What Will Happen If the Patriot Act Expires?

The Patriot Act isn’t needed to keep us safe.  But politicians and natsec officials will go to tremendous lengths to terrify their people … to justify programs that are just a naked power grab.

The fearmongering from the usual suspects about what will happen if the Patriot Act expires is so over-the-top that Twitter has launched a hilarious parody campaign to counter the silliness:

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  • jo6pac


  • No more government profiling of all Americans and restore the Fourth Amendment for starters!

    Jun 7, 2013 William Binney – The Government is Profiling You (The NSA is Spying on You)


  • Jan 5, 2008 Wake up America! We MUST repeal the PATRIOT Act! NOW!

    We have started on a very perilous path, and we need to stop and turn around before it becomes extremely difficult to stop. As of right now, if someone shows up and calls you unpatriotic, or as aiding the enemy, you can be taken away with no constitutional rights and no legal protections to prove otherwise. We must stop this before it’s too late!


    OCTOBER 26, 2014 Peekaboo, I See You: Government Authority Intended for Terrorism is Used for Other Purposes

    The Patriot Act continues to wreak its havoc on civil liberties. Section 213 was included in the Patriot Act over the protests of privacy advocates and granted law enforcement the power to conduct a search while delaying notice to the suspect of the search. Known as a “sneak and peek” warrant, law enforcement was adamant Section 213 was needed to protect against terrorism. But the latest government report detailing the numbers of “sneak and peek” warrants reveals that out of a total of over 11,000 sneak and peek requests, only 51 were used for terrorism. Yet again, terrorism concerns appear to be trampling our civil liberties.