Out of Whack

Obamacare is the name given a law that says you must buy overpriced private health insurance from companies that fund election campaigns. Yes, it’s got some lipstick on it, but compared to a civilized healthcare system like other wealthy nations use it’s awful. But how awful? Surely not as awful as . . .

Obamatrade, which is the name not given to a potential treaty, a.k.a. the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which says that . . .

You must let foreign corporations overturn national laws.

You must throw millions of people out of work.

You must pay more for medicine.

You must allow banks to gamble on and crash the economy.

You must not know what’s in your food.

You must be censored online.

You must destroy family farming.

You must wreck the environment.

You must get paid less.

ALL OF THIS doesn’t bother anybody?

The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled in favor of Obamacare, and a considerable number of people apparently lost their minds and their bowels.

Again, I admit that Obamacare is an awful law, but it is actually a law passed by Congress. The President and the one before him have been writing laws with signing statements and secret memos, and nobody seems to have gone insane over it.

That same previous president was installed by the same Supreme Court, which stopped an election in Florida so that his opponent couldn’t be shown to have defeated him. Ho hum.

That same Supreme Court has given corporations human rights, made the spending of money an activity protected under the First Amendment as speech, and legalized political bribery. Yawn.

Is it me, or is everything related to Obamacare just a little bit out of whack?

If we were to rename the single largest and most destructive program that the U.S. government wastes money and lives on “Obamawar,” would it then start to bother people?

Can we call the subsidizing of fossil fuels “Obamasmoke”? Would the earth win a few more supporters if we did?

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  • jadan

    Yes, it’s awful out there, David. And all you’ve got to change things is your activism. You counsel others to get out there and be activists and not to be taken in by the two-party con game. Don’t vote, you say. I feel a bit sorry for you because you and a few thousand others won’t change much of anything. You’ve got a chance now in the candidacy of Bernie Sanders to work in the system and advance your goals more effectively than being a voice protesting in the wilderness. You’ve got a chance to boot Hillary war monger off the stage and put a self-proclaimed democratic socialist in Washington. You aren’t going to build a movement just because you’re David Swanson, but if you get behind Sanders and you hold his feet to the fire and you advocate political revolution, you can make a movement. The time is ripe.

    • kimyo

      if sanders steps forward and states plainly that the u.s. providing support to actual nazis engaged in actual ethnic cleansing in the ukraine, i’ll be first in line the next day to volunteer for his campaign.

      absent that, he’s a warmonger just like hillary.

      ps: diebold.

      • jadan

        Sanders voted against the PA and war in Iraq. He’s no war monger. Right now not many are aware of Ukraine. Eric Zeuss is here among us, so we’re aware. The Ukraine is not the only US aggression worth talking about. There’s the confrontation with China. Hillary is already making belligerent noises. I hope Sanders becomes a little more forthright about foreign policy. Based on his track record, I’m not too concerned about his imperial tendencies. There’s a good interview with Sander in the Nation.

        • kimyo

          if sanders is ‘unaware’ of u.s.-sponsored genocide, then he’s inept and therefore unsuitable.

          if he is aware, and stands by in silence, the he’s clearly more of a psychopath than a progressive. silence in the face of genocide is non-human.

          • truthtime

            Adding to the discussion here – Sanders has a spotty record, and while he did make “truth” remarks when he told Alan Greenspan the plight of the U.S. and also repeated the study that the U.S. is an Oligarchy, here are some other concerns with Sanders:

            – He supported the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia (in which one of his staffers resigned in protest)
            – He voted against the Iraq War, BUT voted for authorizing funds for the Iraq War and Afghanistan – funds that are damaging the U.S. to its very core in debt
            – He supported a $1 billion aid package to Urkaine’s illegal coup government; when he says Americans lives are being destroyed by financial policy, shouldn’t this count to? Tax payers shoulder such reckless “aid.”
            – He supported Israel’s illegal assault on Gaza, which was for intents and purposes a genocide
            – Voted in favor of Clinton’s Anti-Terrorism Act in 1996 (precursor to Patriot Act)
            – Vows to never halt the 3 billion dollars every year the US gives to Israel (and some of Sanders former staff have been employed by AIPAC)

          • jo6pac

            Thank You

          • jadan

            There are concerns with Sanders, true enough, but what concerns me more is this knee-jerk reaction among lefties. You have people like David Swanson preaching against voting and you have many disappointed people who are terrified of being fooled again, and you have people who have no faith at all. These people shoot themselves in the foot and try to blame the system. I’m more concerned with a cynical and flaccid left that just can’t get it up anymore than I am with Bernie Sanders, who can. Some one who says he actually likes Hillary Clinton, well now, I just don’t see how that’s possible (does she give good head, is that what it is?)….but I’m not looking for the second coming in this little Jew. I’m looking for Scandinavian social democracy.

          • truthtime

            I’m not saying not vote for whoever, just be aware of their record. Sanders should own up to his mistakes, if he thinks of them as mistakes or was duped. Otherwise he did those things to “go along, to get along.” There’s always Jill Stein btw.



            I voted for her before. She is far more a truthful, compassionate human being then that vampire Oligarch Hillary will ever be.

    • What about rigged electronic voting machines?

      • jadan

        That has to be an issue. Sanders will likely make it an issue. No other candidate presents as a “socialist” and no other dares to say that another country has a leg up on the US. Sanders praises Denmark & Scandinavians and rubs the nose of US exceptionalism in its own shit. I think he’ll talk about electoral fraud, too.

        • kimyo

          he can talk about it all he likes for the next 16 months, but millions of americans will still end up casting their ballots on machines which any 15 year kid can hack to pieces. in fact, one hopes that an army of 15 year old hackers goes to town in nov 2016 and delivers ludicrous/impossible results across thousands of precincts.

          millions of americans are starting to say ‘how come monsanto always wins regardless of which lever i pull?’

          the only way you can be sure your vote is counted accurately – boycott 2016: none of the above.

          diebold can’t fake the results if the people refuse to participate in this farce. tptb cannot claim a ‘mandate’ if no one shows up.

    • Please find somewhere I said don’t vote. Thanks.

      • kimyo

        Getting the Cure Right for a Sick Democracy

        The tricky part is that we won’t have the resources to work for these reforms unless people do something that I’ll repeat here because it is nearly incomprehensible to many: Boycott the presidential election of 2015-16. Leave it alone. Don’t fund it or promote it. Fund and work on real activism instead.

        you didn’t say ‘don’t vote’. but ‘boycott the presidential election of 2015-16’ certainly could give one the idea that that is your position.

        • jadan

          Thanks, Kimyo!

          • kimyo

            it’s kinda hilarious, no? you and i are both ‘ha! swanson did say (imply) ‘don’t vote”. yet we remain on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

            the clear cut evidence, based on the last 4 (8?) elections, is that neo-con warmongers, monsanto and jpm get to go about their business unfettered by petty concerns such as the morality of starving/killing/bombing/burning hundreds of innocents a day.

            i apologize, but your notion that we can vote our way out of this is beyond quaint.

            ps: why diebold? mostly so that when we vote on gmo labeling/fluoridation/no nukes/vaccine choice/living wage/prosecute banksters we always seem to lose 51 to 49.

      • jadan

        You are a prolific writer and I don’t have the leisure of chasing down a particular quote. But if your intent in challenging my David Swanson scholarship is to say that you do not mean to tell people not to vote, then I say, thanks. Don’t tell people that their activism is a substitute for voting. Occupy is a really sad story. It’s very useful but unless it can mesh with the system by hitching itself to a candidate like Bernie Sanders, for example, it goes nowhere. We have an opportunity right now to get behind a candidate within the system and do something radical. “Political revolution” means whatever you make it mean. Your endorsement of Sanders can be a challenge to Sanders to do the right thing.

  • kimyo

    Is it me, or is everything related to Obamacare just a little bit out of whack?

    it’s because right now, obamacare is directly causing misery for millions. the damage from killing off family farms or a failure to label gmo’s or giving $4 trillion to the banks is not immediately apparent to the majority of americans.

  • guest

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