US-Assisted Wahhabi Bombings of Yemen are “Devastating”: UN

The UN Secretary General stated Thursday that Saudi bombings of Yemen, which are assisted and coordinated by the US, “are having a devastating impact on humanitarian aid efforts and are in violation of the laws of war.”

While noting that fighters within Yemen are also committing war-crimes – ISIS, for example, has been able to establish a presence in the country thanks to the Saudi campaign – the UN has “been particularly critical of the Saudi air strikes”, for which the “United States is providing aerial refueling and intelligence” from within and outside the Saudi-Wahhabi dictatorship’s territory, as well as rescuing Saudi pilots: “U.S. military assets ha[ve] been used to rescue two Saudi pilots” – McClatchy.  (The US also evacuated its own government staff.)

While 8 countries, including India, China, and Russia, have carried out missions to rescue thousands of their civilian nationals, as well as foreign nationals and some Americans from the Yemen war zone, the Obama regime, recalling Bush’s treatment of hurricane Katrina refugees, refuses to evacuate any of the 3 to 4,000 US civilians trapped in Yemen, despite US-lawsuits calling on Obama to do so.

The UN said that “more than 1,200 people have been killed in the past six weeks of fighting and that 300,000 have fled their homes.” reports that US-backed Saudi aggression “has provided an opportunity for AQAP [al Qaeda] and ISIS to gain ground”, as the Houthis, a domestic Yemeni movement opposed to al Qaeda, had previously prevented the Saudi-supported groups from gaining a foothold.

Reporter and UK-based colleague @_DirtyTruths.

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  • cettel

    an excellent news-report

  • Rehmat

    The “US-Assisted Wahhabi bombing of Yemen, like Syria, is warm-up for an Israeli proxy war against Iran.

    On March 29, JTA reported that Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday that after receiving briefings from US Senators Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, he was shocked to learn that the Lausanne (Switzerland) framework deal between FMs John Kerry and Dr. Javad Zarif is worse than Israeli leaders had feared.

    “After the ‘Beirut-Damascus-Baghdad’ axis, Iran is carrying out a pincers movement in the south (Yemen) as well in order to take over and conquer the entire Middle East. The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous for humanity and needs to be stopped,” Netanyahu told his anti-Muslim extremist Jew ministers.