How to Stop the TPP

The House and Senate have rammed through Fast Track.

Here are the senators who voted for Fast Track:

And the House members who voted for Fast Track:

We always said this would virtually guarantee passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But it doesn’t absolutely guarantee it.

One way to stop it would be to pull out a seldom-used tactic in the United States that is indispensible in other nations. We could threaten consequences at the polling place for TPP supporters.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I know — No, not kidding, I actually know — that in some small percentage of cases this could end up meaning that you’ve committed to voting against someone who faces in a future election someone else who looks even worse. But fear of that has in fact produced a pattern of, in fact, worse candidates followed by even worse candidates for years now. How, pray tell, do you propose to ever get any better candidates?

The TPP is a disaster that towers over considerations of gentility and lesser-evilism. This is Congress, as our supposed representatives, giving the power to overturn its own laws to corporations. Why would you care whom you elect to a body that no longer has the power to make laws? It’s already given up the power to stop wars.

The TPP is NAFTA on steroids, economically and environmentally destructive at home and abroad. Most of it has nothing to do with trade, but is rather about empowering banks and corporations with powers that couldn’t be passed separately or transparently because they’re too terrible and unpopular.

It’s time we take a stand against wrecking the world, even with corrupt politicians who can find someone slightly more corrupt to run against.

It’s time we signed this petition:

If you don’t oppose and vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, I will oppose and vote against you in every future primary and general election in which you are a candidate.

Please sign it here.

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  • nick quinlan

    200 million in corporate bribes, will buy votes for anything in this 100% corrupted sorry excuse for a “government”
    We have a government by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations.
    At this point, all the big criminal banks must be broken up and dissolved, and all corporate charters should be revoked. They have taken over the globe and are destroying any chance humanity has for peace and prosperity.

  • runningbody

    When does not killing a few traitors equate to a lessor evil than obeying moral prohibition against killing?

    How about when those traitors (Senators and Congress People) seek to make the deaths of all Americans who have fallen in defense of this form of government amount to deaths that were in vain?

    If there is anything you would fight for, would preventing the end of “We the People” be worthy of your courage? Or are you more interested in sports, movies, your job, etc? America only ends because we all sat back and watched it happen.

    Our politicians will only represent the will of the people when the people put the fear of death in the politicians. Fear of death is the only thing stronger than the lure of power and fortune. All of your other ideas are noise you make because you don’t intend to do anything but watch and talk forever after about the good old days.