Hersh: Obama lied. Obama: No, I didn’t. NBC: Yep, you did. And again just now.

Obama and his regime are on the defensive as Hersh reveals the many, many lies (some of which led to the deaths of innocent people) that Obama told about his assassination of bin Laden.

Hersh’s report details those lies, and concludes: ““High-level lying … remains the modus operandi of US policy, along with secret prisons, drone attacks, Special Forces night raids, bypassing the chain of command, and cutting out those who might say no.”

Seemingly unable to help himself, and as if trying to offer immediate confirmation of Hersh’s analysis, Obama announced that “Pakistanis did not know” about the US raid.

NBC then confirmed that very aspect of Hersh’s report, saying yes, a “Pakistani official helped the US find bin Laden”.

Hersh’s report is confirmed by multiple US intelligence sources, and he himself confirmed that, having been around a long time, he does not feel he is going out on a limb with any of the information.

Indeed, when Obama was 23, Hersh was earning a Pulizter for reporting on US atrocities during aggression against Vietnam.

What his latest report imparts, in essence, is that bin Laden was a prisoner of Pakistan – he was held by them in a locked cell – and Pakistan agreed to look the other way while the US came in and executed bin Laden, who was sickly, defenseless, did not fight back, and did not use human shields, as was reported dishonestly by the US (a common claim for regimes that kill lots of people).

It was the classic movie cliche where prison guards on the take “go out for a smoke” so somebody in the prison can get whacked.

It was a Nuremberg hanging without the trial (and apparently a lot messier – Seals reportedly dumped parts of bin Laden’s corpse, shredded by gunfire, out of their helicopter.  There was no “burial at sea”, ie dumping the corpse in the ocean).

Head of US-based group “Human Rights Watch”, Kenneth Roth, said “If Hersh is right, the CIA played Hollywood to make Zero Dark Thrity a p.r. piece for torture.”

He is referring to Hersh’s revelation that the CIA decided, after bin Laden’s execution, to lie to the public and say that torturing people revealed bin Laden’s location.

Read Hersh’s report to see more US BS exposed, and expect more denials from the white house, which is issuing wild, angry statements that make it appear as though they have not even read the report.


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  • JerseyCynic
  • Yeah, now how about 911, Seymour?

  • GM_Foods_Are_Poison

    The Establishment seems incapable of admitting that we run a world-wide assassination program. Seems like most of the fabrication was to avoid this fact.

    Anyone else think Gates is Hersh’s source?

  • RapidRay01 .

    Obola , Right up there with WMD’s in Iraq , I did not have sex with that woman ,I will not send American boys to Viet Nam to fight a war that the Asian boys should be fighting , I am not a crook ……..and yet the sheeple continue to supporting and bow down to this system !

    • europa3962

      There were WMD in Iraq. They lied about them because it turns out the WMD had “made in USA” on them (from part of a stockpile originally sold to use against IRAN in an earlier war.)

  • truthtime

    The story still frames it though in a way that stays within “establishment” story – namely that the “U.S. got ’em.” I mean was it him or a body double. Back in 2001 he was on dialysis; and then a report came that the ‘actual’ bin laden died.

    Couple all this with the fact that for 13 or so years the FBI NEVER listed Bin Laden as being responsible for 9/11 – he was only wanted for the Embassy bombing way back. Then there were those slew of fake bin laden videos. But the populace (plebs) ate it up like candy when it was reported that he was assassinated by a U.S. hit squad; and yet the “War on Terror” was supposed to stop right?

  • OK, gotta see this: 1990 on CSPAN, Israeli official says Israeli Mossad is “ISIS”:


    • JerseyCynic

      nice find, Big Dan. is this why Obama calls them i.s.i.L?