Blue Chip Stocks Suffer Biggest 3-Day Loss In HISTORY

CNBC notes:

The blue-chip index posted its biggest 3-day point loss in history of 1,477.45 points.

Today was also the largest one-day swing of the Dow Jones in history, and last week was the largest ever increase in stock volatility.

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    • kimyo

      i tried to watch it, but the speaker meanders all over the place, lacks clarity. i couldn’t finish it.

      what’s happening though, certainly looks like a controlled demolition to me. add in headlines like this: Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser and i’d say the next phase is going to involve bank closures and lots of suffering/starvation/mayhem designed to give the people no choice but to accept a new imf sdr-based currency.

      • He’s saying that states have automatic “sells” when stocks tumble and corporations know where all the “sells” are pegged at and the market is rigged ahead of time to drop to the automatic sell points and corporations know this ahead of time and when the automatic sells hit then the corporations buy them all up knowing it’s rigged that they will go back up and then they will make a killing.

        Is that true?

        • kimyo

          u.s. states? i guess that state pension funds, run by goldman et al, do hold/control enough stock to initiate a significant drop in share prices. we do know that the manipulation of earnings per share via buybacks is real, and this theory would allow the corps to minimize the cost.

          however, what’s happening today seems to be a completely different beast.

          this feels more like tptb are trying to induce fear. as with any ponzi, once a small percentage of investors withdraw, the whole thing collapses.

          this feels like a deliberate attempt to crash the system (ie:petro-dollar). insert misery for billions over the next few months, then, from the ashes, we’ll see this century’s version of bretton-woods and a new financial order.

  • Anyone Home?

    As I warned everyone on here, we are in for a massive deflationary collapse caused by the collapse of global trade and the bursting of the global credit bubble, which has been fueled all these years with artificially low interest rates and bail outs. The proof is in the pudding. See for yourselves: