Jade Helm – a Slippery Slope

Guest author Kenneth Anton: author of Popsicle Man and Cancer Vortex

It is stated by the government that “Jade Helm” is just a ‘Military Training Exercise’ taking place in 7 southwest states (possibly more) for just 2 months from 7/15/15 to 9/15/15.

But many skeptics, including myself, see this incursion by the military into domestic affairs as a prelude to martial law across the whole United States.

Why should we listen to the skeptics? Based on recent past experience the Ruling Elite have committed major false flag operations while training exercises were conducted at the same time as cover. So be forewarned that another ‘Military Training Exercise’ could precede a major false flag or terrorist event.

Examples of such training exercises: 

  • A few hours prior to the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing on April 19, 1995 by a large ANFO fertilizer bomb, an ATF bomb squad was seen patrolling the area. They claimed they were on an anti-terror drill. Curiously, no ATF or FBI agents normally working at the building were injured that day. And a judge received an earlier warning not to come to his office at the Federal building (also here, here).

See 4-minute video on the above:

  • While the highjacked commercial airliners of 9/11 were heading toward the World Trade Center and Pentagon, NORAD interceptor jets were preoccupied with a training exercise for the same kind of event. In fact, there was no effective response against this tragedy despite America’s spotless reputation for defending the homeland against air attacks (also here, here, here).

See 5-minute video on the above:

– The London subway bombings of 7/7/05: a training exercise by Visor Consultants was taking place in London concurrently as actual bombs were planted on subway cars and a bus by 4 Pakistan patsies in the exact same spots. The probability of this coincidence happening is incalculable (excellent documentation here).

See 4-minute video on the above:

– Boston marathon bomb exercises were underway while two pressure cooker bombs supposedly planted by 2 Muslim terrorists exploded at the race finish line. Photos of the injured and later stories raise suspicions as to the actual lethality of the bombs and whether crisis actors were the ones being carried away with injuries. It appears a primary objective of this event besides reinforcing Muslim terrorism was conditioning the public for a city lockdown which proceeded as expected.

For a graphic rendition of the fake bombing hoax see here.

Special Areas of Concern: 

Under the Constitution, US military operations within the continental US are banned by Posse Comitatus. Though there have been minor exceptions in the past, Jade Helm represents a dangerous new precedent.

The planned training exercises include simulated extraction of citizens by special forces (who already have extensive real experience). More likely this is a trial run for extracting US dissidents/patriots and sending them to FEMA camps for rehabilitation or worse.

Two months of training exercises by military personnel is one thing, but the massive movement of tanks, APC’s, humvees, Mobile Command Centers and weapons storage containers have been reported traversing the country by train as witnessed by many observers. This mass movement of artillery to various sections of the nation signifies a permanent military presence.

From Slacker 614, 4-minute video of massive convoy of military vehicles by train at Portland OR on 6/13/15:

FEMA and DHS Mobile Command Centers at Fedex facility in Texas – reported by Dahboo77 (3-minute video):

Alex Jones Infowars: Marines Training to subdue citizens & herd them into FEMA camps. This is taking place across the country (10-minute video):

Blackhawk Helicopters in active training exercises across the US (2-minute video from Dahboo77):

So What are the real goals of this ‘Training Exercise’?

1. Creating fear and intimidation on the part of the public so they will be conditioned to accept martial law and gun confiscation

2. Testing the loyalty of troops to follow orders, control and if necessary fire on citizens when necessary.

3. Not a drill at all but the initial phase of gun confiscation, extracting dissidents and population control (8-minute Pete Santelli video):

4. More than likely during the 2-month duration of Jade Helm, there will be a terrorist attack initiated by the new bogeyman ISIS; or severe weather –  floods, tornadoes, hurricanes; or bank shutdowns with limited ATM withdrawals, food and gas shortages creating panic. In any of these scenarios the troops could serve as white knights to restore calm and pacify the public, further conditioning America to accept martial law.

Dave Hodges of the CommonSense Show states that the 82nd Airborne and Special Operations Forces such as the Green Berets and Navy Seals will be a part of the extraction drill. See website here.

Ref the Red List of undesirables, these extractions will be carried out under the NDAA which “allows” for the indefinite detention without 5th Amendment Due Process. Extractions will be carried out in the “drill” (and in reality) by Special Operations Forces such as Navy Seals, Green Berets who are specially trained in this area. Read more here.

96-second cartoon from Pulitzer-winner:

Dave Hodges also refers to the 260+ military officers previously fired by Obama for basically not agreeing to fire on American citizens if ordered to. It is possible that foreign troops operating under the UN flag will be utilized to seize private guns from citizens who resist giving up their 2nd amendment rights. In order to create the manufactured need to impose martial law, the President needs a pretext, a false flag event – most likely an economic collapse followed by food and water shortages (see here).

Stewart Rhodes – Oath Keepers Founder

“I think Jade Helm is in part conditioning and vetting of the military to see who will and will not go along,” Rhodes told the Liberty Brothers radio program, adding that the training exercise would quickly change from preparation for deployment overseas to experimenting in going after right-wing groups.

“I think it’s also conditioning and assessment and vetting of the local politicians,” he added. “Who raises questions? Who has any serious, meaningful questions about what we’re doing with this exercise? They put their name down. I think they’re figuring out who is loyal and who is not loyal and who is likely to go along, with the town councils and county commissioners as well.”

He added that the exercise is also “meant to condition the public” and “intimidate” those who are on to the plot by telling them, “Resistance is futile, if you dare to oppose us this is what will happen, Navy Seals and Delta Force will come get you.”

Rhodes added “this is a different world we’re in” because “we have a government that’s made it very clear it considers veterans and gun owners and anybody who’s a constitutionalist to be the future enemy.” More on this interview here.

The Bigger Picture

Mass Media controlling our Perceptions and thus our Reality is the greatest yet hidden danger. Over 90% MSM is owned by 6 consolidated corporations which reinforce each other. News = propaganda/lies, as the MSM is used for Mind Control. When pivotal events happen, they quickly shift the focus to distractions and trivia such as gossip about stars.

A quiet revolution has taken place over the past 70 years: Bankers have taken control of the US economy.  They give themselves the sole right to gamble at the Derivatives casino (great infographic here), up to $700 trillion today and can legally steal your savings thru Bail-ins if their gambling bets go south. Pervasive Financial Manipulation is evident in the Stock Market, Gold/Silver markets and T-Bonds (thanks to QE). The Bankers are modern America’s Nobility subject to their own governance.

Despite the published lies, the Recession continues to get worse. Actual Unemployment is over 20%, with 93 million Americans out of work. Economic collapse is imminent!

Arrogant, obsessive, lunatic Neocons now control our foreign policy: coups, confrontations; the never-ending War on Terror; continuing brinkmanship with Russia & China. They fear the US is losing its status as the sole superpower and will do anything to protect their ‘Exceptional Empire.’ This madness can lead to WWIII & the destruction of life on earth (3-minute video):

The War on Terror has now come home, as DHS, FBI and Police target patriots, veterans and dissenters. The next step initiated by Jade Helm will be extraction of those on the Red List, gun confiscation and Martial Law.

These themes are covered in the historical fiction book Popsicle Man by Kenneth Anton which concludes with an unexpected ending.

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  • minette.labont
  • Filmed March 2015 “The FBI is Responsible for More Terrorism Plots In the United States Than Any Other Organization. More Than Al Qaeda, More Than Al Shabaab, More Than the Islamic State, More Than All Of Them Combined”


    Apr 17, 2013 American Terror: Manufactured by the FBI

    The Boston Marathon bombing has provoked shock, grief and outrage from around the world. After decades of conditioning, the public automatically equates such terrorism with Muslim radicals. But the evidence shows that every major terror plot on American soil in the past 10 years has been fostered, funded and equipped by one organization: the FBI.


  • December 17, 2013 “These Programs Were Never About Terrorism: They’re About Economic Spying, Social Control, and Diplomatic Manipulation. They’re About Power!”

    Snowden Gives the Big Picture Edward Snowden wrote yesterday about mass surveillance by the NSA: These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power.


  • And guess what? DHS was doing a DRILL in Charleston, SC, exactly when the Dylann Roof “shooting” took place:


    So I think this was another FALSE FLAG, because it’s a million-to-one odds DHS/FEMA/government happens to be doing a “drill” every time there’s one of these “terrorist” events.

    • Here is more interesting footage from the scene at those very moments!

      Jun 27, 2015 The Very, Very, Very Odd Arrest of Dylann Roof, ARE YOU SERIOUS???

      If you have not seen the raw arrest footage of Dylann Roof yet, you have to see this. No cops ever would act this way apprehending a possibly armed and dangerous mass shooter. There is no way anyone can tell us this event isn’t staged and scripted now.


      • I saw that video, excellent. btw…I think the average person can’t comprehend the mathematics and odds involved in there being a government drill simulating all these “terror events” in the exact location and the exact time as what the media/government says the “real” event happened. If we thought like computers, we would all say it is: IMPOSSIBLE. And THEREFORE: a FALSE FLAG. I am a computer programmer for 30 years btw, that is probably why I have an advantage in grasping these FALSE FLAGS vs the average sheeple…ummm…I mean person…ummm…I mean blindly trusting individual.

        One thing they rely on in these false flags is: EMOTION. Who would dare question blacks getting shot by a racist? WHY YOU INSENSITIVE BASTARD! YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS!

        Ring a bell?


        That’s a BIG tactic in false flags: the “EMOTIONAL SELL”.

        • nomadfiles

          And look at the immediate impact, as regards the “targeted” population. The week before this the police murder epidemic was under public scrutiny. Now what has our attention been diverted to? The Confederate Flag. Guess you might call this a literal false flag event.

      • Joan Earley

        I found it very strange the way the Dylann Roof shooting was first reported. First thing we learned was he was “white with blonde hair” and that supposedly authorities had an eye on him previously. He was supposedly racist yet he had black friends

      • nomadfiles

        Interesting. It’s the kind of behavior that you might expect from cops “going thru the motions”. Like they might act if they were participating in a drill. There is a theme of unconvincing acting that runs all through this. As this video so colorfully describes. Also makes a convincing case for the ultimate motive.

        [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsA66EtYahg&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Lizard

    Now do you understand why government bought 40 million rounds of ammo ??

    • Res Publica Amissa

      2.3 + Billion rounds for the Dept. of Homeland Sturmabteilung.

    • laura m.

      Lizard: Yes, gov bought much ammo, but what are they waiting for? so, why haven’t they made an end run on patriots? It may be similar to the y2k hype. I’m no spring chicken, in fact I’m a retiree and have read about this Jade Helm stuff for sometime on various websites. Is it just to sell stuff the websites are promoting? I refuse now to buy useless crap me and friends had to throw out/sell/donate after the y2k circus hype. I believe the gov. has a plan to release bio weapons (germ war) to kill off many, making it easier to control the rest, then go for the patriots who survived diseases using gestapo tactics.

      • Lizard

        I not so sure whats going on anymore American people have been lied to so long and so many times i have lost all trust in pResident and congress // I know one thing for sure i will not give up without fight (( My Guns )) We may end up in fema camps and Muslims along with Obama will have field day with American people once they disarm American people

  • truthbetold

    The majority of American’s have no idea what a false flag event is. I explained to someone just the other day what a false flag event was. He looked at me like I was crazy. His government would NEVER do such a thing. There are a lot of dumb people in this country. A lot of COINCIDENTAL THEORISTS. Building 7 collapse as an example. I actually have a fireman neighbor, (who lives across the street from me), who BELIEVES that a fire can bring down a steel/concrete building,( WTC Building 7). Any attempt to educate these people is a total waste of time. They are weak in science; physics, and mathematics. They lack common sense. They are an easy sale on government lies; propaganda. They love the Kool-aid.

    • Carl_Herman

      True that. We can provide people with choice, and have personal power to choose how best to express ourselves in this “game” for planet Earth’s future. With practice, as with all games, the opponent’s moves (the asleep in this case) make no negative impact on our ability to respond with grace and power.

      Practice, practice, practice to best enjoy this game; and as with all practice to earn more effectiveness.

    • ric


  • truthbetold

    Well said Karl. The dumbing down campaign is a complete success. Just look to what American’s are watching on TV, and you’ll get a good idea on their intelligence level. Keep the people focused on what doesn’t matter. Carry out a false flag, and then spin the disinformation to help meet/booster your agenda.

  • Maynard

    Another purpose is to show the population how futile it would be resist the government. Government muscle-flexing.

  • Libertybelle

    Obama praised Lincoln in his second inaugural speech. And it wasn’t for freeing the slaves.
    It was because Obama wants to murder Americans like Lincoln did. He has wanted it for a very long time.

    He wants whites exterminated. And he hopes to get whites in government to do it.