Republicans, Democrats and Independents ALL Hate NSA Spying … Think the Patriot Act Should NOT Be Reauthorized In Its Current Form

Americans Don’t Trust the Government

A poll released today shows that Americans across the political spectrum hate the Patriot Act and NSA spying.

The bipartisan polling team – made up of Global Strategy Group and G Public Strategies – found (edited for readability):

  • By nearly a 2:1 margin (60% modify, 34% preserve), Americans believe the Patriot Act should not be reauthorized in its current form. With broad, bipartisan support across all ages, ideologies and political parties, voters are rejecting the argument that the Patriot Act should be preserved with no changes because of potential terrorist threats. Millennials (65% modify) and Independent men (75% modify), in particular, are driving the push for modification to limit government surveillance.
  • By more than 4:1 (82% concerned, 18% not concerned), voters find it concerning that the United States government is collecting and storing the personal information of Americans, including 31% who are extremely concerned and 25% who are very concerned.
  • Over three quarters of voters found four different examples of government spying personally concerning to them. The government accessing personal communications, information or records without a judge’s permission (83%) and using that information for things other than stopping terrorist attacks (83%) were the two most concerning examples to voters.
  • Specific arguments made in favor of adding more protections for Americans around privacy, also proved to be convincing to voters. 84% of voters said it was a convincing argument that local police and the FBI should have a warrant to search phone and email records, further confirming that Americans believe that individual privacy rights should be more strongly protected. Additionally, 81% of voters were convinced more protections were needed on account of companies providing loopholes in their services to make surveillance easier for the government.

This jibes with previous polls showing that Americans:

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  • Yes indeed, but the Joint Chiefs are far gone on a drunken power trip that will not end peacefully or quietly!

    How to Herd Your Tax Cattle

    Did you ever wonder how we keep people fighting with each other? Or obeying our silly rules? Or actually loving their captors and slavemasters? This morning we’re going to brief you on just that. Are you ready to begin?

  • Jan 5, 2008 Wake up America! We MUST repeal the PATRIOT Act! NOW!

    We have started on a very perilous path, and we need to stop and turn around before it becomes extremely difficult to stop. As of right now, if someone shows up and calls you unpatriotic, or as aiding the enemy, you can be taken away with no constitutional rights and no legal protections to prove otherwise. We must stop this before it’s too late!

    OCTOBER 26, 2014 Peekaboo, I See You: Government Authority Intended for Terrorism is Used for Other Purposes

    The Patriot Act continues to wreak its havoc on civil liberties. Section 213 was included in the Patriot Act over the protests of privacy advocates and granted law enforcement the power to conduct a search while delaying notice to the suspect of the search. Known as a “sneak and peek” warrant, law enforcement was adamant Section 213 was needed to protect against terrorism. But the latest government report detailing the numbers of “sneak and peek” warrants reveals that out of a total of over 11,000 sneak and peek requests, only 51 were used for terrorism. Yet again, terrorism concerns appear to be trampling our civil liberties.

    • jadan

      Let’s remember that it was Joe Biden who is most responsible for bringing the Patriot Act into our lives. He developed the legislation signed by Clinton following the false flag attack in OKC and the first WTC bombing, and this easily and quickly morphed into the PA. Want to find Joe Biden? Just follow the slime trail….

      • I have allot of information stored from what I call Data mining. Thanks’ Jadan, for your time and comment!

        • jadan

          Thanks for your time & effort!

  • MAY 18, 2015 Senate Intelligence Chair to Constituents: I Don’t Care What You Think

    The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed HR 2048, the USA Freedom Act last week.

    The bill is an attempt by lawmakers to rein in the NSA and fix the infamous “business records program,” which uses Section 215 of the Patriot Act to order telephone companies to hand over Americans’ daily calling records. When asked if the Senate would take up the bill, Senate Intelligence Chair Richard Burr said, “The program as designed is effective, and members are reluctant to change things that are effective just because of public opinion.”

  • jadan

    If the people don’t like Big Brother, why do their representatives vote for it? Blackmail. Bill Binney makes this clear. The NSA surveillance machine is the most insidious blackmail machine ever known. Every member of congress has a dossier. Phone conversations. Email. Anything and everything in the public record on you and your family, plus a whole bunch not in the public record, can become a club to keep you in line. Get out of line and see what happens! A rep is not going to send out a mailing;to his constituency: “Dear Friends, I got a brown paper envelope with photos of me and my wife’s best friend, and this isn’t fair, so just ignore it and vote for me anyway….” All the leadership in Congress is under surveillance. Bernie Sanders must be pretty “clean”. Any one who defies the National Security State has to be free of taint. They don’t actually have anything to hide. But even if you have no skeletons in your closet a PR campaign can create them, if like Bernie Sanders, you are creating a stir calling for political revolution. A nation under blackmail. This is an idea for a film. A Nation Under Blackmail. Starring the usual faces. NSA subcontractors destroy reputations to support passage of some nefarious trade deal. Or, an attempt to cut the military budget is thwarted by black-ops motherfuckers who stuff a rep’s computer with child porn. Etc. Etc. Stop pussy-footing around the subject! Expose the NSA for what it is!

  • Rothbardian Slip

    People should be more afraid of the government than “terrorists”. The government is much more likely to harm them than Isis ever will be. They have a much better chance of being, kidnapped, extorted, robbed, spied on, murdered, attacked in the middle of the night in their own homes, having their dog shot, being firebombed in a military style assult, having their phone calls listened to, having their emails read, having their text messages read, having their assets seized, having their bank account frozen, having their vehicle searched, having their genitals groped, or otherwize being molested by their government than of ever even seeing a “terrorist”. Oh, and let’s not forget who arms and trains the terrorists that do exist. That’s right, your government.