Russian Politician Predicts U.S. Coup Ousting Putin Soon

Eric Zuesse

Evgeny Fedorov, a member of Russia’s Duma or parliament, is predicting, in a half-hour video interview, that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be overthrown by a U.S. coup, within two years. He says that U.S. Government agents have passed word to Russia’s oligarchs, that they will benefit from the end of U.S. sanctions, and that any oligarchs who cooperate will not only enjoy privileged positions in the successor government, but, that if the plan fails, then they will be guaranteed in the U.S. a position of wealth and power that will match or exceed what they currently enjoy under Putin.

He says (29:20) that RBC TV, a joint venture by CNN and CNBC, and which is Russia’s main business channel, is among many foreign-controlled private corporations that are cooperating with the plan.

Here is the video:


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Jo

    Ukraine is the bite too big for curmudgeon Tio Sam to get down his geriatric craw and smart punters can sense that the war mongering Pentacon nation is at its end, broke and not much more than a Third World Fourth Reich paper tiger getting by on handouts and food stamps with printed fiat garbage pretending to be “money”. How long before the “rising” dollah supernova bursts and ceases to exist and sucks the entire unemployed USSA into the black hole that will inevitably ensue when Washing town terror no longer spooks the colonies? The illusion cannot be spun forever after all. When the toilet paper bubble bursts the entire anglozio “economic” scam will come apart and the US elites will flee the country or be culled as the nation itself implodes in a reenactment of all USerland’s color-coded global genocide.

    As the fiat petroscrip terror backed “global reserve currency” gets flushed from the clogged up Ponzi outhouse of the Wall St casino and as the rigged market “capitalism” Potemkin Village asylum begins to crumble before our eyes smart politicians in the soon to be ex €uro zone will finally PIVOT EAST, to sanity, energy and peace away from the tsunami of toxic derivative filth about to wash the sludge of Western terror backed “capitalism” and the blood-spattered Saudi Mercan petroscrip IOU fiat toilet paper “reserve” dollah down the sewer of their ignominious history. Eurasia is clearly the way forward for the independent minded people of the once sovereign European nations and the last chance to shake off the parasitic lice of the bankster filth at the heart of the Anglozionazi Empire of Chao$. How long before Deutsche Bank’s goodfella on wheels the vicious Herr Schaüble, that hybrid of Dr Strangelove and Josef Mengle, can pretend that its almost €70 billion of toxic derivative filth was not the real reason for butchering the Greeks in a vain attempt to stave off the impending mega Lehman meltdown we all know is coming to drown the so-called Western” banking system under an avalanche of poisonous muck?

    After the epic fail in January when the Langley Mob whacked chosen racer traitor Nobody Nemtsov outside the Kremlin walls what will they dream up for this latest “boy crying wolf” Federov, who needs to spend some more time in the “West” to understand how truly diseased and pathetic it has become from the corruption, arrogance and profound ignorance that passes for wisdom among the gone to seed mutts in the Uruppean politburo and the clowns that have turned USSA into a global laughing stock after more lost wars and credibility than NAZI Germany ever managed?

    Onward to the collap$€ that the human family is praying for!

    • colinjames71

      ….hey tell us how you really feel 🙂

      • Jo

        Really great about the prospect of the collapse of the Anglozionazi Empire of Chao$!

    • englishvinal

      Well spoken~!
      Thank you for renewing my faith in intelligent mankind! I guess “not to know” is bliss of some sort, but once you DO know, then bliss is nowhere to be found.

  • slavix

    He did not say Putin will be overthrown. He said some are trying to overthrow Putin in concert with Washington regime.

  • I thought all the slippery self interested anti-Russian kleptocrats had already high-tailed it off to the City of London when Putin chased them all out? I find it hard to believe that any high level Russians would even think of entertaining such a thing in Putin’s Russia. Just thinking such a thing could get you killed in one of the parks next to the Kremlin. Putin – wisely – has his back covered by a well entrenched new White-Russian coterie that has its middle finger firmly extended towards London and Washington, and with more to benefit from BRICS collaboration than bending over for the NATO proctology examination which would be forthcoming if they started playing ball with the western fascists (which is what the West has openly now become … NATO=NAZI).

    • englishvinal

      Convenient how goof-ball Nemtsov was shot right in front of the Kremlin….
      Don’t you thinks so?…

      I doubt if the Kremlin had ANYTHING to do with that whack-job… Can we say “vested interests” that wanted to “create an incident”… and pretty boy was despensible. At any rate, it was just one more FAIL!

      • Who knows. Maybe TPTB in the western world apporached him for assistance, he told them he wasn’t interested in traitorous activity, and then they killed him in an implied false-flag knowing that Putin would/could be blamed? If he wouldn’t serve TPTB in life, they sure make sure that he can be used somewhat to further their aims in death.