Police Caught in Lies, Charged with Murder, Homicide in Freddie Gray Killing

The Washington Post this week cited a police claim that a prisoner who spent a few minutes in the van in which Freddie Gray was fatally injured said Gray was “trying to hurt himself.”

Though the WaPo / Baltimore police version of the prisoner’s statement, and the implication that Gray severed his own spine, already seemed on its face like a dark joke or the kind of ham-handed cover for murder that would be issued in the bleakest totalitarian police state, US state-violence-promoting outlets such as Fox News jumped on the claim, with irate commentators like Hannity using it to chide protesters for jumping to conclusions “before the facts were in”.

Gray’s killing was always the straw that broke the camel’s back, part of hundreds of years of ongoing criminal abuse of African Americans in Baltimore and the US in general, and not the entire reason for Baltimore protests.  (For example, US police kill approximately 1,000 people per year, according to conservative federal statistics.  Another federal count admitted to be too low finds that 4,813 victims were killed by police after arrest between 2003 and ’09.  African Americans are the second group most likely to be killed by US police, after indigenous people.)

But the day after WaPo issued its police-sourced “quote” from the prisoner who shared the van with Gray, Business Insider released a report from the same prisoner, Allen, who says that the Baltimore police and Washington Post misquoted him, and he didn’t say Gray was trying to hurt himself.

“…why the [expletive] would he do that to himself?” Allen said to Business Insider.

Indeed, the Medical Examiner’s report has now been released, and has determined that “Mr. Gray’s death was a homicide”.

Warrants for the six officers involved in Gray’s “illegal arrest” have been issued, and charges ranging from second-degree murder, to manslaughter and assault are being filed against them.

In addition, police dishonestly reported that the knife Gray was carrying at the time of his illegal arrest was a switchblade, a type of knife not allowed in Baltimore.

In reality, “The knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under Maryland law”.

The kind of sleazy, brutal, and criminal treatment of African Americans seen today in Baltimore (and the US in general) is part of a continuum that stretches back through the US’s relatively short existence (samples from Baltimore history given here).

Cornell Professor of History Edward E. Baptist notes that it was only a few generations ago when African people kidnapped by American criminals were “marched through the streets of downtown Baltimore” to be used as profit-generating machines.

Indeed, Baptist documents that white looting of Africa and Africans through stealing and forcing them to work under gun and torture (torture using every implement that could be purchased from US hardware stores at the time) is what allowed the US to emerge as the world’s biggest economy; without slavery it would simply never have happened.

The idea that the commodification and suffering and forced labor of African Americans is what made the United States powerful and rich is not an idea that people necessarily are happy to hear.  Yet it is the truth.

Edward E. Baptist

That American criminals carried out their form of slavery to an extent that allowed them to build the world’s biggest economy also explains Columbia historian Howard Zinn’s assessment that “American slavery [was] the most cruel form of slavery in history…”

As some people today chide African Americans for some of the ways they choose to protest violent, disproportionate oppression by the state, Baptist also documents that whites, including abolitionists, displayed the same racist, shocking hypocrisy or ignorance during de jure slavery, complaining that by staging violent uprisings against the crime of enslavement, African Americans were only hurting their own cause, or were “proving” that they were an inherently violent race.  To be sure, many of the “concerned” people tisking African Americans today would have been doing the same during uprisings against de jure slavery.

Ajamu Baraka notes of these kinds of reactions (which are largely and oh-so-mysteriously only applied to the victims of massive US state violence, not the perpetrators):

For many of our young white comrades, people of color and even some black ones who were too young to have lived through the last period of intensified struggle in the 1960s and ‘70s and have not understood the centrality of African American resistance to the historical social struggles in the U.S., it may be a little disconcerting to see the emergence of resistance that is not dependent on and validated by white folks or anyone else.

A laughable break from the seriousness of these events has been Barack Obama’s personal chastisement of “thugs and criminals” in Baltimore, and his heartfelt advice to protesters (mimicking the abolitionists cited by Baptist) that violence is counter-productive to achieving their aims.

Obama speaks from the highest position in a social hierarchy that, as noted above, almost exclusively used unimaginable violence, theft, and looting of Africans and indigenous people to become and maintain itself as a group that can extend its domination globally.  He stands as one of the world’s more notorious thugs, criminals, and terrorists, as he personally and intentionally executes thousands of innocent people and bystanders by burning them to death with what the US calls “Hell Fire”; he presides over history’s biggest surveillance and prison system, and condones, funds, and/or perpetrates land-theft, torture, aggression, and use of chemical weapons against civilians to accomplish his aims, while he illegally devotes trillions to nuclear weapons development as water is illegally cut off to poor US citizens, and, in contrast to eight other countries including India, China, and Russia, he refuses to evacuate his own citizens from a war-zone and humanitarian crisis he is helping to create in Yemen.

Author and UK-based colleague @_DirtyTruths.

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  • jadan

    Marilyn Mosby is an impressive young woman, a leader. Obama is not a leader, but rather a media figure whose calculated rhetoric about thugs and criminals leaves the black community as a whole cold and angry. Mosby doesn’t have to descry black violence to please frightened white racists for whom it has always worked very well. She simply cuts to the quick. Arrest these bad cops. Voila! Problem solved. Prosecute the dirty cops. Riot over. If the police have become so arrogant that they refuse to follow the will of the people, fire every one of the thugs and criminals. We have a crying need for real leadership in the US and we have none. Looks like Bernie Sanders could be a real leader

  • Apr 25, 2015 Unreasonable Suspicion – Death In Police Custody

    In Baltimore, a man looks at police then runs. Later, after a short time in police custody, his spine is 80% severed. He then dies. Police claim no excessive force. Shepard Smith, Trace Gallagher, Judge Andrew Napolitano.


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    Police Killings Grossly Underreported We previously reported that Americans are 9 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.


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    Putting Risk In Context The U.S. Department of State reports that only 17 U.S. citizens were killed worldwide as a result of terrorism in 2011.* That figure includes deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and all other theaters of war.


  • Apr 1, 2015 ‘The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen’ in a Police State Is a Dead One

    All throughout America the same scenario is being played out over and over again. Government agents, hyped up on their own authority and the power of their uniform, are trampling over the rights of the citizenry. In turn, argues John W. Whitehead in this week’s vodcast, Americans are being brainwashed into believing that anyone who wears a government uniform—soldier, police officer, prison guard—must be obeyed without question.

  • Johannes Martellus

    – In legal terms the United States of America is currently in a State of War: Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) — http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-107publ40/pdf/PLAW-107publ40.pdf

    – During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, the Executive Branch is granted extraordinary powers to govern by decree if necessary; therefore, constitutional rights can be suspended at any given time and without notice if the government deems imperative.

    martial law (mahr-sh;}l). (1933) l. 1he law by which during wartime the army, instead of civil authority, governs the country because of a perceived need for military security or public safety. – The military assumes control purportedly until civil authority can be restored. 2. A body of firm, strictly enforced rules that are imposed because of a perception by the country’s rulers that civil government has failed, or might fail, to function. Martial law is usu. imposed when the rulers foresee an invasion, insurrection, economic collapse, or other breakdown of the rulers’ desired social order. Black’s Law Dictionary Ninth Edition

    sedition, n. (l4c) 1. An agreement, communication, or other preliminary activity aimed at inciting treason or some lesser commotion against public authority. 2. Advocacy aimed at inciting or producing – and likely to incite or produce – imminent lawless action. Black’s Law Dictionary Ninth Edition
    18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES — https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/part-I/chapter-115

    – During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, any form of dissent can be associated to Sedition and the subsequent ground(s) for Insurrection; thus individuals who advocate seditious activities will be tried under the Military Tribunal system. Read the contents of the U.S. Code: Title 50 – WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE, placing emphasis on CHAPTER 13—INSURRECTION (§§ 201 to 204–226) — https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/50/chapter-13

    – During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, compulsory internment of certain US Citizens and Aliens living in Continental United States and overseas possessions into designated military areas is LEGAL. Executive Order 9066 is a historical precedence for this case and these types of actions carried out by the Executive Branch are non-reviewable by the courts. — http://www.ourdocuments.gov/print_friendly.php?flash=true&page=transcript&doc=74&title=Transcript+of+Executive+Order+9066%3A++Resulting+in+the+Relocation+of+Japanese+%281942%29
    Read also Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944): http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=US&vol=323&invol=214

    • Know and share this with everyone you know, and by the way, ‘EVERYONE’ in D.C. knows this as well!

      Special report: America’s perpetual state of emergency, USA TODAY October 23, 2014

      The United States is in a perpetual state of national emergency. Thirty separate emergencies, in fact. An emergency declared by President Jimmy Carter on the 10th day of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 remains in effect almost 35 years later. A post-9/11 state of national emergency declared by President George W. Bush — and renewed six times by President Obama — forms the legal basis for much of the war on terror.


  • SamuelThomas

    The keyword you people are not comprehending is this:

    “The knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under Maryland law”.

    Why didn’t the DA say the knife was lawful in the City of Baltimore?

    The City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland have different rules on knives. A spring assisted knife is classified as a switchblade and is illegal in the City of Baltimore. (59-22)

    Look it up. The DA is playing semantics and you little brains are eating it up and begging for more.

    • fritz

      Thank you “GREAT BRAIN”, for educating us “Unworthy little brains” !

      • SamuelThomas

        If you understood the context of her statement then you are not a little brain. If you can’t see the semantics game she is playing then you are a little brain. Otherwise if you can read between the lines and see what is really going on then you have a big brain.

        • fritz

          Do you really believe the Khazarian Puppeteers of Government – Pretenders order such minor Details ?

  • The “he severed his own spine” was breathtakingingly insulting to the entire nation. I was highly insulted and actually angry when I heard that. Even THEY thought they went too far, because the “excuse” immediately disappeared because it was such an angering, insulting FLOP. They should’ve gotten arrested just for saying that, let alone for what they actually did.

    Of course, rightwing media sided with the cops 24×7 brainwashing their parrots, like they did with Trayvon Martin, that CHOKEHOLD guy, this one Freddie Gray, etc… And then you wonder why people think rightwing media and the GOP are racist. Whenever an unarmed black guy gets killed by police, rightwing media goes on a 24×7 JIHAD excusing the police. It’s sickening and disgusting because everywhere you turn, especially the radio, it’s 99% rightwing media.

    I’d say Trayvon Martin was the first that started this. And when it gets to be about a dozen now, it’s pretty clear rightwing media is racist.

  • mickey moore

    Marilyn Moseby did more for Black people in this country in 48 hours, than Obama has done in his entire life…and that’s the truth.

    His Black Nerds club, is the dumbest possible thing ever. I guess he needed a group of Black people, he could name in the media, that wouldn’t embarrass him by getting arrested while he was still in office.

    Obama is exactly that kind of chump who steals your homework, comes to school early to turn it in, takes all the accolades that are thrown at him by acting “so White”, at a time when White America wanted an intelligent, well-spoken, non-threatening Black person to use an an example, then burns his own bridges by saying, “I did it, why can’t you…?”

    Where is he even from, every president always has a thing for their own hometown…what about Obama…is a Hawaiian vacation resort his hometown? If you think it’s Chicago, there isn’t a more violent, corrupt and desperate city in America. You’d think he’d have something to say about it, even if he wasn’t planning to do anything. the point is he’s doesn’t just not care about Black people, he doesn’t care period.

  • Ed

    Washington, what makes this author wander off topic in this article to explore the idea that black people are still slaves and that slavery was the economic foundation of the economy here? Quoting Baptist, Zinn and Baraka reveal that the author is simply a leftist with no actual clue of what happened in Baltimore and why it happened.