AIPAC: Anti-Iranian Propaganda at Congress

AIPAC’s statement on Iran inspires me to make a graphic:

Here’s AIPAC’s statement:

“AIPAC Statement on Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

“AIPAC has consistently supported diplomatic efforts to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program,”

Except when lobbying for ever greater sanctions that would have blocked the negotiations, and even for a US commitment to jump into any Israeli-Iranian war. Here’s a brief history in the form of activist opposition to AIPAC.

“and we appreciate the commitment and dedication of President Obama and his administration throughout these negotiations. Unfortunately, this proposed agreement fails to halt Iran’s nuclear quest.”

There is no evidence of Iran pursuing a nuclear weapon. Gareth Porter makes this clear in his book Manufactured Crisis.

Instead, it would facilitate rather than prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and would further entrench and empower the leading state sponsor of terror.”

There is no evidence re the leading state sponsor slur, but let’s not get distracted by it. How do tougher inspections than ever faced by any country FACILITATE anything other than Iran’s ability to refute slander and libel? The inspections worked in Iraq. Inspections work very well. The only reason anything is missing from these inspections is past US resistance to universal standards that would have required the US to face surprise inspections itself, and U.S. abuse of inspections in Iraq to spy on and seek to overthrow the Iraqi government.

During these negotiations, we outlined criteria for a good deal that Congress itself had set in five critical areas: inspections, possible military dimensions, sanctions, duration, and dismantlement. In each of these areas, the proposed agreement has significant flaws:

“-The proposed deal does not ensure “anytime, anywhere” short-notice inspections;”

After you, sir. Let Israel and/or the United States submit. Make it standard. Make a public commitment not to overthrow the Iranian government. Again. Then tell Iran to submit to this.

“-The proposed deal does not clearly condition sanctions relief on full Iranian cooperation in satisfying International Atomic Energy Agency concerns over the possible military dimensions of Tehran’s program;

“-The proposed deal lifts sanctions as soon as the agreement commences, rather than gradually as Iran demonstrates sustained adherence to the agreement;

“-The proposed deal lifts key restrictions in as few as eight years;”

Some things take more time, but they all begin right away.

-The proposed deal would disconnect and store centrifuges in an easily reversible manner, but it requires no dismantlement of centrifuges or any Iranian nuclear facility.”

This is a problem in every state with nuclear energy.

In return for this flawed agreement, Iran will receive over $100 billion in sanctions relief. Tehran will use these funds to fuel its hegemonic ambitions, support the killing of civilians in Syria, fund the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, and spur deadly conflicts throughout the region.”

Prove it. Never mind that Israel is murder people in Syria on a retail and wholesale basis, and the U.S. the same. These things are illegal. They haven’t proven a sufficient basis to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia or giving them to Israel. They need to be handled but shouldn’t be used to wreck this deal.

This agreement not only fails to achieve its objectives in the nuclear arena, but it releases Tehran in a matter of years—regardless of Iranian behavior—from ballistic missile sanctions and an arms embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council. This late, unexpected concession will provide additional arms for terrorism and proxy wars, while strengthening Iran’s capabilities against our regional allies.”

If Israel and/or the United States were to propose a WMD-free Middle East and/or impose a region-wide arms embargo, I guarantee you Iran would go for it. In the meantime, the kettle may not listen to the pot.

This accord threatens the future of the nuclear non-proliferation regime. By leaving Iran on the threshold of a nuclear weapon—despite its history of violating international obligations—other countries in the region will have a dangerous incentive to initiate their own nuclear programs. The resulting nuclear arms race would severely destabilize the region.”

For godsake, Israel is in blatant violation of the NPT except that it’s never even joined it. The US joined it and blatantly violates it. Iran is in compliance, and the inspections regime was intended to accomplish just what this deal accomplishes. Resulting nuclear arms race?! That’s the work of the U.S. and Israel and of all the Gulf dictatorships now building nuclear energy.

Proponents of the proposed agreement will argue that the only alternative to this agreement is military conflict. In fact, the reverse is true. A bad agreement such as this will invite instability and nuclear proliferation. It will embolden Iran and may encourage regional conflict.

“We strongly believe that the alternative to this bad deal is a better deal. Congress should reject this agreement, and urge the administration to work with our allies to maintain economic pressure on Iran while offering to negotiate a better deal that will truly close off all Iranian paths to a nuclear weapon.

“Congress should insist on a better deal.”

Demanding a deal you’ll never get is how wars have been started through history, including in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, not to mention the demand that Iraq hand over the WMD it didn’t have. We’re not falling for it again, guys.

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  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    America had no choice. Obama is on notice Americas military will not fight any more wars for the Jews. And should the Jews attempt otherwise a military coup will over throw the government.

  • Nofearorfavor

    David Swanson you truly rock! Just like Paul Craig Roberts, you say it exactly as it is… even when the God honest truth (a rarity today), is usually muzzled by a number of even the most independent publications … not their fault… they are trying to survive, even with bringing watered down truth, simply to still have a genuine voice. Makes one feel awfully sad, when one thinks how much human beings have achieved, yes fills one with sorrow, that their achievements fed their egos, bloated their arrogance and exploded their greed to such an extent that lies today are the new world’s truth. God help us all!

  • Westcoastliberal

    If I were the Iranian leadership, I don’t know if I would even “negotiate” with the U.S. after being treated so poorly over the years. We did overthrow their government after all. And why do they need permission from us or anyone else to do whatever the hell they want? That’s how we act on the world stage.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      It’s just this “….whatever the hell they want ?” , what Constitutes the “Unbridgeable DIFFERENCE” between the “Materialistic WEST” & the “Spiritual EAST” !!!

  • Mark

    Very well said.

  • Amazing how things change, back in the late 60 everyone was out protesting against nuclear, both power stations and the bombs manufactured from the waste material – I cannot go advocating that Iran should go nuclear, Iran should concentrate on renewable energy.

    Irans nuclear energy ambitions offers Neo-Cons and Zionist the opportunity to use this ambition against them — And they’re not exactly known for producing reliable and verifiable evidence to support their claims including WMD.

    Didn’t Israel just let one go in Yemen?

    It makes no sense that Iran wants to develop nuclear energy – The smart thing to do is to dump the nuclear energy project and concentrate on renewable energy.

    Both the hypocritical US and the equally fallacious Israel have nuclear energy and a large arsenal of nuclear weapons and then some.

    Don’t do as we do – Do as we tell you to do or else….

  • JerseyCynic
    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      Which kind of “Upright AMERICAN” , has made This “Backbone-less SLIME-BALL” his Representative ???

      • JerseyCynic

        I’m going to go with the shapeshifters behind door number one, berger!

        if you full screen that first video you’ll see what I mean

        “Animals that don’t have a backbone include insects, spiders, scorpions and cephalopods. Bivalves such as clams, mussels and oysters lack a backbone, as do jellyfish, starfish, sponges, sea cucumbers and sea pigs. Crustaceans such as shrimp, lobsters and crabs lack backbones, as do worms such as earthworms and leeches…”

        sea pig?

  • JerseyCynic


    his thoughts on the nuke deal with Joe and Mika IMMEDIATELY following Obama’s speech 7/14

  • Agent76

    General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

    General Wesley Clark Asked About 7 Country War Plan

  • AtomicMetroid

    Just call it what it is; Jewish supremacism. The US congress is under the control of a foreign threat(jews) and is being used as a weapon against all jewish enemies. As an American I would rather have Iran as an ally than to have illegal, racist state of Israel. Texas secedes first then dozens follow. We have to secede from these zio loons now. We can go no further.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      THANKS , for Your Answer !!!

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    There is just one “Burning Question” , Eying Current Pure Zionist CHAOS ! > “What happened to America’s Domestic Overlords” , the “ROCKEFELLER’S” ??? <

    • AtomicMetroid

      They control all the natural resources in WV and control the senate there. A lot of money in coal and natural gas to be gate-keeped.

  • canyonlobo

    FLASH: There were major traffic jams across most cities in the U.S. today. It seems that AIPAC members, their extended families, Sheldon Adelson and his ilk, and Jewish Americans who share their anti-“deal” sentiments were rushing to the military recruiting stations. Many were heard to say we don’t feel it’s right for Americans who are for the “deal” to put their lives on the line for our rabid, generational hatred of Iran so we are volunteering – and we’re asking to go to the front lines. Young doctors, lawyers, Wall Street robber barons were abandoning their status cars at the recruiting stations and saying I WANT TO SERVE ISRAEL – but I want to do it in a U.S. military uniform. Word is that the recruiting stations were adding staff for the expected onslaught tomorrow.