NSA’s Mass Surveillance Started By 1999 Or Earlier … But NSA Hid It From Congress

It has been well-documented that the government conducted mass surveillance on Americans before 9/11.

Now Diane Roark – the congressional staffer in charge of overseeing the NSA for the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee – says that NSA’s mass surveillance started by  1999 or earlier … but NSA hid it from Congress:

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  • gamesjon

    I mean one thing that is known pre-2000 in electronic surveillance is the FBI’s Carnivore program that first went into the field in 1997. So, it’s debatable as to what their exact capabilities were, but they have probably been able to do the packet analysis of all internet traffic since the early to mid- 1990’s just without being able to store stuff nearly as much as they do now and having fewer and less complex parameters to analyze traffic for.

    In regards to whether or not they are going to pass some sort of law to re-authorize all or some of the spying (or not pass anything,) I don’t think it matters too much. Most techies knew that governments had been capable of spying on people before the leaks, the only thing that shocked us was the scale they had already implemented was years ahead what anyone imagined. Now that they have this capability (along with other countries working to implement similar systems) rules/laws will not be able to stop intelligence/government agencies from utilizing and abusing it, it will require changes in architecture to place real technical limitations on their ability so they can’t just gather everything up. Whether or not it is legal will only change the number of people who are aware they are being spied on.