American Cops Are More Heavily Armed than Front Line U.S. Combat Soldiers In Active War Zones

Why Are Domestic Law Enforcement More Heavily Armed than Our Soldiers?

Rafael Rivera – who served in the U.S. Army for seven years – writes:

The police in Ferguson have better armor and weaponry than my men and I did in the middle of a war. And Ferguson isn’t alone — police departments across the US are armed for war.

The Hill notes:

[Senator] McCaskill pointed out that in some places local police departments are more heavily armed than the National Guard.

Business Insider points out:

Someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, comment[ed] that “We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone

Constitutional and civil rights lawyer John Whitehead notes that homeland security officers within the U.S. have three times as much ammunition as front-line soldiers in Afghanistan (and possess a type of ammunition that is banned in war zones).

Huffington Post reports:

Many combat veterans have since pointed out that the SWAT officers are more heavily armed and outfitted than they themselves were while patrolling the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Indeed, many veterans have noted that American police are more heavily armed than they were when serving on the front lines:

Indeed, the extreme militarization of American police is as anti-American as it gets.

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  • Majo

    No comment is needed, just count the statements that the US Police had more arms against Ferguson civilians n 2015 than is being used in by US soldiers in the Middle East. Federal secrecy and lies terrify the US Government it’s civilians will expose them. Off with their heads so to speak.

  • Yes indeed, with the Pentagons arming of Obama’s private military, ‘POLICE’ just as well funded, and just as well armed!

    May 12, 2015 Washington Police Kill Man Pointing Cell Phone at Them PINAC News

    Police in Washington said they ordered Daniel Covarrubias to pull his hands out of his pocket because he was making them fear for their lives. But when he did, they shot him anyway because they say he begin pointing a cell phone at them, “mimicking a gun,” according to Lakewood Police Chief Mark Zaro.

  • July 20, 2008 Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” (emphasis added)

    The immediate context for that amazing statement was a preview of parts of his plan to vastly expand community service opportunities for Americans of nearly all ages. He said,

    “People of all ages, stations, and skills will be asked to serve.”

    Obama Signs NDAA Bill : What is the NDAA Bill you ask?

  • Feb 5, 2015 What Happened to the ‘Peace Officer’?

    The concept of the “peace officer” is a myth. Those so-called “peace officers” were, like today’s police, enforcing arbitrary legislation, operating based on the claimed legal right to do things wrong for you or me, and subsisting on stolen money.

    Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals

    Self-Reliance For Self-Defense — Police Protection Isn’t Enough! All our lives, especially during our younger years, we hear that the police are there to protect us. From the very first kindergarten- class visit of “Officer Friendly” to the very last time we saw a police car – most of which have “To Protect and Serve” emblazoned on their doors – we’re encouraged to give ourselves over to police protection.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    The death of pawns overseas doesn’t matter to the politicians (except politically). What matters is their own lives, which is why they arm the pawns more heavily at home, where the politicians live, amongst people slowly waking up to the game.

  • October 23, 2014 Special report: America’s perpetual state of emergency

    WASHINGTON — The United States is in a perpetual state of national emergency. Thirty separate emergencies, in fact. An emergency declared by President Jimmy Carter on the 10th day of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 remains in effect almost 35 years later.