How the Establishment Is Trying to Deep-Six Sanders’s Campaign

Eric Zuesse

The Hillary Clinton campaign is now focusing its public pitch at liberal fools to get them to ignore her record and believe her words. Here are examples:

The NBC ‘News’ political analyst (and perhaps a future President Clinton’s Press Secretary) Chuck Todd posted, on May 1st, the following item, under the heading “Why Bernie Sanders Likely Helps Hillary Clinton”:

“*** Why Bernie Sanders likely helps Hillary: Bernie Sanders’ official entrance into the 2016 presidential race is most likely a good outcome for Hillary Clinton. Why? He will elevate many of the issues that Clinton and the entire Democratic Party want to discuss during the primary season (income inequality, curtailing the role of big money in presidential politics, climate change). And he’ll do so as someone who isn’t interested in scoring political points – especially in the form of negative attacks – against Hillary. Hillary’s Harlem (err Brooklyn) Globetrotters now has its Washington (err Vermont) Generals. The question we have is whether it’s enough competition to up Hillary’s game.”

The major ‘news’ media are pressing hard this line, that Hillary needs only to speak her mind truthfully, and Democratic voters will then know that she supports their interests and not the interests of the billionaires who are pouring enormous cash into her campaign coffers, such as:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.17.40 AM

Robert L. Borosage (who is paid by the ‘Institute for America’s Future,’ and by the ‘Campaign for America’s Future,’ and by ‘Progressive Majority,’ and by The Nation, and by other aristocratic liberal front organizations) headlined at (one such front) Huffington Post, similarly on April 30th, “Hillary: Time to Step Up on the Trade Deal,” and he opened:

“It’s time for Hillary Clinton to take a position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and the fast track authority designed to ramrod it through the Congress. Hillary has been non-committal to date, with many assuming she will eventually support the president whom she served as Secretary of State. But now the pressure to take a stand is growing.”

Borosage then said that Hillary is needed by the Party now in order to help defeat what he calls (this time with real, not fake, honesty) “The President’s Corporate Offensive.” In other words, he’s actually saying: the pro-Wall-Street ‘Democrat’ Hillary is needed in order to help defeat the pro-Wall-Street ‘Democratic’ President’s trade deals.

How stupid and faithful (to Hillary) do these people think Democratic voters are?

All of these liberal aristocratic hacks are publicly urging Clinton to say things that her entire prior history proves that she doesn’t really believe. They are urging her to lie (which, of course, she will do anyway, as soon as the time is ‘appropriate’).

On April 26th, I headlined “What’s Obama Up to, with His TPP & TTIP?” and I presented both Obama’s and Hillary’s actual records on both NAFTA and the now-proposed TPP & TTIP, and what I documented there is that both of these politicians talked a storm against those deals while they were running for the Democratic nomination but then turned around 180 degrees and pushed the deal through once they gained the power they had purchased with that campaign cash. In other words: both Obama and Hillary have proven track-records on this, and both are proven liars in exactly the same way: they sucker the liberal masses while seeking their Party’s nomination, but then serve their own financial backers’ interests once in power and thus they return the favor to their financial backers that those backers had purchased while the ‘liberal’ poliitician was campaigning to win those liberal votes by lying to those liberal voters.

How much more will liberals put up with these lies from these double-crossing liars who are actually nothing more than agents for the aristocracy? For the evidence that it’s that crass, just click on that last link above. It’s raw — exactly what the Republican ‘Justices’ on the U.S. Supreme Court wanted when they ruled that political campaign contributions are First-Amendment-protected ‘free speech,’ especially for corporations and (the largely defunct) labor unions (the latter so as for those conservative ‘Justices’ to ‘prove’ that they’re ‘non-partisan’). It’s simply one con on top of another, ad-nauseum.

It might even have gotten now to the “quid pro quo” level of outright bribes that those ‘Justices’ themselves have said exceed the bounds of ‘protected free speech.’ See this for the evidence on that. But who cares? Do those Republican ‘Justices,’ even? Aristocrats traditionally prefer to engage in the other kinds of corruption, anyway. If what Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing is extending down to that ‘lower class’ corruption, who cares, at this stage, about those ‘finer’ points, of such judge-made laws?

So: turn the TV off, and end your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, or else continue to pay the aristocrats who receive that money to deceive you with it. That’s how rotten things have now become. As a news-consumer, one must either go on strike, or get struck. That’s what the public’s ‘choice’ remains, in this judge-made ‘democracy.’


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

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  • Southernfink

    Unfortunately, Bernie Saunders is a supporter of the MIC !

    Senator Bait-and-Switch — The Myth of Bernie Sanders [Counterpunch]

    • Bill Rood

      Any supporter of the MIC has to be a supporter of FTA’s

      Yes, the MIC is protected from FTAs by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), which essentially block the off-shoring of jobs in the MIC. Therefor, anybody working in the MIC benefits from low prices of products produced off-shore.

      • Southernfink

        The MIC is under contract to supply the US Government — A reduction in their turnover allows them to sue for any imagined profits.

        The export dollar that the MIC generates is considered far more important than the harm that their products creates — Even though these products are frequently used for violating human rights and propping up tyrants, not to mention.

        The big international multi billion dollar weapon deals such as the sale of the Lemon 35 serves another purpose.

        The weapon systems are that expensive that they will send a nation broke.

        Nations can often only raise those kind of funds by getting a loan from the international bankers — this has consequences as they will require something in the way of collateral — usually a part of that nations sovereignty which creates another problem in the long run.

    • paul

      Sanders’ foreign policy record is bad. He is generally prowar.

      • Southern

        The US has been at war for a shocking 222 years out of 239 or 93% of the time.

        I’ve counted over 200 armed conflicts since the end of the second world war.

  • Unions nowadays do an atrocious job at representing workers. They haven’t called a general strike in a long time, despite the fact that that is what we sorely need at this point in time, nor have they supported a Labor Party or similar. They are simply legacies of the Cold War that funnel hard-earned dues payments to the Democratic Party.

  • Johannes Martellus

    – In legal terms the United States of America is currently in a State of War: Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) —

    – During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, the Executive Branch is granted extraordinary powers to govern by decree if necessary; therefore, constitutional rights can be suspended at any given time and without notice if the government deems imperative.

    martial law (mahr-sh;}l). (1933) l. 1he law by which during wartime the army, instead of civil authority, governs the country because of a perceived need for military security or public safety. – The military assumes control purportedly until civil authority can be restored. 2. A body of firm, strictly enforced rules that are imposed because of a perception by the country’s rulers that civil government has failed, or might fail, to function. Martial law is usu. imposed when the rulers foresee an invasion, insurrection, economic collapse, or other breakdown of the rulers’ desired social order. Black’s Law Dictionary Ninth Edition

    sedition, n. (l4c) 1. An agreement, communication, or other preliminary activity aimed at inciting treason or some lesser commotion against public authority. 2. Advocacy aimed at inciting or producing – and likely to incite or produce – imminent lawless action. Black’s Law Dictionary Ninth Edition

    – During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, any form of dissent can be associated to Sedition and the subsequent ground(s) for Insurrection; thus individuals who advocate seditious activities will be tried under the Military Tribunal system. Read the contents of the U.S. Code: Title 50 – WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE, placing emphasis on CHAPTER 13—INSURRECTION (§§ 201 to 204–226) —

    – During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, compulsory interment of certain US Citizens and Aliens living in Continental United States and overseas possessions into designated military areas is LEGAL. Executive Order 9066 is a historical precedence for this case and these types of actions carried out by the Executive Branch are non-reviewable by the courts. —

  • paul

    You recognize that the journalism establishment, both inside and outside academia, is corrupt. But you continue to believe that the scientific establishment is not.

  • Bill Rood

    Yes, Sanders will “elevate many of the issues,” without criticizing Clinton for her record on those very same issues. He will inspire “progressives” to stick with the party rather than “waste their time” on direct action or support of 3rd parties. Hillary will then be elected on the assumption that Democrats agree with Sanders on the issues. That’s his mission, and he has accepted.

    • jo6pac

      Nailed it and I’ll be voting Green for that very reason.

  • Libertybelle

    The CIA will get who they want in the Whitehouse, no use arguing about the details.

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