Former Head of UN, Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan: Iraq Chaos a Product of Illegal US Invasion

In an interview with RT, Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan, who was UN Secretary General from 1997 to 2006, stated:

You cannot disassociate the situation in Iraq today from the US intervention of 2003. Because not only did the intervention take place, but they dismantled the Iraqi Army, which was the tool of Saddam to maintain law and order.

The civil service, the Baathist Party were all [dismantled]. So the structures and state institutions vanished overnight, creating a very serious vacuum, which has led to where we are today. So I don’t think anybody can argue with that. The link is clear.

When the US launched the invasion in 2003, Annan stated unequivocally that it was “illegal”.

Support for the US invasion maxed out at about 14% or less in every country, though some dictators defied their populations and joined the US axis for the act of aggression, which destroyed Iraq, killed millions, and destabilized the region.

The Nuremberg Tribunal, theoretically the basis for contemporary international law, established that war of aggression is the worst international crime, and countries that commit it are responsible for everything that ensues because of it.  Convicted perpetrators of and participants in aggression were then executed.

Annan also pointed out in his interview that the world’s large powers:

…apply the law to the small people and the small countries, but [say] we would absolve ourselves, it wouldn’t apply to us. What sort of justice is that? It has to be, we have to aim for a system, and a legal system where the laws are applied fairly and consistently across the board.

Reporter and his UK-based colleague on Twitter @_DirtyTruths.

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  • jadan

    The US has made a mockery of international law so that there is no difference between the behavior of a rogue state and the militarism of the US. The political passivity of the mass of Americans has removed the military from the restraint of popular opinion and put it under the control of a militarist clique of war criminals, a group that includes every advocate of the Iraq war, from the President on down to the least lick-spittle of the PNAC. The potential for popular revolt now exists with the emergence within the Democratic Party of of populist voice for peace in the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. The potential exists to reverse the militarist coup that took place on 9/11/2001. That’s all it is: a potential.

    • I-RIGHT-I

      International law should be mocked. There is only one international law and that is put up or shut up.

      • jadan

        OK. So you’d like to be included on the list of war criminals, among that crowd of lowly PNAC lick-spittles who chant “American first!” Or are you a little higher up the food chain, one of those who storms the target country by land sea and air, and slaughters as many innocent people as you can?

        • I-RIGHT-I

          I’m an American stupid. We don’t play that. The Filthy left in this country plays that. The Democrats are the party of endless war. You started them all.


    The Nobel stock has really hit the gutter hasn’t it?

    • Kevin

      Kofi Annan is an astute, and honorable statesman. I tell you what has hit the gutter, (code word) Blatant racism here in the US.