TPP Would Destroy State, County and Local Government Power

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would take sovereignty away from the American government … and hand it to a bunch of giant corporations, many of them foreign.

It would also take sovereignty away from state, county and local governments …

The attorney general of the State of New York explains:

[TPP’s sovereignty-stripping provisions are] particularly worrisome to those of us in states, such as New York, with robust laws that protect the public welfare — laws that could be undermined by the TPP and its dispute settlement provision.

To put this in real terms, consider a foreign corporation, located in a country that has signed on to TPP, and which has an investment interest in the Indian Point nuclear power facility in New York’s Westchester County. Under TPP, that corporate investor could seek damages from the United States, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars or more, for actions by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Westchester County Board of Legislators or even the local Village Board that lead to a delay in the relicensing or an increase in the operating costs of the facility.

The very threat of having to face such a suit in the uncharted waters of an international tribunal could have a chilling effect on government policymakers and regulators.

Or consider the work my office has done to enforce the state of New York’s laws against wage theft, predatory lending and consumer fraud. Under TPP, certain foreign targets of enforcement actions, unable to prevail in domestic courts, could take their cases to TPP’s dispute resolution tribunals. Unbound by an established body of law or precedent, the tribunals would be able to simply sidestep domestic courts. And decisions by these tribunals cannot be appealed.


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  • kimyo

    a bunch of giant corporations, many of them foreign

    is sony an ‘american’ corporation? is apple? ge?

    if the test is, do they pay their fair share of taxes?, then, of course, the answer is no.

    This CTJ report illustrates how profitable Fortune 500 companies in a
    range of sectors of the U.S. economy have been remarkably successful in
    manipulating the tax system to avoid paying even a dime in tax on
    billions of dollars in U.S. profits.

    In recent years, the public’s attention has been drawn to the elaborate
    tax avoidance mechanisms used by a few huge corporations such as General
    Electric, Apple, Microsoft and others. But as this report indicates,
    the scope of corporate tax avoidance goes well beyond these few
    companies and spans a wide variety of economic sectors. Moreover, the
    tax breaks that have allowed these companies to be so successful in
    their tax avoidance are, by and large, perfectly legal, and often have
    been on the books for decades.

    the ‘tax the rich’ false dichotomy ignores the third party, corporations, which used to foot ~1/3 of taxes collected by the u.s., and which now, often without paying a penny, claim hundreds of millions in rebates. (i’m not arguing that the 1% are paying their fair share, i’m saying that the argument is always 1) tax the rich or 2) cut services to the poor. it’s never, 3) restore corporate taxation to its fair share. at the very least, this would serve to reduce the free flow of cash into hillary clinton’s coffers.)

  • Eol Awki

    In my opinion, Obama and all who are actively seeking this legislation are guilty of outright treason against their country. The very secrecy of this process testifies strongly to its treasonous nature. These people, regardless of their political or business standing, should be brought before the courts and sent to prison.

    • AKA Adimi

      You are 100% right, but it will never happen.

  • hidflect

    Number of articles and/or comments I’ve read in favor of the TPP: Zero. If it passes then you don’t live in a democracy.

    • We have not been a ‘Republic’ form of democracy for some time now, and know and share this with folks in your circles!

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  • Mysterian

    When was the last time you can remember that any mainstream media has covered this load of treason?
    They won’t, because they’re all tools for the White House. They need to change the name from White House to “Outhouse”, because of all the crap they dish out.