Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October … According to 2 Financial Forecasters

Update: Please see correction at the end.

Two well-known financial forecasters claim that virtually all governments worldwide will be hit with a gigantic economic crisis in the first week of October 2015.

Armstrong Painting
Martin Armstrong


Martin Armstrong is a controversial market analyst who correctly predicted the 1987 crash, the top of the Japanese market, and many other market events … more or less to the day.   Many market timers think that Armstrong is one of the very best.

(On the other hand, he was jailed for 11 years on allegations of contempt, fraud and an alleged Ponzi scheme. Armstrong’s supporters say the government jailed him on trumped-up charges as a way to try to pressure him into handing over his forecasting program).

Armstrong has predicted for years that governments worldwide would melt down in a crisis of insolvency and lack of trust starting this October.  Specifically, Armstrong predicts that a major cycle will turn on October 1, 2015, shifting investors’ trust from the public sector and governments to the private sector.

Unlike other bears who predict that the stock market is about to collapse, Armstrong predicts that huge sums of capital will flow from bonds and the Euro into American stocks.  So he predicts a huge bull market in U.S. stocks.

Edelson Paint Painting
 Larry Edelson


Edelson is another long-time student of cycle theory.  Edelson – a big fan Armstrong – has also studied decades of data from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

Edelson is predicting the biggest financial crisis in world history – including a collapse of government solvency – starting on October 7, 2015 – the same week as Armstrong’s prediction – when the European Union breaks up.

Edelson also thinks that huge sums of investment will flow from the Eurozone to America, driving up U.S. stocks (unlike Armstrong, Edelson thinks U.S. bonds will also benefit). He thinks that Japan will be the next domino to fall … and that Japan’s default will also drive investments into the U.S. as a safe haven.

In other words, both Armstrong and Edelson think that – as the best looking horse in the glue factory – the U.S. stock market will skyrocket as others fall apart.

But to be clear, both believe that the domino collapse will eventually hit the U.S., and America will end up defaulting on its debts – and falling into financial crisis – as well.

Are Armstrong and Edelson right or wrong?

We don’t have long to wait to test their very public predictions …

Note: Here’s more on Armstrong and Edelson.

Correction: Several people have pointed out that Armstrong is not predicting that the crisis will be felt on October 1, 2015. Rather, he’s forecasting that October 1st is a major turning point, but that the governmental financial crisis may not be felt until some months later.

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  • John Stewart

    They are both right, but it will happen sooner because the rapture/resurrection will happen in Sept which will remove 25% of the world’s consumers who will leave their debts behind. All those empty houses and cars will flood the market, and the credit card debt will never be repaid. This is what will be the trigger that will cause “a loaf of bread to cost a day’s wages” as the Bible says. More at

    • Burt Year 2015

      Warren Buffett Bill Gates the Rothchilds David Rockefeller and George Soros you all are going to loose that evil stuff called money. The Rich Fat Cats are no better then any one else.

    • James Staten

      I don’t believe I could have said it any better. Look Up for your Redemption draws neigh!!!!

    • Hetfield

      YOU’RE the reason people get away with what they do

    • Christopher

      There is no biblical basis for Rapture. Gods church members will go to a place of safety but Jesus Christ will not return for more 3 and half years later. He does not return to earth twice.

    • Chris

      Twenty-five percent of the world will be in the Rapture??!! I wish!! Bro, you need to read the Gospels. “Many are called but few are chosen.” Only those whose “lamps are burning brightly” and who are constantly in “watching and praying,” as Jesus tells us to, and who are walking real close to Him, will be in the Rapture. Lets not put percentages on it, but no way will it be a quarter of the worlds population.

      • John Stewart

        My estimate of 25% is based on Wikipedia which states that 32% of the world is Christian. I also did an estimate several years ago when I was marketing to churches that about 20% of the population of a city attends church regularly. Considering this, my estimate of 25% is probably quite accurate. So what do you have to offer other than an opinion and some scathing remarks? It sounds to me that you might be a believer, so I would suggest that you measure your words carefully as if that is the case, you and I will both be in heaven together and you may have to explain your words and actions to Jesus. The devil loves it when Christians bash each other…..but let’s remember that we are both on the same team.

        • Chris

          Wikipedia might tell us that 32% of the world is Christian, but have you looked into what they regard as Christian? I am going by the words of Jesus, “Many are called and few are chosen.”and “Few shall be saved.”

          I am puzzled as to why you should take it so hard and so personally, when I corrected you on that 25%??
          How was I “scathing?!”
          If one can get upset and angry simply because I disagree on your percentage then moan about us “having to be in Heaven together” etc etc I suggest John that you check your attitude.
          It seems you are way too sensitive.
          You are the one who needs to measure your words carefully.
          You accuse me of “bashing you” and being “scathing” etc., good grief!
          I think bro that you are giving the devil the reason to be happy, not me, as you accuse me of doing.
          Lighten up a little.
          One would never know that we are “on the same team” to read your retorts. Smell the roses or something.

          • John Stewart

            Here’s what you call a normal response: Twenty-five percent of the world will be in the Rapture??!! I wish!!
            Bro, you need to read the Gospels. “Many are called but few are
            chosen.” Again, you offer no facts, just an opinion and a comment that says that you are right and I had better read the Gospels. And you call that “correcting” me? What do you have to offer which gives you the right to “correct” me? Nothing more than an opinion. Look at your derogatory remarks above. However, I see no point in trying to reason with you as I can already see what kind of person you really are. Good bye and Good Luck.

          • Chris

            If you think that Wikipedia are superior to the Lord Jesus, then maybe your 25% is right.
            You are so touchy and full of anger, that you misread me entirely and now you “know what sort of person you are!”

            No, you don’t, it is obvious.

            I would not have taken it as someone being “scathing and pleasing to the devil” as you do, simply because they are shocked at something I said.

            That was my reason for the exclamation mark which miffed you and ruffled your little feathers so much!

            You are merely projecting your own attitudes upon me, someone whom you know nothing of and have misunderstood entirely!

            Now you are all uptight and offended at me “correcting” you!

            What nonsense! I meant I was correcting your comment-any reader could see that! Anyone normal that is.
            However, you certainly did a lot of “correcting” (as you supposed) of myself in your nasty replies!
            Angry much?!
            You seriously need to get that paranoia and anger checked.
            If you fly off the handle as you have done over this, what would you do if someone genuinely attacked you?
            If you want to be in the Rapture, you need to get rid of that attitude.

            The commandment is to “love one another as I have loved you,” Jesus says.
            But anyone who disagrees with you is the enemy.
            Lighten up, move on. Conversation closed.
            May the Lord help you.

          • chartliner

            Reason? It is totally irrational to believe in the rapture, there is zero scientific evidence for what you are believing. The world was supposed to end in the year 1000 according to many Christians back then too….NOT. I wonder how many thousands of year will have to pass by before people give up on this delusion. Praise the lord and pass the ammo!

  • May 13, 2015 Reckoning for the Fed

    So why does such a reasonable question raise such ire from former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke? Responding to a recent editorial in The Wall Street Journal citing persistent low economic growth as perhaps an indication that the Fed’s unconventional monetary policies are not working as intended, Bernanke fairly bristled with indignation, writing in his Brookings Institution blog that he never promised monetary policy would be a “panacea” for our economic troubles — and besides, “nobody claims that monetary policy can do much about productivity growth.”

    • Munk

      You are one of the brightest bulb in the box, your observation is correct: The Federal Reserve Bank creates $$ out of thin air by simply crediting large commercial banks account. Money is only printed to replace bills that are destroyed and to maintain liquidity. As for the national debt, no worries, the only country left where production outstrip consumption, in absolute terms, is the USA. Although, as of lately, the environmentalist is putting the agricultural sector at risk by rationing water in California’s central valleys, which produces enough food to feed the world and then some. With no where else safe to put their money, foreign capital will continue to flow into the USA’s economy at ever increasing rate, since it is also the only country with impressive social institutions, designed to protect private property and individual rights, couple with a fairly equitable judicial system. The trick is to have an executive in power to manage the beast.

  • Burt Year 2015

    Marc Dinger’s nose is starting to bend down ward. That means the crash is coming

  • LesterB

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  • The Bible warns of a future period of great economic chaos…followed by the most tyrannical economic system man has ever seen.

    God’s Perfect number of 2520 is found throughout Scripture and 1948 (the establishment of the modern State of Israel) is the fulfillment of a 2520-Year Prophecy. June 7, 1967 is the fulfillment of another 2520-Year pattern (the day Israel re-captured the city of Jerusalem.) From June 7, 1967 to this Yom Kippur – September 23, 2015 is the end of a perfect 2520-Week Prophecy and Biblical cycle. Is the Tribulation spoken of in Scripture next? ( The 7-Year Tribulation can be more precisely called the period of 2520 Days.

    2520 Years, 2520 Weeks, 2520 Days…Are you ready to meet the “Perfect Numberer” (Daniel 8:13)
    To learn more of God’s math visit

    Check out how God is even in control of geography. You always knew this destination was evil, now you have proof.

    • truthtimeforeal

      Yeah… and did you know Bible also talks about Debt Jubilee’s, as in “debt forgiveness” every decade or so to resolve financial crisis.

      • liars

        That’s what we need today. Instead of bailing out bank gangsters.

    • Hetfield


  • jadan

    Everybody loves a prediction of disaster. It’s so exciting, especially when it’s the “word of God”, and we’re just so damned bored!

    • Stanislav Daganov

      You are entering an IT data explosion, accelerated data growth, an explosion of games and movies, accelerated globalization and rapid increase in people’s connectivity, multiplication of TV channels and TV entertainment, soon to be ability to watch Internet TV – thousands of channels in 3000 languages (or, at least, about 200 more common languages). HD movies, movies about nature, 7 billion people, 1.5 billion in Facebook, commenting and having personalized accounts. And you are damned bored? Well, I hate to say it, but you must be the most imbecilic idiotic retarded moron on the face of the planet: a contented asshole, blind for beauty of nature and life. Just watching when something will crash or explode, somewhere, and saying: oh, I’ve seen that, already. I’m so boooooored… Give me something more! I need to run away from a pyroclastic flow, to get my adrenaline pumping. But I’m so fat, I can’t do it. Gimme more crashes and explosions! Yeaaaaah!

      • jadan

        Well, you’re all excited, aren’t you! I didn’t say I was bored. Plenty of people are bored with this “data explosion”, and you’d be surprised how many see no future. But that’s not your problem Tinker Belle. And I don’t know how you can be so full of appreciation for life and still be an ass-hole yourself.

  • Higgs Boson

    These dire predictions ignore the fact that sovereign issuers of fiat currencies (such as the U.S., UK, Japan, etc.) cannot go broke. The US federal government creates dollars when it spends. It does not have to borrow or tax to raise revenue. It issues debt instruments only to balance its books and to provide private and foreign sector investors a safe place to save ttheir dollars. As Alan Greenspan noted, the US government can pay any obligation, no matter how large, at any time because it simply creates the money at will. The only constarint on its ability to create (spend) dollars is the amount of real resources (goods and services) that are available to buy. When the economy is “hot” government spending competes for these resources and the increased demand drives prices up (inflation). In a depressed economy, the risk of inflation is very low and increased government spending puts dollars (buying power) into wage earners’ wallets. A sovereign issuer of a fiat currency (like the US) cannot run out of money any more than a score board can run out of points. You cannot run out of that which you create at will. The only way the US can default on any of its financial obligations is if elected officials willfully allow it happen. Are they really that stupid and/or evil? Time will tell.

    • margsview

      Areas that rarely gets dealt with are twofold; first, why if default is so impossible, was there a multi-bank bailout, through taxpayers, globally? Most done, in secrecy by using taxpayers as ATM’s, and most, interest-free. As well, provisions were immediately put in to every Western countries budgets, for automatic bailouts, bail-ins, and safe harbors, covering all future hedge fund-derivative mega-losses by these same banks, gambling.
      Similar safety measures, are now the second, intended part, of global trade agreements with one glaring change–Now taxpayers are the ATM’s as the last real source of global liquidity. The fact, that this is obviously illegal no longer bothers, any government or the 1% that dictate.

      The trade deal (on steroids) that enhances all included ISDS, investor-state dispute settlement clauses is the Trade in Services Agreement. Targeting taxpayer’s cash goes beyond bailouts to a new tool, that of privatizing all that is owned, paid for, by the public globally. So public pensions, education, healthcare, insurance, water or any protected resource, services or programs are virtually stolen/taken (privatized) by corporations and/or banks.. That is why ‘cash’ has become a negative, because it is the last means of controlling their access. As a final protection, the TISA , has a 5 year non-public disclosure clause–see

    • Smit

      When no one wants the stupid/evil printed US Dollar , as so false and corrupt that anyone should be able to just create from thin air , that’s not a solution surely . What if every other Country just did the same , and why should they not ?? Print their debt , let Greece print their Debt off and hand to the Corrupt EU then ?? Debt can not be ignored , it is like using one credit card to pay another and another and another , finally it all catches up on the person .

    • CactusPatch

      History is littered with nations and empires which have collapsed. Yes, a nation can print unlimited amounts of currency, but it’s value plummets, i.e. the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, etc… The $18 trillion in debt amassed by the government of the United States far surpasses anything of its kind in history. A day of reckoning approaches. The coming financial collapse will simply be the instrument. The cause can be found in America’s moral failures.

      • Keith Wright

        You’re as bad as a jihadists aching for battle. Y’all need to lock yourselves in the Sinai and duke it out ; leave the rest of the world in peace to love one another. Y’all are only about doom and gloom. We’re tired of your false prophecy and hatred of your fellow man.

    • Mike

      Jesus Christ may return on October 7. It is 1600 days from May 21,2011. See or for more information.

      • Chris

        There is too much unfulfilled Bible prophecy for that to occur. Unless you are referring to the I Thessalonians chapter 4 event, the Rapture, or when Christ removes from the earth all those who are truly close to Him and those in the graves who lived close to Him. That is possible. But rather than date-setting, how about we just do what He asks us and also share the Gospel with our fellow man as He commands us? Cheers.

        • Phillip N Marlys Miller

          AMEN BROTHER 🙂

        • Keith Wright

          Bernie Sanders does that and he is tormented. The anti-Christian follows Satan and pleas a fraud charge for the taxpayers. Tell me he isn’t the deceiver. And God gave you a choice. Sad.

      • Keith Wright

        Bullshitting false prophet. Keep claiming lies.

    • Libertas Aut Letum

      My god, what an utter and complete @$$ you are. Printing new money only devalues existing money and guarantees inflation. With nothing tangible to back it up fiat money is only worth the paper its printed on. Thanks to the mindset of idiots like you a loaf of bread is going to cost $50 by 2020. Im willing to bet you have a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on your car…

      • Keith Wright

        Bernie Sanders. Does what false prophets and pretend Christians should do. Follows the edict to love God and his fellow man. How terrible!

        • Libertas Aut Letum

          How terrible indeed. Just look at all that communism has done for the world. If it were up to Bernie loving pieces of shlt like you America would the next USSR.

          • Keith Wright

            How about Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and other Democratic Socialist countries.
            Or better yet, that asshole Jesus, who implored others to give away their possessions and follow him?

  • Moral Max

    Similar safety measures, are now the second, intended part, of global trade agreements with one glaring change–Casquette Superman Now taxpayers are the ATM’s as the last real source of global liquidity. The fact, that this is obviously illegal no longer bothers, any government or the 1% that dictate.

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  • chartliner

    October 1st 2015 is the peak of the ‘economic confidence model’ – an 8.6 year cycle, we can expect the economy to turn down hard after this date with the bottom showing up 4.3 years later in 2020. The final collapse of the system will not happen until late 2032 which is when the 51.6 and 309.6 year cycles peak. He does not think the USA will survive as a nation after 2032 as the south will blame the north for the collapse of they system.

  • The Love Hog

    Okay…so we’re here at October 1, 2015. No collapse…yet.

  • jadralec
  • Dan Nicholl

    Well here we are November 4th and gas is at less than $2.00 a gallon and no sign of any collapse. Egg on face guys.

  • Higgs Boson

    Well here it is, November already and the dollar has not collapsed, the evil empire continues to work its dark agenda unabated. So all of you folks below will have to predict yet another day for the inevitable collapse to occur, like all those cultists out in the desert who gather every year waiting for judement day.

    • badgehunter

      its only one of the turning points. the main event happens at the 2020.05. this day was just one of the turning points. there will be 4 the 2016.8252017.92018.5292018.895 and when it comes to 2020.05. you guys know that atleast martin armstrong was right. he has been allways right. He will be right.

  • John Mason

    Its nov 7 2015 what happened? Oh nothing thats right. Loosers

    • Horiboyable .

      October was the turning point, the EU has started to fall apart with the BREXIT and the Euro area banking system is near collapse. This will cause a flight to quality and the dollar will rise, wiping out the 9 trillion in emerging markets that have loans in USD. China is in the middle of a melt down. Western demographics where there are 10,000 people a day retiring stop paying tax and become an expense and all this at a time where all western governments are broke and loaded to the gills with debt……. what possibly could go wrong.
      Those who dont read history are condemned to repeat it. You are free to ignore reality but you are not free ignore the consequences of reality.
      The hallmark of any society that is in the process of collapse is when the state starts to debase the currency, its cheating and dishonest. When the state starts to act like a criminal you know your rights mean nothing to them and its only a matter of time before they start to steal from YOU, because it comes down to the state against you, them and us. Do you think a Policeman is going to let you mess with his pension? We are entering hell which will lead to civil unrest or war. Read Ayn Rand’s paper on The Meaning Of Money. Human behavior never changes over time, the characters turn up and the only thing that changes are their names.

  • Nygmatech

    Martin Armstrong predicted that 2015.75 would mark the peak in public confidence in the government, after which confidence in government would start to decline. September 30, 2015 marks the date when Putin went into Syria. What is currently destroying European confidence in their governments? The Syrian migrant crisis. I can’t say whether Armstrong is 100% right or not, but something has definitely changed in the world since around the time of 2015.75: the rise of Trump, the Brexit vote, the rise of the European right wing. It looks like everywhere people are growing more and more unhappy with the ruling political class and it looks like governments are starting to turn on their people in order to hold on to power.

    • Horiboyable .

      I voted for BREXIT.

      From a very young age I have never trusted the state after reading that the NAZI’s went through old census forms to find Jews so I have never filled out a census form that was truthful. I always knew I needed to be a multiple passport owner in case the country you are born in goes crazy. The fore fathers of the USA realized this and hence the right to own firearms so if the state goes crazy you have the ability to revolt when the state starts acting like a criminal. I think Madison said there should be a revolution every generation.

      • Nygmatech

        You sound like a sensible person. I don’t understand the Marxists and why they think giving government all this power is a good thing. I mean, they’re against greedy corporations, but at least a corporation typically cannot raise an army against you. Government leaders are some of the most power-hungry and disgusting people on the planet and they wouldn’t hesitate to kill any of us as individuals if we were to get in the way of their plans.

    • Keith Wright

      Highest consumer confidence now. Sorry. False prophets again.

      • Nygmatech

        Yeah, but he said that 2015.75 was a collapse in confidence in government, NOT the private sector. Look at Trump, he is the closest thing to an anti-establishment western leader that I have seen in my lifetime… there is no way he could have won a few years ago. The EU is breaking apart at the seams. Everywhere we look in the west, we are seeing establishment governments losing ground democratically and the people rising up against them. This is what Armstrong meant by 2015.75. Armstrong’s model predicted both the Brexit as well as Trump’s victory while the media was telling us that Hillary had a 98% chance of winning the election. I’m sure that it’s not infallible, but I would definitely trust Armstrong’s model over the mainstream media any day.