250+ Tech Companies and Digital Rights Groups: TPP Could Criminalize Journalism and Whistleblowing

Hundreds of tech companies and digital rights groups – including Imgur, DreamHost, Namecheap, AVG, Mediafire, Internet Archive, BoingBoing, Piwik, Private Internet Access, and more than 200 others – signed a letter to Congress today stating:

Criminalizing Journalism and Whistleblowing: TPP’s trade secrets provisions could make it a crime for people to reveal corporate wrongdoing “through a computer system.” The language is dangerously vague, and enables signatory countries to enact rules that would ban reporting on timely, critical issues affecting the public.

TPP sucks.

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  • Marlena

    Hope it helps influence some in Congress. This TPP is an atrocity and affront to our form of government; the fact the assholes in DC are not realizing it, indicates how corrupt and unworthy they are.

  • Mike S

    This is just more proof that the majority of Dem’s (as well as the majority of Rep’s) don’t work for or represent the wishes of “we the people”, the voters. Neither party deserves to be in power any longer. Vote them out while you still can. Ron Paul was the last chance we had at a good president who would work with us to clean up the corruption in gov’t and let us run the country. Obama lovers, take note.

    • philstrawman

      Ron Paul is a gold marketer. All his other activities such as politics and medical practice….. are supporting acts for his marketing campaign.

  • philstrawman

    TPP is stupid.