyahu’s.

        • Charles Fasola

          If you must start your reply as you did then you are truely a delusional character.

        • diogenes

          This view of Israel and of the social history of Palestine before the Zionist seizure of power in 1948 will not sustain confrontation with well-attested historical facts. Conflict between Zionist colonists and the local people they dispossessed commenced simultaneously with the Zionist colonial project.

          The “peace” advocated by self-described “Israeli peace advocates” has always been indistinguishable from Palestinian subjection — the current method is concentration-camp bantustans. The “peace” advocated is the status quo — a police-state apartheid.

    • Charles Fasola

      Stein needs to understand Kucinich’s Need Act and end her support of what is misnamed as Public Banks, as supported by Brown, before I could even consider her a viable candidate.

  • hidflect

    I feel better after reading this story. The suffering of others brings me a strange joy…

  • Michael

    Jill Stein/David Swanson 2016 ticket;AN ELECTORAL COLLEGE STRESS TEST

    Consider;[1]Filing as write in candidates in all states where it is possible to do so.
    [note:remembering and spelling your names correctly may be a severe challenge for
    many registered voters]
    [2]Do not accept any cash contributions[no need for F.E.C. filing].
    Solicit the vote of the general electorate
    but primarily focus on electoral college delegates!
    Seek to directly secure the votes of the necessary number of electoral delegates
    to win.

  • Charles Fasola

    Had Kucinich won the most important thing that might have been, the biggest game changer in modern history, the Need Act would have been exposed to the misinformed, socially and econically ignorant American public.
    That, sir, was the greatest loss we have all sufferred. One of the, if not the most brilliant piece of legislation of this and the last century. How many of the dumbed down citizens of this nation were and are aware of it? Particularly for its ramifications concerning economic equality, the breaking of control of our government by the banking elite and multinational corporations, and the ability of government to actually work for public good and purpose. If only it were allowed to be even mentioned by the controlled MSM. The end of debt based money. The return to a democratic society and governance.