Reddit: Only YOU Can Stop TPP

The House of Representatives is voting this Friday to pass Fast Track authority for the horrible TPP treaty.  TPP would destroy everything that Reddit stands for.

But the mainstream media is censoring and ignoring the whole issue.

At this point, only social powerhouses like Reddit can generate enough of a public outcry to stop the TPP.

After all, we stopped SOPA … even though they said it couldn’t be done.

Please put this on the front page … and let’s make America’s opposition to TPP go viral … .

Contact your Congress Critter … and tell them no to TPP and no to Fast Track Authority!

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  • Southern

    I support your cause and will send the link to this article out.

    Unfortunately I don’t consider myself much of a Twit – I need far more than a mere 140 characters at the max to express myself – one sentence adding to 100 characters speaks for it self.

    Please feel free to send as many twits out that you like – earlier on I responded to a comment of one of the people that a follow – On a comment board that was appropriately titled ” Ask Your Neighbor: How do you feel about TTP and TTIP

    First and only comment up – Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Investment Partnership

    I question how these trade agreements are being negotiated in secret, and I don’t think they will be good for all people

    I responded – I have no doubt that they’re the final phase of globalization.

    Considering if they were not complementing the fallacious GWOT – They would have been called off – instead it’s global trade uber alles – They have many things in common and they even appear to have identical end games – The isolation of Russia & China and to subvert any other nation not currently under their control.

    The sheer evil of being able to control any people’s choice of government is behind closed doors and with their own officials – the lack of public outcry explained by the corporately controlled MSM.

    Not long after that particular comment threat was shut down –

    Look what was posted as per explanation by ”A so called moderator” Ask Your Neighbor: How do you feel about TTP and TTIP

    A branch of Disqus – Squid describes itself as ” A place for in-depth discussions.

    I thought that was exactly what I was doing.

    I was simply replying to someone else’s question best as I could, than I noticed the house rules….Brrr

    The link to this article will be passed along – Have no doubt about it.

  • ClubToTheHead

    Who the people writing the TPP? What are their names? Are photos of their faces floating around somewhere?

    I am very curious about these people, who are able to write laws that elected legislators are not allowed to read and discuss. This anonymous power cannot be tolerated by a society that calls itself a democracy (even if it’s not a democracy, or one in name only).

    I would like to see pressure brought upon these people who will certainly use their secret power circle to bring pressure on everyone outside of their power circle.

    Names, faces, addresses, any contact info please.

    • Harlan County

      Fat pig lobbyist like Dennis Hastert.

    • Southern
      • nick quinlan

        A long list of corporate, fascist, sociopathic criminals, that each deserve a prison cell for the rest of their useless time on earth

        • Southern

          Well stated !

          Us at the lower end of the financial scale find that 1) the internet can be a wonder source for providing back ground information 2) The main thing is that the global economic model is wrong, this model is based on the illusion that perpetual economic growth is somehow possible – what is ignored are the cost to civil rights and the environment.

          The other thing that’s wrong is credit created by keyboards with which can be used to snap up state owned industries. How ‘Free Markets’ Defame ‘Democracy’

          Highly recommended – The Saker interviews Michael Hudson — Russia, China, MMT And Gold Against US Dollar And Military Hegemony – An Interview With Michael Hudson Brilliant !

          • nick quinlan

            Thanks for the link to that excellent article!

      • Bill Rood

        approximately 42% were decided in favour of the State and approximately 31% in favour of the investor. Approximately 27% of the cases were settled.

        Another way of saying that would be to say that in 69% of cases, the investor won at least a portion of their claim.

        • Southern

          No doubt, the number of these cases being registered will only get worse considering the new batch of secretly negotiated deals also include ISDS provisions.

          That information from the UNCTAD site were 2012 figures – I’d like to see some updated information.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    A template one could use for emailing or calling “reps” about this:

    Dear [x]

    Urging you to reject the TPP proposal, which has been protected with so much secrecy for a reason: it seeks to further empower corporations over governments.

    My colleagues and I are in favor of democratic, open government, and opposed to giving greater power to the unaccountable, secretive, anti-democratic institution of the corporation, which is already highly integrated with the state, with devastating consequences we have witnessed over the years, internally and, especially, externally.

    The purpose of government is to empower people who are NOT associated with the minute power structures in entities like corporations, not to give more power to such entities.

    Thus, please strongly demand a rejection of the TPP.

    Thanks so much, [x]