U.S. Pressures Nobel Committee to Declare Ukraine’s President a Peace Prize Nominee

Eric Zuesse

A leaked letter dated May 19th and sent by the Chairman of Ukraine’s parliament, Vladimir Groysman, to the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Oslo Norway, thanks her for “the efforts you have made to have Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize,” but continues: “Still we consider your assurances of support by the two members of the Nobel Committee as insufficient,” because there are five members of the Committee, and the support of 3 of them is necessary. 

Thus, “We expect further efforts aimed at shifting the position of Berit Reiss-Andersen, Inger-Marie Ytterhorn and especially that of the Chair of the Nobel Committee Kaci Kullman Five. Regarding the latter, we recommend that you take advantage of the information you are going to receive from Germany. Your colleagues in Berlin have assured us that the dossier will soon be delivered to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo. It is of utmost importance for Mr. Poroshenko to have firm guarantees that he will be awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, since it could highlight the unanimous support of Ukrainian integrity by the democratic community of the world. Assistant Secretary of State Viktoria Nuland has highly estimated your job during her visit to Kyiv.”

The three mentioned Nobel Peace Prize Committee members are a politcally varied group. Ms. Reiss-Andersen is from the social democratic or “Labour” party; Ms. Ytterhorn is from the libertarian or “Progress” party; and Ms. Five is from the Conservative Party. The two unidentified members are Thorbjørn Jagland from the Labour Party, and Henrik Syse from the Conservative Party. If this letter is correct, those are the two who are referred to by the letter’s phrase, “your assurances of support by the two members.”

The letter also makes a vague reference to the poor reputation that the Committee has engendered on account of the Committee’s having granted the Prize to Barack Obama in 2009 (a decision that the Committee’s Chairperson, Ms. Five, concurred with and has been criticized for): “We understand the difficulties you face when promoting the candidacy of the President of Ukraine, therefore we ask you to exert additional leverages by engaging those U.S. Senators who effectively cooperated with the Committee in 2009.” Presumably, this means that whomever “those U.S. Senators” were, the Chairman of Ukraine’s parliament thinks that they were “effective.”

President Poroshenko entered office on 25 May 2014 after a U.S.-sponsored coup in Kiev that installed Arseniy Yatsenyuk as Ukraine’s Prime Minister on 26 February 2014, after the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Asian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, had instructed the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev on 4 February 2014 to get “Yats” appointed as the junta’s leader; she issued that instruction to him by phone on February 4th and the coup occurred on February 22nd; Yatsenyuk was then appointed on February 26th, and he remains in power today. One pro-Russian part of Ukraine, Crimea, then seceded and joined Russia, and another, Donbass, seceded and was not accepted by Russia; it thus was bombed by the Ukrainian Government during May through December 2014, since Donbass’s repeated requests to be allowed to join Russia were spurned by Vladimir Putin. (Yet, Ukraine accuses Russia of providing the fighters who are actually the men of Donbass, who refuse to be ruled by the U.S.-coup regime. Russia sends them guns, and volunteers have come from Russia and many other countries to help the Donbass defenders.) German intelligence estimates that “up to 50,000” people were killed in that bombing campaign, but U.S. and other official estimates are only around 5,000.

Even before Poroshenko took office, the new Ukrainian government of “Yats” Yatsenyuk invaded Donbass, using bombers, tanks, rocket-launchers, and everything it had; and, when Poroshenko gave his victory speech in the ceremonial Presidential election on May 25th, he promised, and it was very clear from him, that: “The anti-terrorist operation [he called the residents there ’terrorists’] cannot and should not last two or three months. It should and will last hours.” (Another translation of it was “Antiterrorist operation can not and will not continue for 2-3 months. It must and will last hours.”) But it did last months — Poroshenko’s prediction was certainly false; and, moreover, he lost first one round of the war, and then another — his prediction of its outcome was likewise false. And recently, he said that the war must be resumed for yet a third round, in order that Ukraine win back both Crimea and Donbass. However, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned him on May 12th that he must not do that, and that if he did he’d be violating the Minsk II ceasefire accords which had been arranged by France’s Francois Hollande and Germany’s Angela Merkel. Then, three days later, his Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland, who had arranged the February 2014 coup, told both Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko to ignore what Kerry had just said, and that, “We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine and reiterate our deep commitment to a single Ukrainian nation, including Crimea, and all the other regions of Ukraine.”

Perhaps a reason why the Chairman of Ukraine’s parliament is boldly demanding the U.S. State Department to arrange for Poroshenko to get at least a nomination for the Peace Prize (and even goes so far as to assert that, “It is of utmost importance for Mr. Poroshenko to have firm guarantees that he will be awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize”) is that otherwise they will follow through on Nuland’s statement of U.S. commitment, and re-invade Donbass. However, any invasion by Ukraine of Crimea would be exceedingly unlikely, because that would give Russia a virtual carte blanche to attack Ukraine, and neither the U.S. nor any other power will go to war against Russia in such an instance; Ukraine isn’t yet a NATO member, and NATO would be exceedingly reluctant to go so far as a third world war, this time against Russia, in order to defend the Ukrainian Government from the consequences of that Government’s own then-blatant ceasefire violation — especially in the wake of what virtually everyone now recognizes to have been a U.S. coup that had installed the present Ukrainian regime (and even EU officials were shocked to find out that it had been a coup). And it was a very violent coup, which was followed shortly thereafter by the extremely violent ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of the residents in Donbass.

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of  Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

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  • ClubToTheHead

    The “War is Peace” Prize winner Obama shows that ass wipe prize for what it is.

    Satire is dead because reality is already absurd.

  • .”We need to feel sorry for the people of the Ukraine,
    They’re the ones who suffer most from “democracy’s” gain.
    Going without, just so the West can have more,
    Realisation growing of what the IMF has in store….

    ….Poroshenko is not going to help to avoid the disaster.
    His strings being pulled by his puppet master,
    And Obama and his sidekicks are just flapping around;
    In America’s foreign policy where’s the sense to be found?…”

    From Ukraine the Continuing Story

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    and then follow the link to my blog in my profile.

  • Anastasia

    Dear Eric, I am a reporter for Sputnik international news agency. We would like to ask you several questions about this article (that’s pretty urgent), please, let me know how I can reach you. Thank you! Anastasia +79687662956

  • legal eagle

    As if giving Obombthem the Peace Prize didn’t do enough damage to their credibility, now the same war criminal wants them to give a PEACE prize to another war criminal? The Nobel Committee should just pack up and go home, they have lost all credibility and respect.

  • Ryan


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  • Robert Barsocchini

    A man on record requiring official honoring of Nazi collaborators. Nice prize, west.

  • davol

    I guess it takes one of these kinds of peace prize winners to know one.

  • nick quinlan

    After Obombya received the “prize”, it lost all legitimacy. Give one to Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld as well.

    • Raj

      ever heard of Henry Kissinger?

      • nick quinlan

        Yes, he should be on my list as well

        • Raj

          Kissinger already won a Nobel Peace Prize…in 1973. In other words, legitimacy was lost a while ago…if it even existed in the first place.

          • nick quinlan


  • hvaiallverden

    Yea, why not, when ObamaLama, the childslayer gott it, for his contributions to totall destruction aka peace, and sending countrys back to the stoneage, spiced with barking mad tribes men, guided by greed and propaganda, so why not an equall raving lunatic from the Kiev Junta, the leader of the Orc armys of the westerness robber barons.
    Yup, we have reatched the 21 century in full barbaric mondure.

    Nothing, suprices me anymore, and the Norwegian Gov, will drule of been notised and gett thei 15 min of fame and glory, and of course, with their heads so far up the Yankees a..h…. , they do as they are told to do.
    As good goyms.


  • truthtime


    I think this song sums up the bizarre world we live in these days quite perfectly.

    Shit’s Fucked

    Everybody knows shit’s fucked
    I don’t give a good goddamn
    Your Uncle Sam is a motherfucker
    I don’t wanna see him again
    Have to pretend
    Count to ten
    You blew up your towers to justify a war
    I don’t really care what your arms are for
    More money on defence fuck hospitals
    Fuck human beings
    Fuck humanity (4x)

    The country I was born in sold its soul to you motherfuckers
    Now you patrol both sides of the border
    No, I don’t wanna listen to your order
    New World Order New World Order
    Haven’t got anything to lose
    40 years old half dead
    Got a noose in my hands
    Somebody gave it to me
    I don’t want it
    No, I don’t want it. NO!

    You patrol both sides of the borders (2x)

    Everybody knows Shit’s Fucked (rpt)

    There’s no explanation for the third building
    Falling Toppling Extinct we sing
    Is what we are as a race
    If we don’t face the fact
    The government fucks us up the ass
    Creating another Pearl Harbour
    Killin’ its own kind
    What for?
    I don’t know motherfucker
    I guess money’s on the mind


  • Stalingrad44

    Nobel prize has always been a bad joke for zionists. Now all is more clear.